Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Okay, so I lied! :)

I hate that AOL does not have the "tired" option!

I lied and said that I wouldn't post today ... but I HAD to!

I'm addicted!

My feet hurt so BAD!

My manager must not have listened to me when I told her yesterday that I had to work open to close (which I even told her was 13 hours) and today we were talking and I said, "Well how many do you want that way when I go down to the other store tonight I'll get the order ready and fax it!"

"Huh? You work at the other end tonight too?"

"YES, TAMMY! Did you not listen to me when we were talking yesterday on the storage shed run?"

"Well why did Angela (our regional, that was in charge while she was out sick) do that?"

"Because I told you this too, NO ONE ELSE would work up here, so the only option left was for ME to work a double! Because I was already closing at the other store so  just tacked on 5 hours to that!"


"Tammy you are getting like Lisa .... neither of you two EVER listen to me! I go shopping with Lisa and show her how cute something is and she'll (supposedly) acknowledge me and then we walk past it later and she says how cute it is, as if we NEVER saw it! Then I always yell at her .... now you are doing the same thing only with work related things!"

We both laughed!

I love my job more and more each day!

I know people that I went to school with or know me from before are thinking, "Ha ha! Look at Theresa, working in the mall, doing nothing with her life!"

But what they don't know is I make pretty good money (better than I was making for what I went to college for) and I am VERY happy with my job!

Not a lot of people can actually say, "I enjoy waking up and going to work everyday!"

Especially when you do work with the public, and even worse yet ... the MALL!

But I can and that's all that matters ... screw them!

I'm happy and half of them idiots don't look happy anyway!

Now don't go thinking I'm knocking them or trying to rude back to them ....

I'm just saying I'm happy and for a change that's all that matters to me!

Not where I work or if I continued my field or not, etc.

They don't have to live my life .... only I do!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My Manager

My manager came abck to work today!


I am happy to see her and everything .... LORD knows she knows that!

I like my manager ALOT!

Even though she has me closing on my 21st birthday, when I asked her to open so her, Lisa and Lisa's kids, and I could all go for dinner, I am not one bit mad at her!

NOPE ... not at all!

And she didn't realize it until today when we were in the food court talking and she asked me something about my birthday and where we were going and I said, "well I have to work!" (smiling as I said it) she looked at me all confused and said, "I thought you aksed me to open?"

"Yeah, I sure did! But Tammy please do NOT worry about it, I said it's not a big deal, I figured you just didn't realize it or no one else could do it .... since that has been happening alot here lately, and I did not want to add stress to you and your baby! I can work, it's no big deal! And the schedule is already posted, remember you're rule is once the schedule is posted there are NO changes (unless of course it's an emergency). So I am not asking you to change it like EVERYONE else would!"

"Well then maybe we can do lunch or something instead before you come into work! I'm really sorry Theresa!"

"Don't worry about it .... it's ok .... accidents happen! Yeah we could do lunch ... oh wait I think Lisa opens that day though ... so we can't! We will just have to do it that weekend!"


So I hope she leaves it at that!

I am okay with her making a mistake .... even though I will only have ONE 21st birthday ... but she does NOT need ANY more stress added to her!

So I will work and do NOTHING that day ... obviously other than working!


Anyways, the YEAH & UGHHHHHHHHHHH was ...

Yeah: I am so happy Tammy came back ... I really missed her! I am so glad that she is feeling better!

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! : She really should be resting and returning to work on friday afternoon! But she is so stubborn, that we can not argue with her!

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy she is feeling better!

I really did miss her!

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers ... please continue to pray for her as what is the matter is something that will be a "problem" her WHOLE pregnancy!

Well maybe not problem but she must keep going back to keep an eye on it!

Okay I just wanted to update everyone and let you know she is BACK and feeling better! :)

Have a great day tomorrow everyone ... As I WILL NOT be posting tomorrow ... I work 13 hours tomorrow .... 8:30-9:30 YEAH me ... not really, I do not feel good! I have 38 (?) hours in already and that is not including tomorrow, and thursday I have off so that is my 51+ week!

