Thursday, November 3, 2005

Behind ... Way Behind!


Well I had today off and I was HOPING to read journals and catch up on my alerts .... well that didn't happen!

I now have 75 alerts for new entires and I have to go to bed for work tomorrow .... meaning by the time I get on tomorrow I will have about 100 to go and I doubt that I will get them all read tomorrow because I won't get home until late and I have to work saturday!

I'm not complaining .... I don't want anyone to think I am .... because I love reading journals, but I am telling you this so that you understand why I will be commenting so late!

The reason I didn't get to do it today was because my stupid computer would not do anything!

My dad put a new program on last night and ever since it will not do anything!

So when he got home from work tonight I complained about it and I told him I deleted the program from my computer because my computer would not do anything ... well he "said" it had NOTHING to do with the program it was the internet .... which btw does not make any sense because the internet was working on his computer and my mom's computer ...... yea I'm a bit confused ..... ????????????????

Oh well enough of that! Now that I have the internet working again I figured I would post an entry really fast before it decides to NOT work again!

I will try to read as many journals as possible tomorrow .... I PROMISE!

I hope everyone has a good day tomorrow!


oh and yes I will post pictures of the costume when i get the film developed ... yea I'm not fortunate enough to have a digital camera, so I have to do it the old fashioned way .... and I still need to take like 12 more pictures before I can even drop the film off!

And for the people that have been reading my journal for awhile now .... about the pictures from when my store got it's name change .... yea I took the pictures and I had to split the pictures between 2 cameras ... before pictures on one camera and after pictures on another camera ... welll the camera with the after pictures on it got lost and I found it and lost it again ... So I promise I will post pictures whenever I find the stupid camera! :)

I am so putting a digital camera on my christmas list!

Alright enough of my rambling! Have a good friday everyone!



z7snowflake said...

wow 75 alerts? good luck

sherilynjaz said...

I hate it when I get so behind on something!  Don't worry, though, the journals will still be there when you have the time to review them.  
I LOVE my digital camera...not sure how I ever got by without one.  I hope you get one.

rjet33 said...

I had 435 alerts day before yesterday.  I finally have it down to 65, lol.  Thanks for visiting my journal.  I am so glad you liked it.


P.S.  You might like my son's journal, he is 23.  He is a clown, always clowning around, so don't believe everything you read in it. :)