Monday, January 30, 2006

A Quick, Yet Not Good, Update

Okay I know I have not been present for about a week, but it has been kind of crazy between home and work .....

Let's begin one step at a time shall we?

Work .....

my promotion takes effect this Friday and my store has a inventory the last week of February ..... which is our 9 month inventory and new manager inventory .... as I have done plenty of inventories with this company before, I am still nervous because this is MY store and I am even more nervous because this will be my first inventory as the manager! YIKES! God please give me the strength!

Which being the new manager means setting my grounds with the girls, showing them that just because I knew them before the promotion does NOT mean that they can get off "EASY!" I just will not allow it, I will treat them as I would want to be treated as an associate. some rules and guidelines will change now that we will not be 2 stores standing as one ... we are now one store on our own trying to make our own goals and striving to be #1 in the territory, we will have even more time to focus on the littler things that were kind of slipped by before because there was just too much to worry about! It will be a lot more of being serious about your job .... NO more slackers allowed. I will not bust my behind for my 2 key sales associates to bring me down and make me look bad. Nope not having it!

My manager, Tammy,  (currently ... as of Friday she will be just the manager for the store at the other end of the mall) had her doctor's appointment for her ultrasound .... well as I was excited to hear what she was having (a boy by the way) .... Lisa told me that was the least of what she had found out today, to my surprise ..... as some of my readers here know that I had wrote before that she had some difficulties in the beginning of the pregnancy, she was on bed rest for the whole week of Thanksgiving. Her cervix is tore too much, and she may have the baby within the month, at least they are trying to keep the baby in for at least the next month, she is on steroids to help the babydevelop it's lungs and other organs .... her due date was 5/23 ... then they changed it to 5/21 ... now she'll probably have it in a month like I said ... the baby currently only weighs 1 pound ... so when the baby is born it will be in the NICU! Please pray for her and the baby!

So I had completed all my schedules for week ending 3/2/06 ..... Now I may have to make some changes and work with Lisa (my best friend that will be in the acting manager's position) and help her keep that store staffed, and take care of my own!

I may have to share my full-time key holder ... and put my part-time key holder up to 30 hours ... she can not go anymore then that though or she starts losing track of her schedule and does not show up for shifts or comes in 4 hours late ... which I can not have, so Lisa and I are going to try to figure something out! God give us energy, strength, and guidance!

How's my home life you ask?

Not any better than work!

My mom went back into the hospital this morning ...

my dad called me at work to tell me that the ambulance came and picked her up because she was dehydrated and passed out 2 times and she has the pneumonia again! Please pray for her, as she has really bad health and is always in and out of the hospital ....

my dad is sick causing him to be extra (pardon my French) bitchy lately! He is always yelling about something anyway but when he is sick it is even worse!

My brother has not really been listening that well ether ... Income tax is here and while many get to go buy all kinds of goodies ... all of my money (what little I do get back as I do not have any kids or own anything) is all going towards my apartment and furniture for it ... which for me is a goodie but I would like to getsome jewelry or other luxorious items as well ... but I can't .... and I should be very grateful for what I do have ... as this will bring me mroe happiness then any diamond, pearl, or gold item can do for me!

Well this post is long enough, so I'll end it now ...

well I did want to say one more thing .... okay 2!

1. When I wrote my last postand I said "WE" watched "40-year-oldvrigin" I meant Lisa and I ... not the kids becasue it was not appropriate for the kids ... I didn't want anyone thinking the wrong thing when they read that!

2. I have been tagged by Sam ... so look for that post in the next couple of days ... depends on how much I get accomplished tomorrow and wednesday (my 2 days off this week) .... I do have an appointment to get my taxes done wednesday in the afternoon ... so it will have to be done tomorrow if I can get my cleaning done! So watch out as I will be tagging some of you!

(Hummmmmmmmmm, who should I pick?)

(Oh, and I do want to post a butterfly poem a wonderful friend has e-mailed me from j-land)

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Beautiful Memories


Well I have a few things to write about tonight! :)

First of all today we had the meeting where the girls found out that Tammy was stepping down and I was stepping up to the managers spot and a few other changes and to address a few problems!

Latoya did say congrats to me after the meeting, but she also said something that made me feel very uncomfortable .... here's the conversation ....

Latoya: congratulations

Me: Thank you

Latoya: Your welcome

Heather: (arms crossed making a weird face) Humph ....

Me: What?