Our weeks run friday and run through thursday ... yea it's kinda weird but I like it because then our week starts on a weekend! :)

Yea can you tell I love my job, huh?

I do, I really do! :)

*edited: I keep forgetting to tell you that I can not post pictures because my dad's scanner is broke and I can not find the cord for mine ... sorry! :(

Monday, November 28, 2005

I am SOOOOO sorry!

I am so sorry that I have not been to ANYONE'S journals!

I have been working alot!

I have one day off this week and it's my brother's birthday,

so even then I won't be able to be here and do anything!

I'm going to take him to see the movie, 50 cent "get rich or die tryin"

He wants to see that so bad, and so I decided to take him to see it!

And I got him the XBOX game, 50 Cent Bulletproof!

I know he'll love that too!

I already figured out what I am getting him for christmas ... I know I should ... it's right around the corner ... but I get so far behind and frustrated because when christmas comes it also means .... birthdays out the behind!

So I'm am very proud of myself that I have 1 birthday down and 1 person completely done for xmas!

That is very good for me!

I decided to get my brother the other 2 XBOX games he wants (need for speed most wanted and true crime new york city), 2 pairs of gold earrings, 3 pairs of silver earrings (it's one set), and I will try to get him a necklace with a charm!

I got him a cross charm last year when he was in a home and he lost it!

I was highly mad!

And for those of you wondering .... yes the jewelry is going to be from my store ... why would I get it else where?

I still have to figure out what I want to do for Lisa or Tammy!

I have my mom figured out ... and my dad's present will be late!

I have a few others to that I have to figure out!

Well I just wanted to tell everyone that I am really sorry for not getting to your journals!

I have no idea when I will even get to them becuase I still have not heard from Tammy on how things are going and when she will be back!

So it can be awhile before I get back to normal schedules!

So I am apoligizing for the past, present, and future!

Please bare with me in this rollercoaster we call LIFE!


Sunday, November 27, 2005

My blog is worth....

My blog is worth $14,113.50.
How much is your blog worth?

I have done this already ... but I kept forgetting to add it to my journal! :)

Saturday, November 26, 2005

I'm Beat!!!!!!!!!!!

(my mood is really tired)

I am so TIRED from the past two days, that I was falling asleep on the way home from work tonight!

I went to see Chicken Little last night at the movies!

It is a really good movie .... everyone should go see it!

My friend Rachel and I went there .... yea, we were the ONLY young adults in there (that didn't have kids)!

I said, "Oh well! It's the kid inside of me coming out!"

Rachel starting laughing!

I don't care what other people thought!

I have been having a good time at work (even with the long hours), with the exception of a few RUDE & DUMB customers!

But I tried my hardest to be patient with them and look past the issue!

Oh well! I'm not perfect!

But I don't want to compalin because all in all ....

it is my favorite time of the year to be where I am and do what I do!

I LOVE my job!

I must go now though ....

I can't keep the eyelids up much longer!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Off To Work ~~~~ Yep, Bright & Early

I just wanted to do a quick post before work!

I told you all that I had to be up bright and early .... UGHHHHHHHHH!

I got 5 hours sleep ....

but I'm ready to take on the world!

I'm not one bit tired ....

but I am very thristy this morning!


I can't wait to begin my work day .... AHHHHHHH!

Bye for now!

I will post tonight when I get home!

Have a great and safe day shopping everyone!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

I'm Thankful

I am thankful for:

1. my life

2. my family (even though I may HATE them)

3. my friends .... especially Lisa and Linda

4. my job

5. having all 5 of my senses working

6. have clothes, food, and shelter

7. being able to see my friend Julie today on Thanksgiving (Alicia's ex), I have not seen her since Alicia's viewing

8. my cat cookie

9. my health

10. the future that lies ahead of me

Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Please pray for my manager ... as she called me last night at the store and told me she had another illness and was probably not be able to come in ... so we took care of the schedule and I told her not to hurry in, to rest in the morning and if anything come in, in the afternoon! I told her I preferred that she stayed at home and rested!

She was out sick Friday, Saturday, and Sunday .... came back Monday and went home early yesterday!

She had the flu over the weekend and got over that by Sunday evening!

