Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My Manager

My manager came abck to work today!


I am happy to see her and everything .... LORD knows she knows that!

I like my manager ALOT!

Even though she has me closing on my 21st birthday, when I asked her to open so her, Lisa and Lisa's kids, and I could all go for dinner, I am not one bit mad at her!

NOPE ... not at all!

And she didn't realize it until today when we were in the food court talking and she asked me something about my birthday and where we were going and I said, "well I have to work!" (smiling as I said it) she looked at me all confused and said, "I thought you aksed me to open?"

"Yeah, I sure did! But Tammy please do NOT worry about it, I said it's not a big deal, I figured you just didn't realize it or no one else could do it .... since that has been happening alot here lately, and I did not want to add stress to you and your baby! I can work, it's no big deal! And the schedule is already posted, remember you're rule is once the schedule is posted there are NO changes (unless of course it's an emergency). So I am not asking you to change it like EVERYONE else would!"

"Well then maybe we can do lunch or something instead before you come into work! I'm really sorry Theresa!"

"Don't worry about it .... it's ok .... accidents happen! Yeah we could do lunch ... oh wait I think Lisa opens that day though ... so we can't! We will just have to do it that weekend!"


So I hope she leaves it at that!

I am okay with her making a mistake .... even though I will only have ONE 21st birthday ... but she does NOT need ANY more stress added to her!

So I will work and do NOTHING that day ... obviously other than working!


Anyways, the YEAH & UGHHHHHHHHHHH was ...

Yeah: I am so happy Tammy came back ... I really missed her! I am so glad that she is feeling better!

UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH! : She really should be resting and returning to work on friday afternoon! But she is so stubborn, that we can not argue with her!

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO happy she is feeling better!

I really did miss her!

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers ... please continue to pray for her as what is the matter is something that will be a "problem" her WHOLE pregnancy!

Well maybe not problem but she must keep going back to keep an eye on it!

Okay I just wanted to update everyone and let you know she is BACK and feeling better! :)

Have a great day tomorrow everyone ... As I WILL NOT be posting tomorrow ... I work 13 hours tomorrow .... 8:30-9:30 YEAH me ... not really, I do not feel good! I have 38 (?) hours in already and that is not including tomorrow, and thursday I have off so that is my 51+ week!

Our weeks run friday and run through thursday ... yea it's kinda weird but I like it because then our week starts on a weekend! :)

Yea can you tell I love my job, huh?

I do, I really do! :)

*edited: I keep forgetting to tell you that I can not post pictures because my dad's scanner is broke and I can not find the cord for mine ... sorry! :(


cdittric77 said...

No worries. You can get a little sloppy lots of times in the future :)
With peace and love,

z7snowflake said...

that sucks that you have to work on ur birthday but thats cool that u like ur boss

mastersblynn said...

unexceptable. throw a fit. you are only 21 once. LOL not really I admire your thoughtfulness for your manager.  Been there done that, you are a great person to be so forgiving. I hope you have a super birthday and that you will get to celebrate it in style. Barbara

lici0uslatin22 said...

Wow I get scare the way you are Lol..  Theres not a lot of people in this world that act like you act.. You are so Understanding, I would have been Mad... But on the other hand I understand were you are coming from, since she is nice to you and all that..  

I hope you have a BLAST on your B-day eventhough you work you could always celebrate another Day..  

No biggy w/the pics..  
Take care Mari..

brandilynneliz said...

Awww I am sorry you have to work on your birthday! That so sucks. I recently had my 21st my Mom and I went to a casino. We couldn't do anything other then that because so many places were still closed here (hurricane came through) but I still had fun. I am sure you will too!

Hugs and happy Early birthday. :D