Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I'm disappointed!

I am VERY disappointed in the many of people that ran from their AOL journals, ran and made them private (with NO readers), ran and made a petition, ran from AOL, and most of all ran from reality!

 .... what happened to being a happy J-LAND COMMUNITY?

Now I know everyone has their own opinion and this is mine .... you don't like it .... that's fine, there's a BIG red box with a white "X" on it on the top right hand of your screen, click it .... BYE!

My opinion is (and maybe this is because of 2 different reasons which i will list at the end) ....


We are ALL grown adults .... we know that this is not that serious .... this is not a war ... this is NOT a disaster ... this however is LIFE!

This is called (and I know everyone knows this) ADVERTISEMENT!

Yes, that is what gives ...... MILLIONS of people their jobs today!

If there was NO advertisement then there would be ONE less job field in EVERY company that would cause A HUGE dip in job availabilities!

Did you think of it that way?

I bet you didn't!


I'll tell you why ....

Because in life EVERYONE, takes things for granted .....

and now here hundreds of people sit whining and complaining about STUPID ads!

How friggin' ridiculous!

I know everyone here has better mind sets than that!

Look at how everyone here pulled together for the hurricane katrina disaster!

That was amazing!

People sending money to pay pal accounts, and donating $5.00, people making trips down there to help, scalzi's picture shoot day (with the messages to the victims), andso on!

And now here we sit complaining about ADS!

Ads that are EVERYWHERE in life!


On your phone book, billboards, McDonald's bags, grocery stores, malls, etc.

And here we sit complaining about MILLIONS (I can't stress this enough) of peoples jobs to get their company business!

I can not get over the fact of the way everyone is acting about this!

It is really not that serious!

I bet everyone here at least knows 2 people in their life that their job deals with advertisement!

I think alot of the people that are upset and left, or made private journals ... just were followers!

I really do not think EVERYONE was upset (or that upset) until they read other journals .....

What happened to doing you?

Being you?

Not being like everyone else!

Not caring if someone liked the opposite as you!

What happened to being your own leader?

Why do we have to care what others think, feel, and do?

Why do we feel as if we have to follow others, instead of making our OWN style?

Please help me understand this!

Because I for one DO NOT CARE if everyone just packs up their journals and leaves and I'm the only one left ... I will continue to be me!

I will write in my journal as if I was NOT the only one here!


Maybe this is the way I feel because ...........

1. I don't pay for AOL .... because I had it for 2 years and it messed my old computer up so I ended my services and NEVER once went back within the past 2 or 3 years! I don't miss it so I don't complain about it either (okay so I'm not perfect, I TRY not to!) So not paying for AOL always meant that I had to use i.e. (internet explorer) for writing in my journal! I never thought it was that big of a deal either .... oh wait, I still DON'T!

2. My job has to do with advertisement! I may not work HANDS-ON with it ... but I have to find ways to advertise the sales at my store EVERYDAY ... EVERYDAY I have to communicate those promotions with ALL my customers!

But this is all just MY opinion!

You don NOT have to agree with me!

I'm okay with the fact if you TOTALLY disagree with me!

I will not cry, No tears shedded here!


I am a big girl and don't need anyone to tell me how to feel!


 ..... Make it count!




narwood25 said...

Oh Girl, Calling them whinners and complainers is the #1 sin! LOL! I posted my opinion on the message board and I called them whinners and complainers and I got a huge ass chewing.oh well ha? I can not agree with you more reagrding these ad banners. No big deal to me. What is funny is most of them are bitching about the ad banners and moving to another blog community and guess what, their journals have ad banners. In their eyes its okay if their new journals have ad banners as they are not paying anything to have their journal in that community! Okay ya whatever! Great post, could not agree with you more! We will be losing some great journals but hey what can we do?


mastersblynn said...

I am here to stay Theresa you can talk to me...I don't care about the ads either. Duh I didn't even see them until everyone started crying about it.  I do miss some of the ones that left though and hope they come back. Barbara

z7snowflake said...

lol, well Im glad to see that there are still a few ppl who it doesn't bother. When I first saw it on my journal I actually thought it was neat, lol...but Im weird

djzgirl71 said...

Welll....PFFFT on you.  Sorry you can't understand that some of us have ethical and moral codes to uphold.  I could care less about the AD themselves, it's the point behind the ads and that we were lied to and if I wanted to help that lame ass company make more money off of me I would have asked them to put the ads in.  I didn't run from J-Land I decided to go to a blog that asked me IF i want to put ads in my journal and it is free.  PLain and simple......it's all about valuing your customer and playing fair is all.  I wanted a choice in the matter.  Is that too much to ask?  AM I so bad becasue I am standing up for myself?  Because I feel taken advantage of?  Do you have any idea how many times AOL has overdrafted my account by their own mistake and cost me several hundreds off dollars in fees for bounced checks that they refused to pay me back for?  I have 5 kids to support and they cant even pay me back for the mess they made for taking 2 months out instead of one?  I have given them chance after chance and I have stayed and stayed but this was it for me.  All they care about it the almighty dollar and dont give a damn about their customers happiness or how their greed affects common place poor folk like me and my family.
Just an opinion from one of us deserters you speak of.


eml625 said...