Then she got sick again Monday!

She has had A LOT of difficulties with her pregnancy!

She called me this morning and told me she was not coming in and that she or her fiance would call and keep me updated, as I was to keep our regional updated (which they used to be REALLY close friends, so she was hurt and very much affected by this too)!

She said that she received a call from the doctor and said she was off to meet the doctor, as they thought she either had tear in her cervix or signs of a miscarriage! :(

I bawled (is that spelled right ... oh well if not ... no mood for spell check) when I hung up the phone from calling my regional!

I hope the best for Tammy and her baby, and the rest of the family!

She was informed by the doctor that they have no idea what's the matter because the baby has a heartbeat!?!?!?!?

So she was instructed to take off of work until Wednesday! She has to go to the doctors sometime between now and then!

She might not even be able to come back then!

I have taken over so many responsibilities this coming week that don't be surprised if I don't stop by journals for another week or if I have bitch raving entries!

Our schedules run from Friday-thursday .... and I have to be at work at 5:00am on black Friday and throughout the week I have to work 51+ hours!

Yeah ... I've gotten used to my 40 ... this is going to wear me out just a tad ... but I'm not complaining because I know I can do it, and I am trying to do all that I can for my manager and regional through this difficult time, I already stayed 5 extra hours after I was supposed to get off today, and 2 of those hours were spent with my regional manager doing the schedule ALL over, my regional will be at our store A LOT this weekend .....


She has been through a lot lately! She does NOT need any more stress added on!

We are all hoping for her to come out on top of this!


Also please pray for Lisa's best friend ... has she just found out yesterday that she has breast cancer! She is a mother of 2 or 3 children! They told her that she needs chemo and radiation!

Please pray for both of these wonderful women that need guided in the right direction!

Have a happy thanksgiving all!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I'm disappointed!

I am VERY disappointed in the many of people that ran from their AOL journals, ran and made them private (with NO readers), ran and made a petition, ran from AOL, and most of all ran from reality!

 .... what happened to being a happy J-LAND COMMUNITY?

Now I know everyone has their own opinion and this is mine .... you don't like it .... that's fine, there's a BIG red box with a white "X" on it on the top right hand of your screen, click it .... BYE!

My opinion is (and maybe this is because of 2 different reasons which i will list at the end) ....


We are ALL grown adults .... we know that this is not that serious .... this is not a war ... this is NOT a disaster ... this however is LIFE!

This is called (and I know everyone knows this) ADVERTISEMENT!

Yes, that is what gives ...... MILLIONS of people their jobs today!

If there was NO advertisement then there would be ONE less job field in EVERY company that would cause A HUGE dip in job availabilities!

Did you think of it that way?

I bet you didn't!


I'll tell you why ....

Because in life EVERYONE, takes things for granted .....

and now here hundreds of people sit whining and complaining about STUPID ads!

How friggin' ridiculous!

I know everyone here has better mind sets than that!

Look at how everyone here pulled together for the hurricane katrina disaster!

That was amazing!

People sending money to pay pal accounts, and donating $5.00, people making trips down there to help, scalzi's picture shoot day (with the messages to the victims), andso on!

And now here we sit complaining about ADS!

Ads that are EVERYWHERE in life!


On your phone book, billboards, McDonald's bags, grocery stores, malls, etc.

And here we sit complaining about MILLIONS (I can't stress this enough) of peoples jobs to get their company business!

I can not get over the fact of the way everyone is acting about this!

It is really not that serious!

I bet everyone here at least knows 2 people in their life that their job deals with advertisement!

I think alot of the people that are upset and left, or made private journals ... just were followers!

I really do not think EVERYONE was upset (or that upset) until they read other journals .....

What happened to doing you?

Being you?

Not being like everyone else!

Not caring if someone liked the opposite as you!

What happened to being your own leader?

Why do we have to care what others think, feel, and do?

Why do we feel as if we have to follow others, instead of making our OWN style?

Please help me understand this!

Because I for one DO NOT CARE if everyone just packs up their journals and leaves and I'm the only one left ... I will continue to be me!

