Saturday, November 26, 2005

I'm Beat!!!!!!!!!!!

(my mood is really tired)

I am so TIRED from the past two days, that I was falling asleep on the way home from work tonight!

I went to see Chicken Little last night at the movies!

It is a really good movie .... everyone should go see it!

My friend Rachel and I went there .... yea, we were the ONLY young adults in there (that didn't have kids)!

I said, "Oh well! It's the kid inside of me coming out!"

Rachel starting laughing!

I don't care what other people thought!

I have been having a good time at work (even with the long hours), with the exception of a few RUDE & DUMB customers!

But I tried my hardest to be patient with them and look past the issue!

Oh well! I'm not perfect!

But I don't want to compalin because all in all ....

it is my favorite time of the year to be where I am and do what I do!

I LOVE my job!

I must go now though ....

I can't keep the eyelids up much longer!


hadonfield78 said...

sleep little angel please go to sleep...........

z7snowflake said...

Thats good that you enjoy your job . I wish I did...where do u work?

tillysweetchops said...

Dealing with customers at this frenzied time of year must be a nightmare, and I bet your lip is pretty chewed up by the time you get home!!

Chicken Little sounds good, I might just go (maybe without the kids!!)

Tilly x

eml625 said...

I wish you could have taken MY kids to the movie !!!


cdittric77 said...

Here is to hoping that you slept well!!!
With peace and love,

linnpooh said...

I'm glad you made it home safely, Theresa!!
I saw Chicken Little too....Marv and I LOVED it! :) I'm glad the big sales weekend is over and hope the store continues to do well over the hest of the holidays, it's always fun to read how much you love your job!
Sorry you had a couple of nasty customers....there is always a few apples in the bunch, huh? Get some deserve it!

Pooh Hugs,

lici0uslatin22 said...

hey chicken little I wanted to see that movie w/my kids, you could have took them lol...  I am glad you had a wonderful time..
However I am amazed on the fact that you said you love were you work and this time of year, theres a lot of people out there that hate working in stores on the Holiday but on the other hand you cheer people up thats so good of you, your personality is Great.. Take care Mari...