Heather: A manager? (in a tone of ... "HOW FUNNY ... when is the joke over?" .... I think there were some other words but I don't want to quote her if I can't remember it fully)

Latoya: Well now you have to be nice to her now, she's a manager (and then she said something about sucking up to me so she won't get in trouble)

Heather: No I don't, I won't be working down here, I'll be at the other store .... YOU have to work under her!

Me: Well thank you guys (as if trying to change the subject) I have to exchange some things before I leave and I want you to verify it so no one thinks I am stealing

I felt so uncomfortable with the whole situation because now what if Latoya really thinks she can "BUTTER" me up to get out of trouble ..... I guess I will have to keep an eye out for good applicants and cut her hours if necessary!

Angela did say she wanted me to set up a meeting soon to tell my girls kind of what my expectations were going to be as the manager now, so now the next few days .... once again .... I will be absent from this wonderful world that I miss dearly .... I have to make schedules (which I have NEVER done before although I know it won't be that hard)

When I do the schedules I want to do 4 weeks worth because my dad is going to Florida at the end of the month with my grandpa (my mom's step-dad) to visit my aunt ... yep the one I used to live with.

I also have inventory on 2/24 .... which means I must start scanning everything in the store starting the 20th! YIKES!

So please just be prepared for not to be around as much again ... I know I keep saying that I'll be around .... then something else comes up ... therefore I'm not promising it no more because I don't want everyone to think I am some liar that breaks promises ..... but I will try my hardest A.S.A.P.

On to other things....

I took Lisa and the kids to Olive Garden to celebrate her 35th b-day

So i took some pictures ... which was like pulling teeth from Lisa and Dejya ... but here they are .... my best friend and her wonderful children ....

drum roll please .....

thank you ....

Dontae ... being very impatient .. he was "HUNGRY" and wanted to sit right away and forget everyone that was there before us .... it was busy too!

Donate again .... he was getting upset that we still were not seated, so he stuck his tongue out at me!

Now here he was trying to get lippy here and I said, "Okay I'll just take another picture of you!" Dontae," No! (I snapped the picture) Oh man!"

Lisa reading the menu .... I believe it was the drink menu ... I can't remember!

She didn't want me to take any pictures of her so I had to sneak the first couple in! :) he he

Lisa drinking her Berry sangria (or something like that)

Lisa being sung to by the staff and receiving her cake .... which by the way she told me not to tell them to sing to her .... and I was not going to and I heard them sing to 2 other people and I love the little song so I told her too bad, I'm doing it! The seco picture I have of her receiving her cake will not upload ... sorry!

This is Dejya, the beautiful yet drama queen ... I still love her don't get me wrong ... but man is she ever a high maintenance girl! :)

This was her eating her mint ..... she was acting weird licking it like she had to savor it ... and she too did not want me to take any pictures so I just had to sneak a good silly one in!

So those are my wonderful friends ....

after we ate we went back to Lisa's house and watched "40 year old virgin" I got her it for her b-day .... and may I suggest it ... it is funny as all get out!

it's a gotta see movie!

then we played "Disney princess gowns and crowns" and I won both games so the kids were mad at me .... they just called a little bit ago to apologize ... very mannered kids I tell ya!

I told Lisa Dejya wanted me to play that game and if I wouldhave said no .... I would have gotten the same reaction .... so it was a no win situation!

Have a great night all and I hope to be back her in this wonderful community soon! :(  I miss it dearly!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Update On My Mom!

I just wanted to let everyone know that my mom came home last night and she is doing much better!

Thank you everyone for all of your prayers!

I really appreciated everyone's comment so I'm not trying to put anyone in a corner of shame .... but a few really touched my heart!

As some of you know I do not get along very well with my parents as I have had a very rough past with them.

Well I should say my mom and her fiance .... because I have not seen or heard from my biological father since I was 5 as he was in prision from that time until I was in 10th or 11th grade and makes no attempt to know who I am now .... which can kind of be a good thing as i would be scared to death for the security and life around him!

That's why I listen to the song I am listening to now. (See now hearing section at the top) It's exactly how I feel about my father! I also tend to listen to Kelly clarkson "Because Of You" for 2 reasons ... one I love kelly, she's my favorite, I want to see her in concert .... and 2 it reminds me so much of my family from when I was growing up! Kelly touches me in every single song she writes!

But I can honestly say my mom and I have been "talking" the past like week or two and getting along! Our relationship will never be a strong close one though, because there are things that she has done to me that I can never forgive her for!

So moving on away from the broken hearted past!

My best friend, Lisa, is celebrating her 35th birthday on saturday .....

and man oh man did I spoil her with presents ....

which she always yells at me for!