I will write in my journal as if I was NOT the only one here!


Maybe this is the way I feel because ...........

1. I don't pay for AOL .... because I had it for 2 years and it messed my old computer up so I ended my services and NEVER once went back within the past 2 or 3 years! I don't miss it so I don't complain about it either (okay so I'm not perfect, I TRY not to!) So not paying for AOL always meant that I had to use i.e. (internet explorer) for writing in my journal! I never thought it was that big of a deal either .... oh wait, I still DON'T!

2. My job has to do with advertisement! I may not work HANDS-ON with it ... but I have to find ways to advertise the sales at my store EVERYDAY ... EVERYDAY I have to communicate those promotions with ALL my customers!

But this is all just MY opinion!

You don NOT have to agree with me!

I'm okay with the fact if you TOTALLY disagree with me!

I will not cry, No tears shedded here!


I am a big girl and don't need anyone to tell me how to feel!


 ..... Make it count!



Monday, November 14, 2005

New journaler!

Here is a new jounaler!

Go stop by and welcome her to j-land!

SAHMof3's Online Journal

I'm so SORRY!

I am so so so so sorry! I was running behind this morning and forgot to grab my camera!

So of course I have no picture entry!

And I have off the next two days .... maybe I'll try to go to wal-mart tomorrow!

because I think I want to see the pictures more than anyone!

I can't believe I forgot the camera ... I swear it'll be a year before I get the camera developed!

That's why I just want a digital camera for christmas!

Please forgive me! :)

Sunday, November 13, 2005

I have edited an entry for links!

I have filled your request ... which was to make my journal alerts entry have links to the journal .... there are a few that I added since that so I put them in there and there are a few that I can't find the links for and I am not receiving alerts right now (I have them on a vaction time setting ... so the few journals I am reading I have to quick daily on my own) and a few that went private and I forgot to delete (as I'm not an added reader)! :(

If you are one of the journals without a link .... and if you don't mind I would really appreciate it if you left a link in the comments ... I would really appreciate it!


Everyone ....... Have a good week!

Oh, one last thing I HAVE to tell you ... this is so funny!

we (my 2 stores and 2 other stores from our region) were all sitting there for our holiday meeting!

I kept seeing this guy walking around pacing the food court (which is where had to have our meeting ... Zales would not allow us to "pay" for a room at the other mall)!

he kept looking at all of us ...  I was started to get freaked .... then I thought well maybe he knows someone here and is waiting for them to get out of the meeting!

Then we were all standing there when we got our snacks (the meeting was over but we still had time before we had to open the stores), so we decided to chat about things!

Well this guy comes over to Angela (our regional), and asked if we were her people, and told us that he is setting up a glass figurine stand downstairs (by one of our stores) and that he had a contract with some comapny to pay 10 people to just stand down there and unload the boxes for ...... get this ........ $10.00 an hour ....

My job is harder than that and I get paid under that (just a little ... but still) .... the point is if my job is 10x harder than that shouldn't I be making $20 an hour than?

So anyways the company had lost his contract .... therefore he needed people to help .... he would pay us $10.00 an hour!

So I was PISSED because I had to work .... I could've made some money!

But it turned out I still had an hour between the meeting and before I had to go to the store that I would just go down for an hour and get $10 ..... worst mistake!

The firs box I opened had this BEAUTIFUL rose in it! (roses are my favorite flower ... remember my survey)

The next one had a rose with a butterfly on the stem! (that style came in 2 colors)

The next was a different rose!

Then there was a few other things that the other girls (from my store that helped) found!

LOADS AND LOADS of butterflies!

So I got my $10 and he also told us when he opens the store that he will give us 50% off of one item (as long as it is not over $50) .... so now I'm in BIG trouble once he opens!


So anybody want to start a paypal account to donate for needs of these glass figurines?

Hey, they can be early birthday presents! :)

I laughed and said to him, "Hey do you have layaway? Me and Lisa are known for having layaways EVERYWHERE!"

I even found (okay okay, Tonia did) a pig and it had a baby pig inside of it!


I have been looking for something for Tammy to represent her being pregnant!

It is so cute!

