Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Okay, so I lied! :)

I hate that AOL does not have the "tired" option!

I lied and said that I wouldn't post today ... but I HAD to!

I'm addicted!

My feet hurt so BAD!

My manager must not have listened to me when I told her yesterday that I had to work open to close (which I even told her was 13 hours) and today we were talking and I said, "Well how many do you want that way when I go down to the other store tonight I'll get the order ready and fax it!"

"Huh? You work at the other end tonight too?"

"YES, TAMMY! Did you not listen to me when we were talking yesterday on the storage shed run?"

"Well why did Angela (our regional, that was in charge while she was out sick) do that?"

"Because I told you this too, NO ONE ELSE would work up here, so the only option left was for ME to work a double! Because I was already closing at the other store so  just tacked on 5 hours to that!"


"Tammy you are getting like Lisa .... neither of you two EVER listen to me! I go shopping with Lisa and show her how cute something is and she'll (supposedly) acknowledge me and then we walk past it later and she says how cute it is, as if we NEVER saw it! Then I always yell at her .... now you are doing the same thing only with work related things!"

We both laughed!

I love my job more and more each day!

I know people that I went to school with or know me from before are thinking, "Ha ha! Look at Theresa, working in the mall, doing nothing with her life!"

But what they don't know is I make pretty good money (better than I was making for what I went to college for) and I am VERY happy with my job!

Not a lot of people can actually say, "I enjoy waking up and going to work everyday!"

Especially when you do work with the public, and even worse yet ... the MALL!

But I can and that's all that matters ... screw them!

I'm happy and half of them idiots don't look happy anyway!

Now don't go thinking I'm knocking them or trying to rude back to them ....

I'm just saying I'm happy and for a change that's all that matters to me!

Not where I work or if I continued my field or not, etc.

They don't have to live my life .... only I do!


hadonfield78 said...

At least your not "living in a van down by the river".................

lici0uslatin22 said...

Thats so True.. Screw them you probably making more money than what they are Making, Plus a job is a job...  I am glad you enjoy your Job each day more...  Thats a good feeling because you go to work wanting to work..  Take care Mari..

martinismomma said...

Im in customer service and I love my job too. I love getting up in the mornings and getting ready and dealing with the customers. Interacting with them is my favoriite. I work for a sign company so I love when someone comes to get their sign and they absolutely love it. I got a hug today for a sign I had designed... Makes your tummy have butterflies. It made my day. I dont mind the hours and like you, I make more money doing this than I would be doing what I want to do... Im right there with ya!


linnpooh said...

Everyone has a place in the bloom where you are planted! I'm proud of what you have done and I wish we had you here to run our're worth more than gold! :)

Pooh Hugs,

z7snowflake said...

I think thats so great that you love ur job, thats nice what u got ur brother for his birthday. how long is he suspended