I spent a crap load of money on her and her kids for christmas and their birthdays and I still here about it all the time ... her daughter's b-day was in november and her son's was in september (september 11th .... what a b-day ... he was celebrating his 1st on that tragic day)!

She knows about a few of her gifts but I just went and got her like 2 or 3 more tonight ....

so far I got her a pre-paid cingular cell phone (shejust wants it for emergencies .. no use of wasting money on a monthly plan), a pre-paid minute card for her cell phone, a set of lotion, body spray, and body wash of Bath & Body Works Black Raspberry Vanilla, I got her Eeyore pajama pants, Dr. Phil's Family First book (she's been asking for it forever .. they were out at x-mas), the  "40 year old virgin" dvd and I believe that is it! :)

And I'm taking her and her kids to olive Garden for dinner on sunday ... I have to work on her b-day! :(

I'll try my hardest to remember my digital camera to post pictures of the dinner! Then you'll finally be able to see my beautiful friend Lisa and her two wonderful children!

See is she not spoiled?

I think i tend to spend more money on others than myself ... and that's why I still live at home ... because I have a problem with spending my money that I am having trouble with!

I know I know ... my friends would rather me save my money to get my apartment than give them materlistic items .... but I just can't help it, i love seeing the smiles on their faces and I love giving .... I love donating money .... especailly to breast cancer awarness!


On work note ....

I had to make up a resume to give to my regional manager for me to get the manager's position ... which mind you I have not done one since I was in high school .... now I'm not saying that like I 40 or anything I'm just saying that's a long time for me to remember how to make one .... I graduated 4 years ago, and have not done a resume in about 4-5 years!

But needless to say, I completed my resume today and will fax it to my regional tomorrow!

For me to get it done my manager had to bring in a copy of hers for me to look at ... just to refresh my memory ... so I did it today on my day off!

YEAH! :)

I love the feeling of accomplishing a HUGE important task like that!

I feel relived and one step closer to being a more mature person!


Well I guess that's all I have to write about right now!

Thanks again everyone for your patience and prayers!

Monday, January 16, 2006

When life throws you a curve ball!

I am sad to regret that I will not probably be here the next few days ....

my mom is in the hospital, they say she has phenomnia and they have no idea when she will be home!

so I will be "babysitting" my brother the next few days until she gets out!

my brother is 13 but can not be left alone, so while I'm at work if he's not at school he has to go to work with my dad then when I get off my dad drops him off at the house and I have to watch him until my dad gets home from work!

I know that my mom and I are not that close but I don't wish for her to be in the hospital or dead ... so please pray for her to get better!

She used to be in the hospital almost every 3 months but she did improve a little and looks as if she is getting worse again, so please pray for her!

i know I keep saying I will get around to everyone's journal but then life keeps throwing me a curve ball .....

after all of this gets straightened out I have to get myself ready for my new position as the manager, so then I won't be around for a while until I get everything worked out and settled!

Please understand that I truly do want to come to everyone's journal .... I miss reading them I really do .... I feel weird like I'm not doing one of my daily routines by not reading them ....

please just stick with me and I promise I'll be around after everything gets situated .... as long as life does not throw me anymore curve balls!


Sunday, January 15, 2006

Thank You!

I am really thankful for all the love and support that all of you have given me!

Thank You!

Everyone here at J-Land has been really understanding and has still added love and support into their recipe!

Thank you everyone!

I really can't imagine not writing here in my journal and not being a part of this wonderful community!

Thanks again everyone, it really means a lot to me!

Friday, January 13, 2006

Updated journal List & Decision!

Well first of all I wanted to let everyone know that I updated my journal list ... there were a few journals that are no longer opened ... they closed when the advertisements hit .... I just never had time to update it!

I really didn't have time right now either but I figured I do it now and get it over with ... I missed 20 mins. of my show ... The Kings Of Queens ... ever see it? Well you should watch it .... it's funny! :)



I have been thinking and I really think that I am going to take the manager's position ....

NOW ....

Please realize if I do so, I may not be around here as often!

As our store seems to be jinxed with "NO SHOWS" and "CONSTANT CALL OFFS" and etc.

So please don't get mad if I don't visit as much as I used to before the holidays .... I know I still don't visit that often anymore ... sorry!

If I take the position I will be the manager as of the 1st of February!

Wish me luck in making the right decision! :)

I hope I really am doing the right thing here!

Have a great weekend all!

Thursday, January 12, 2006


I wanted to write an entry about this last night, but I fell asleep!

I was so tired that I went to sleep with the t.v. on and got up at 3 in the morning to turn it off!