So I know I promised everyone pictures of my costume but if everyone can wait like a week longer I can have pictures of some of this stuff when I buy it!

I also (old readers) found the camera of before and after pictures of the kiosk!

So I'm off to get them developed tomorrow!

So even though I'm supposed to be "away" I'll post those pictures (since that happened 2 months ago and I just found the camera for the 3 time)!

I also am going to try to post pictures of Lisa's kids from the fair!

So look forward to a photo entry tomorrow!

Have a great monday! (UGHHHHH! I have to count EVERYTHING in the store tomorrow!)

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Leaving For Awhile!

I am very sad to say this .....

but I have to be real and stop trying to be SUPER WOMAN ....

I will have to leave the wonderful J-land for about a week!

I am very sad!

I don't want to leave!

But I have a very busy schedule this week and with the 10,000 journals (okay it's a little over exaggerated) I will NEVER be able to keep up with everyone's Journal!

I will cut back to about 5 journals (because  I have to read their journals because of illness that I'm tracking and trying to support them .... or they have done so much for me that I would feel like a horrible person not to read their journal)

Sorry everybody! I really hate that I have to do this!

Everyone has such a great journal that I don't want to have to do this but like for example of my week :

Tomorrow I have to be at work at 8:00am for a meeting and the meeting is until 11:00am and then I have to work until 5:30pm ..... I know other people have to work longer hours than me  .... I'm just saying I have to drop something ....

and there's no way I can DROP work so it has to be my journals!


I will probably return to my normal readings next tuesday!

I'll try to stop into everyone's journal for at least one time throughout the week!

That way I kinda can keep up with everything that's going on!

I don't want to totally miss out!

Thank you everyone for understanding!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Survey Like None-Other!

A survey like none other!    Copy and Paste this, Fill in your answers post this your blog, and sent it to everyone you know! The goal is to have this in every single AOL Journal. What do you have in common with others? Do you like the same things? Post this and put the title of your entry "Survey Like None-Other!"  This is a great way to introduce yourself to new readers! When your entry is done, add a link in your sidebar to your entry so that newbies can read up on your favs and such! Cool eh?    

1. What sign are you?

2. What is your favorite color?

3. How many waffles could you eat in one sitting? Two

4. Can you touch your tounge to your nose? Nope, But Id like to!

5. If you had to choose between cats and dogs, which would it be? Cats

6. What is something you have learned recently? Girls are retarded! (I'm serious ... no offense ... c'mon I am one!) .... but it's mainly valley girls! But I won't get into that here!

7. What is your favorite quote? Say your I love you's before it's too late!

8. What is your favorite entry in your own journal? Trick or Treat Thru J-land ... I came acrossed so many great journals!

9. What color is your bedroom? Pink

10. Where is your favorite place to visit? Flordia but I want to go to Hawaii!

11. Whatis one thing you want to accomplish this year? Have a great christmas at work! (sales)

12. Why do you write in a journal? It's where I vent! Without it I'd be lost!

13. What is your favorite joke? It's not good to post here!

14. Do you like the city or the country? City girl

15. What style is your house decorated? Nothing really (I live with my parents ... they have no sense of stlye)

16. Who is your favorite artist?  I don't know!

17. Can you pat your tummy and rub your head at the same time? Nope!

18. Are you a night owl? Sometimes

19. What is something you love in your house? (If you have a picture you get extra credit!) My pink, white, and black painting of a city at night!

20. Do you believe in God? Absolutley!

21. What hobby could you never give up? Reading books!

22. What color makes you think of Hope? Yellow

23. What color makes you think of Love? Pink

24. What is your favorite flower? Roses and Tulips

25. If you had one wish for the world, what would it be? To live in peace already! 

26. Whats the best surprise you have ever recieved? Meeting such a great friend here in J-land .... Linda! (she makes me cry all the time .... for the good that is ... she just amazes me!)

27. What can you cook like no-one else?  I don't know! I don't really cook!

28. What do you think about most? Making something out of my life umlike the rest of my family! (one thing in particular that I want to write a post about soon)

29. Who is your favorite poet? Edgar Allen

30. And last but not least, if you could wrap yourself up in one word...what would that word be? Different

Now pass this along to everyone you know in AOL journals! Then, add a link to your sidebar to your entry!