I think it's annoying so I blocked the ad's....out of sight out of mind, right?


xxroxymamaxx said...

and I for one never even gave one thought to leaving my journal. Never.  I have put way too much time and effort into IT to just abandon it that way.  I love it here and I'm staying, I don't care if they put 10 ads all around my writing.  I DON'T LIKE IT BUT I GUESS THINGS HAPPEN THAT WAY!  <-----that's a Johnny Cash song btw. lol  GBU, Shelly

blackcatfever620 said...

I didn't leave because of the ads.  I care less about the ads.  When every alert I got that first day was about the ads, I just shook my head that people would be like that.  Apparently, it seems, that this was just the straw.  I have only moved because I can't post in my journal right now.  I'm working on fixing the problem.  I don't care about the ads because I thought "I pay for cable (too much I would say) and there are ads 75% of the time."  Besides, AOL puts ads under my e-mail in box, the journal home page, even the welcome screen is full of ads.  Why is it that journals gets ads and everyone goes crazy?  I guess they must of not been happy with the service all together.  But that's my opinion, so don't hurt me...lol.
UNFORTUNETLY RIGHT NOW AT: http://livejournal.com/users/blackcatfever

trickeytricky said...

I do not understand what the big deal is all about either, they are not so hard to ignore ya know? Like you said, we are all adults so why is this being blown so out of porportion by people acting like children.

Who knows, I am still here and you are still here, and fuewey on the rest of those who left us nothing to read. :)


lici0uslatin22 said...

OOH girl I am also Confused about the comotion that AOL has caused... I understand there are Furious People out there But demm.. I dont get it like you said what happend to J-land comunity..  CONFUSED>>>>... Take care Mari

chat2missie said...

I couldn't have said it better.  I don't think the ads are a big deal either.  Your entry was terrific!!  

annalisa135 said...

Thanks for using my tag, chick.  :-)  Unfortunately I'm one of those people who moved her blog.  I haven't moved Anna's Anomalies yet, but Simple yet satisfying is now in Blogger.  www.annalisa135.blogspot.com

I did it because I was not happy with AOL's attitude.  They didn't give us any advance warning.  They didn't ask our opinion, nothing.  They just did it.  My blog isn't "for fun".  My blog is my life, my heart, my soul is in there.  I didn't like someone plastering an ad over it.  It's just my thinking on the matter.  It's fine you feel the way you do.  I have no hard feelings whatsoever.  Hope you'll still be one of my readers, even though I moved one of my blogs.

love, anna

helloimkara said...

I can't say Im happy about the adds. But at the same time it really dosen't upset me.  I too am sad so many people have jumped ship.


linnpooh said...

Theresa.....besides Mandy, I have never been so proud of anyone before in my life!!! Not just for what you said.....because it is, just as you said, an opinion. But, more so for the true character and spirit you have and shown.
You are such an amazing girl with so many amazing, worthwhile, things to say and your generation is lucky to have you among them as a leader. Your post was full of passion, well written, and very articulate.
I feel the same way about what happened in J-land.....disappointed. I was really taken back about how upset people were over an ad but did understand many of the points and thought they were valid issues for people paying for AOL. Sadly though, I wasn't surprised by the childish behavior and antics that followed, including sending nasty e-mails to people who stayed behind.....which was our right to do as much as it was theirs to leave. Unfortunately, as giving as the human race can be.....they can be even more mean spirited and even though I've learned to expect it, I've never learned to accept it and it still always saddens me.
But....just as life goes on, so will J-land! A community is more than just a few people and the feelings of kindness, compassion and friendship will live on in the hearts of all of those who want it to....including you!
You are such a blessing and thank you for putting so much of yourself into your words....they truly were wonderful, as are you.

Pooh Hugs,

lici0uslatin22 said...

Have Happy Thanksgiving: close to your Love ones and friends. Take care Mari

brandilynneliz said...

What a great journal, I found you through Jessica's ... she is great too! lol

I don't mind that a lot have left, I wont be leaving unless to still read what they have to write. I care about some of the writers and have no problem clicking over to a new journal. For me I hate hate hate the ads, I wont be leaving though and I am done and over all of my complaining for them.

I think AOL was just trying to give us a "fruitcake" early this year and no one really wanted it. lol

I have you on alerts.

hadonfield78 said...

I loved this entry. Very well done.
Its exacally as you said, its here, its everywhere.
Part of growing up and maturing is excepting the little things that really do not matter.
Save the energy for the BIG THINGS in life that need our concerns.

maggstar22 said...

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jess3dragonfly3 said...

Great entry! When this first all came about with the ads...I was angry...I did my share of the whining and complaining. I even thought about leaving. But then I thought more about it...I couldn't leave my journal that i've had for so long. And by golly, it's still the same journal that I have always loved, only difference now is the ads...and I'll get over it. You're right...ads are EVERYWHERE. And I don't think a lot of us thought, "Oh hey, that's how lots of people have jobs to support their families."

However, I do see the other side of the story too. So basically, I think everyone has to make their OWN decisions about what they want to do. And I'm not gonna bash the ones that did leave, because it really isn't right that AOL is doing this to the paying customers of AOL. We signed up for journals WITHOUT the ads. I don't think AOL is playing very fair. But in my opinion, there are worse things in life to worry about. But some feel the need to fight this, and that is ok. Some feel the need to just let it go and get over it. Either choice is fine with me...I just wish we could all stop fighting with each other about it.

Anyway...again...great entry.


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