Then I was going to write an entry this morning and I ran out of time!

So here I am writing about it now ....

I have been holding a secret from all of you for about a week now ....

are ya mad at me?


Will ya forgive me?

Good! :)

As some of you know where I work we have 2 stores and 1 manager!

Well my manager decided that she wanted to step down to be the manager of just one store!

Which leaves one store open for a new manager!

of course she picked to be the manager of store 218 .... not my store .... my store is 489!

Anyways, now to the "secret!"

Tammy told Lisa and I about it .... and she told us not to tell anyone .... it would be effective as of February 1st!

We would hold a store meeting on the last Sunday of the month to let everyone know!

Tammy had also told me that I was in the possibility section to be the new manager!

I know this is what I need ... and I used to think of my future as working up the ladder at this company!

My dream used to be a regional manger for this company .... then I thought about working in the head office in Dallas, Texas .... but now I'm not quite sure what I want from this company!

So Angela (Tammy's boss, the regional) came today to talk to me about it!

I was hoping she would not show up ... which Tammy & I thought she wouldn't!

But boy oh, boy was I wrong!

She said that she thought I was qualified for it and I was definitely an option!

However, she did keep repeating how much there were other options!

I almost felt like saying, "Do you not want me to be the manager? Because you are making it seem like you don't want me too!"

Now I have this huge decision to make and I'm nervous that I will make the wrong choice!

This was the secret that I accidently slipped out at the x-mas dinner .... thank god none of the girls heard me ... I would've been in some trouble there!

I had to write this .... I know it was probably not that interesting to any of you ... but I had to get it all out of my head!

I feel better having it out ... now I can think a little more! :)

Well I guess I better go make a decision!

Monday, January 9, 2006

X-Mas Dinner

I know I promised pictures of everyone I work with at the Christmas dinner .....

I took the digital camera and completely forgot to take pictures!

I walked in the house and then instantly remembered it!

I'm so sorry!

I can't believe I sat there for about 2 1/2 hours and forgot the whole time about pictures!

I didn't really have that much fun as I was expecting!

I blurted out a secret ..... I don't think any of the people that were not supposed to know heard me though!

My regional manager kept giving me a hard time!

She picked up my margarita glass and said, "It's okay, you had a couple of these in!" in a nasty way and slammed my glass down ......

I only had ONE freakin' margarita .... and I was NO WHERE near being drunk ... she is just always a BEEYATCH like that towards me!

I can't take it from her no more .... I'm about to tell her about herself too!

I'm ready to tell her if she doesn't change it soon I'm going to her boss!

She makes me feel like a huge screw up .... and I'm one of the best employees there .....

I'm not conceded or anything .... and those of you that have been reading for awhile know that I am VERY hard on myself!

But I know that I am good at my job!

I will have been there 2 years in June and have not called off once yet .... I've showed up for every single one of my shifts .... I'm very rarely late ..... and when I am it is only a few minutes ... nothing every major!

There were a few times that I came in at the wrong time because my schedule was changed a lot that week and I lost track of it all!

I actually find things to do when there are no customers ... I don't with my hands on my hips .... trying to look pretty!

I can put a box of shipment out in 3-4 hours .... by myself .... and that includes counting it .... even on the same days that I have to count gold chains/bracelets, diamonds, and anything gold over $149!

I do my job and do it very well!

I hate how she makes me feel though!

I've had about enough!

One can only take something for so long before they release how they really feel!

My store was in the #1 spot (out of 12 stores) for months upon months and she never recognized that .... but she praises exton mall and Jamie's store all the dang on time ..... for the littlest things too!

It drives me nuts!

But when I do wrong she is sure to rub it in and get all fissy about it!

Well I'm really sorry I forgot to take pictures ... I think I'm more upset than you guys will be about it!

Sunday, January 8, 2006

I've Been Tagged!

I've Been tagged by Linda ....

(I was tagged by like 3 people at once ... he he)

Here's How it Works:

These are the rules of the game: You must write a journal entry listing the 5 things that drive you CRAZY  ~ as well as the rules of the game... Then, you select five people to tag and link their names/journals in your entry... Go to their journals and leave a comment informing them they have been tagged by you and to read your journal to see in what way they have been nailed...! Those five then MUST write an entry listing What drives them crazy and tag an additional five people... 

1. Bad Parenting: Especially in public! I hate when babies have babies! I hate when parents have LEASHES on their children. I hate when parents take their anger (about anything) out on the child .... it is not the child's fault you spread your legs and 95% of the time didn't even use any birth control! I hate when people scream at their children, "STOP crying or I'll give you something to cry about!" Doing so is ONLY going to upset the child more!