(made by: Nae)

Wednesday, November 9, 2005


I was challanged to do this by barbara at Confessions Of An Angel Waitress! So here I am ... doing what I was asked to! :)

I need to have at least 5 of you do it too .... so join in everybody!


 1. What size town did you go to High school in? I don't know the size! :)

  2.  What was your high school mascot? Spartans

 3. What group did you belong to in, cheerleader, sports, nerds, loners, wanna bes?   I was not really in either of those ... we kind of had our own thing going on! :)

4.  Who was your favorite teacher in school and why? My childcare teacher ... she kept me in-line about my talking problem (which I see her a lot now because she shops at my jewelry store and the other assistant's son goes to the day care we had in our school ... and when i see her we always talk about my talking problem ... which btw I still have)

  5. How old were you when you were first seriously kissed? 14

6. What were your school colors?  green & white

 7.  How many boyfriends/girlfriends did you have in high school? 3 (and that's my total too ... never had any since)

  8. What was your favorite subject?  Childcare

 <FONTFACE="COMIC size="4" MS? Sans>9. Did you ever skip class? Did you get caught?   Nope ... I was a good girl for the most part

10.If you could tell kids in high school one thing you learned there what would it be? high school is no joke ... no it's not college or anything but I wish I was more serious about it! It is a really important part of life!

There are some other things I want to do for my readers (old and new) to know me a little better but I just need to make the time! I've been a busy little bee lately! So when I do have time at the computer I'm usally reading alerts!

Which btw, I am working on making an entry with all my alerts having links .... for those who requested! :)

Have fun doing this and leave a comment with your entry so I can read yours!

Thanks everyone and have a GREAT day! :)

Sunday, November 6, 2005

Repsonse To Comments!

Okay I just want to let everyone know ...

to all the comments from friday's entry of the little boy piercing!

Yes I can refuse a piercing!

No I will not get in trouble by my boss ... it is a company policy that if we do not feel comfortable to do the piercing then we don't have to!

I told the mom, "I don't think I'm going to be able to do this becuase he won't sit still and I think ...."

That is when she had cut me off to bring in the sister!

I knew she would have HELL raised if I didn't do it!

So I figured i am good at judging when I have 2 seconds to "DO IT"

So I waited until I knew I could get the best shot on each ear (Yea, he got both sides done) and I just went for it ... it came out perfect!

But I really didn't want to do it because the boy was upset and people walking past always think, "Look at that employee about to kill that boy!"

I'm just doing what I get paid to do ... yes sometimes it is sad .... then there are other times when I am happy to be the one to have made such a happy customer by simplying piercing their ears!

I just wanted to point out the sides of this and give more details!


I just want to tell everyone this ....

You have to read this book!

it is about a 17 year-old and she went to have a saline solution abortion and when she went to deliver the "dead" baby ... the baby came out breathing and crying ... it was alive!

The baby "Gianna" was aborted and she lived to tell about it!

I have been reading this book for a week now and it is great!

I'm over half way through it!

It tells how she does tours and sings and educates people on abortions!

It is absolutely amazing .... yes, it's a true story!


Please go out and buy it .... it's the best $7.00 you'll ever spend ... I got it at Wal-mart for like $6.50!

The best $6.50 I ever spent!


Here is my lovely list of alerts! EEEEEKKK!

And I know I know I have to update my journal list ... but dang nap it ... do you see how many I have to add .... my next day off I PROMISE!

It took me all day (9 and 1/2 hours) to catch up on alerts of new entries (over 100)!

So I'm a bit tired of seeing my computer for the night ... and I really was hoping to update my journal list, but my neck can not take it! :(

 AOL Journals Comment Added
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I did this so you can get an inside on why it took me so long to catch up on my alerts!

Friday, November 4, 2005

He Don't Want No Ear Piercing!

I had to pierce a little boys ears today (as soon as I got there and clocked in and did a drawer count)!

Well to make this story as short as possible!

The little boy did not want this done!

