Thursday, October 26, 2006



I have been gone for almost three months and let me just say that I missed EVERY single one of you so so so so very much!

I have felt so incomplete in my whole entire life!

I always knew that j-land really helped me pull through on my tough days and that there was some really awesome people here ....

but it really REALLY hit me while not having the internet to talk to you all and write and read entries in j-land!

I really realized that I NEED j-land and can not live again without it for so long!

I really realized how much more great you all are ....

I had so many that were still sending me cards and writing me letters!

I needed that! Really I did!

The past few months has been rough for me ....

Yes it is absolutely WONDERFUL to be living all by my self .....

but there were some other problems I have encountered!

Well I really did not come here to rant and rave on my first entry back.

I wanted to let everyone that I have not been in contact with that I am still alive and I still love every single one of you! :)


Well I want to go wonder around and see what I may have missed while I was gone so maybe I'll writre an entry later about what has been going on in my CRAZY CRAZY life!