2. Dishonest People: I hate liars and cheaters! Honesty is the policy! Being dishonest gets you NO WHERE! You may get away with it for a while ... but it will definitely come back to get you .... karma always does ... and once it does, you'll be sorry!

3. Highly Educated Jobs, Underpaid Employees: This hits home really hard because I used to work in a day care and with all the degrees I had and after 2 raises I still was only making $6.21 an hour! Nurses are also overworked and underpaid! How come? Those positions require so much education and dedication ... why are some of the most important jobs in the world underpaid? We could not do with out a lot of them so why is this so? This is why I stopped working in child daycare ... I get paid $3.00 more an hour to work in the mall!

4. High Maintenance People (Male or Female): I hate when people think that you MUST cater to them! I've noticed there are so many people like this since working in retail! People think I should constantly do for them and it may not be my job or they just want to be lazy! I hate how they look at you thinking, "Oh look at this LOSER, she works in the mall, she probably dropped out of school, has a shit load of kids and No life and no intentions of changing that! Watch me be a total bitch. There is nothing she can do about it either, I am a customer and she could lose her job over it if she does try!"

5. Partying: I hate parties ... I've never been to one because I think there is no reason for all the nonsense! What is the point? Everyone get wasted and have sex in weird places with people you don't know and do many other stupid things! I just think parties are a waste of time and life in general .... so many deaths occur because of parties .... drunk drivers that are under the age anyway that came from a party, people that left parties and done STUPID things killing someone ... the list goes on! It just does not make any sense to me!

My list of who I tag:

1. Nicole @ Just Silly Me!

2. Barbara @ Life & Faith in Caneyhead!

3. Christy @ Christy's Thoughts!

4. Emily @ Emily's Purple Pages!

5. Barbara @ Confessions Of An Angel Waitress!

Picking My five was hard ... sorry if I picked ya and you didn't want to do it ... I know I have not really been around to anyone's journals .... I'm working on that ... my alerts are messed up and I need to change my sidebar ... so please if you wantme to stop by soon just leave a comment and your addy! I should start back to normal readings and posting comments within the next week! Sorry it is taking me so long to get back on the game! When x-mas hits for me, so do birthdays!

Tuesday, January 3, 2006

More Pictures!

I was laying in bed exhausted as all heck and Smokey had come to join me in relaxing!

We layed there for a while watching t.v.

I went to take my necklace off so I didn't end up sleeping with it on and I was fiddling with it when Smokey caught interest in it!

I was just being plain silly so we played with it then I took it and put it around his neck!

Everyone said they were enjoying the pictures and I thought this was so funny and cute that I just had to share it!

Then I took it off and he decided he wanted to play with it more

Then once I took it away he expressed how mad he was at me!

I got up to put the camera and necklace away and I came back to find my bed was taken over by the exhausted cat that was just mad at me!

So I finally get him to move over and share the bed and he comes to cuddle up .... which he does a lot!

There he was trying to burying his head under my arm!

But now I must go!

I hope you enjoyed this entry!

Sunday, January 1, 2006

Cat Love!

I had to take pictures and share this with everyone!

I went upstairs this afternoon and found 2 things .....

Cuddles and Smokey in my parents bed all cuddled up .... yes they do this very often ....

but then I went to my room and found this .....


btw, that's my breast cancer throw  ...... which is warm as heck!

That's Cookie and Snowball sharing my bed!

There was lots of CAT love going around the house this afternoon!

Of course they were ALL boys ... not a single girl .....

the 3 girls were roaming the house all on their own!

I think our boy cats are GAY!

Whatta think?

(I can't believe I just said WHATTA)

Anyways, I am still working on getting pictures of other people!

I even took my camera with me the one day when Lisa & I went away ... but I knew she would KILL me if I snapped a picture of her .... I have to sneak one of her in somehow with the kids! :)

I think I'll get a picture of Tammy (My manager), Angela (My regional manager), Laurie (The seasonal associate, that I could NOT stand this year), and some other co-workers at our Christmas dinner Next Sunday!

Who else do you want to see?

My parents is going to be a really TUFF one to do ... they are not "just because" picture people .... my dad HATES pictures all together ... and usually my mom only takes pictures when it's like at wal-mart!

I will have to get a little memory card thing because right now my camera only holds 16 pictures!


I'll have to try to get one before the Christmas party!

So try not to get to upset if I don't have pictures until Sunday!







It is now offically 2006!

Time flies huh?


Be safe going home tonight everyone

and remember ....