He was kicking and screaming and slobbering EVERYWHERE!

He was even gaging so bad that I thought he was going to throw up!

I know how sad is that?

Well when I asked him if he wanted daddy to come hold his hand ... mom didn't like that and I told her that if he kept doing as he was that I would not be able to pierce his ears becasue it could go in crooked, too high, too low, etc. .... so mom called in the oldest child (a girl about 13) and I thought maybe to help distract him ... but oh  was so WRONG!

Mom brought her in to pin him down (more than she already was ... which I didn't think was possible) Mom had already had her legs pinning him down and her arms strapping him down!

Well the daughter held his arms!

While mom held his head and legs ... which he still was kicking the crap out of me!

So she was not doing to well!

So I did the piercing but I was so sick to my stoamch at the way mom didn't seem to care that this little 4 year old was upset and didn't want his ears pierced ... yea, he didn't get one ... he got both!

So I was so sick to my stomach that I cared more for his well being than the mom did!

All she want was his ears pierced and that was that!

Maybe I shouldn't judge how people treat their kids considering I don't have any ... but darn it!

If my child does not want their ears done then OH WELL!

Am I wrong for being this way?

Got some reading done!

Well I lied about my schedule!

Yeah, even to myself!

I thought I had to open today ... I had my alarm set and everything!

I woke up before my alarm went off and managed to get to lay there until 7:45 and then I thought I still have 15 mins. I can get up and get done early and then have computer time ...

So I hopped in the shower ran upstairs to get dressed and realized "Wait a minute ... I close tonight!"

So I pulled out my calendar and looked at my schedule and Yep! I work 1:30-9:30 ... so I got soem journal reading put away sicne I won't get to do any tonight most likely!

I have to open tomorrow instead ... I forgot Tammy switched my schedule around .... I usually open friday's and close saturday's!

I have off sunday so HOPEFULLY I can get all my journal reading done this weekend! (Well at least up to date)

And as if 88 alerts of new entires was not enough, I went and put like 6 more journals (It may be more than that) on alerts!

Yeah So now I will have to keep up to par with reading journals or I'll be having 100 alerts for one day instead of 2!

So I'm off to head out the door for work!

Have a great day everyone!


*edited: I forgot to add ... I'm down to about 50 alerts! But by the time I get to reading tomorrow it will be back up to 75 :)


Thursday, November 3, 2005

Behind ... Way Behind!


Well I had today off and I was HOPING to read journals and catch up on my alerts .... well that didn't happen!

I now have 75 alerts for new entires and I have to go to bed for work tomorrow .... meaning by the time I get on tomorrow I will have about 100 to go and I doubt that I will get them all read tomorrow because I won't get home until late and I have to work saturday!

I'm not complaining .... I don't want anyone to think I am .... because I love reading journals, but I am telling you this so that you understand why I will be commenting so late!

The reason I didn't get to do it today was because my stupid computer would not do anything!

My dad put a new program on last night and ever since it will not do anything!

So when he got home from work tonight I complained about it and I told him I deleted the program from my computer because my computer would not do anything ... well he "said" it had NOTHING to do with the program it was the internet .... which btw does not make any sense because the internet was working on his computer and my mom's computer ...... yea I'm a bit confused ..... ????????????????

Oh well enough of that! Now that I have the internet working again I figured I would post an entry really fast before it decides to NOT work again!

I will try to read as many journals as possible tomorrow .... I PROMISE!

I hope everyone has a good day tomorrow!


oh and yes I will post pictures of the costume when i get the film developed ... yea I'm not fortunate enough to have a digital camera, so I have to do it the old fashioned way .... and I still need to take like 12 more pictures before I can even drop the film off!

And for the people that have been reading my journal for awhile now .... about the pictures from when my store got it's name change .... yea I took the pictures and I had to split the pictures between 2 cameras ... before pictures on one camera and after pictures on another camera ... welll the camera with the after pictures on it got lost and I found it and lost it again ... So I promise I will post pictures whenever I find the stupid camera! :)

I am so putting a digital camera on my christmas list!

Alright enough of my rambling! Have a good friday everyone!