Sunday, January 22, 2006

Beautiful Memories


Well I have a few things to write about tonight! :)

First of all today we had the meeting where the girls found out that Tammy was stepping down and I was stepping up to the managers spot and a few other changes and to address a few problems!

Latoya did say congrats to me after the meeting, but she also said something that made me feel very uncomfortable .... here's the conversation ....

Latoya: congratulations

Me: Thank you

Latoya: Your welcome

Heather: (arms crossed making a weird face) Humph ....

Me: What?

Heather: A manager? (in a tone of ... "HOW FUNNY ... when is the joke over?" .... I think there were some other words but I don't want to quote her if I can't remember it fully)

Latoya: Well now you have to be nice to her now, she's a manager (and then she said something about sucking up to me so she won't get in trouble)

Heather: No I don't, I won't be working down here, I'll be at the other store .... YOU have to work under her!

Me: Well thank you guys (as if trying to change the subject) I have to exchange some things before I leave and I want you to verify it so no one thinks I am stealing

I felt so uncomfortable with the whole situation because now what if Latoya really thinks she can "BUTTER" me up to get out of trouble ..... I guess I will have to keep an eye out for good applicants and cut her hours if necessary!

Angela did say she wanted me to set up a meeting soon to tell my girls kind of what my expectations were going to be as the manager now, so now the next few days .... once again .... I will be absent from this wonderful world that I miss dearly .... I have to make schedules (which I have NEVER done before although I know it won't be that hard)

When I do the schedules I want to do 4 weeks worth because my dad is going to Florida at the end of the month with my grandpa (my mom's step-dad) to visit my aunt ... yep the one I used to live with.

I also have inventory on 2/24 .... which means I must start scanning everything in the store starting the 20th! YIKES!

So please just be prepared for not to be around as much again ... I know I keep saying that I'll be around .... then something else comes up ... therefore I'm not promising it no more because I don't want everyone to think I am some liar that breaks promises ..... but I will try my hardest A.S.A.P.

On to other things....

I took Lisa and the kids to Olive Garden to celebrate her 35th b-day

So i took some pictures ... which was like pulling teeth from Lisa and Dejya ... but here they are .... my best friend and her wonderful children ....

drum roll please .....

thank you ....

Dontae ... being very impatient .. he was "HUNGRY" and wanted to sit right away and forget everyone that was there before us .... it was busy too!

Donate again .... he was getting upset that we still were not seated, so he stuck his tongue out at me!

Now here he was trying to get lippy here and I said, "Okay I'll just take another picture of you!" Dontae," No! (I snapped the picture) Oh man!"

Lisa reading the menu .... I believe it was the drink menu ... I can't remember!

She didn't want me to take any pictures of her so I had to sneak the first couple in! :) he he

Lisa drinking her Berry sangria (or something like that)

Lisa being sung to by the staff and receiving her cake .... which by the way she told me not to tell them to sing to her .... and I was not going to and I heard them sing to 2 other people and I love the little song so I told her too bad, I'm doing it! The seco picture I have of her receiving her cake will not upload ... sorry!

This is Dejya, the beautiful yet drama queen ... I still love her don't get me wrong ... but man is she ever a high maintenance girl! :)

This was her eating her mint ..... she was acting weird licking it like she had to savor it ... and she too did not want me to take any pictures so I just had to sneak a good silly one in!

So those are my wonderful friends ....

after we ate we went back to Lisa's house and watched "40 year old virgin" I got her it for her b-day .... and may I suggest it ... it is funny as all get out!

it's a gotta see movie!

then we played "Disney princess gowns and crowns" and I won both games so the kids were mad at me .... they just called a little bit ago to apologize ... very mannered kids I tell ya!

I told Lisa Dejya wanted me to play that game and if I wouldhave said no .... I would have gotten the same reaction .... so it was a no win situation!

Have a great night all and I hope to be back her in this wonderful community soon! :(  I miss it dearly!


mastersblynn said...

Sounds like a wonderful day.  You are a great friend and I am glad we are friends as well.  Kids will be kids, ya gotta love em...I think this is a law or something..LOL Barbara

therealslimemmy said...


chat2missie said...

I actually used to be a manager of a retail store myself in my younger days.  Set down the rules right away!!  The girls are no longer your friends, they are your employees.  Rember that, and you'll do a great job!  
Missie :)

xxroxymamaxx said...

Good luck on your busy week ahead.  The birthday party pics are fabulous.  Thanks for sharing.  GBU, Shelly

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Congrats on making manager.  Glad to see things are going good for you.  Take care and GBU TerryAnn.  

lici0uslatin22 said...

Hey Congrats once again.....  Beautiful Pics.. looks like they enjoyed it. ..  Take it easy w/your co wokers now that you are Manager they are going to try to act funny but what you need to do is show them that your Job is important..  Take Care Mari...

linnpooh said...

The pics are beautiful Theresa......I could feel your love for them right through the screen. It was nice to finally put their faces with their names. :)
Congrats again on the job....although I never doubted for a moment that it would happen for you, and this is just the beginning of wonderful things to come, your future is very bright.
I'm going to tell you right now though honey....your friendship with those girls is for all intense purposes over. They will secretly resent you for getting the job and resent you from going from their friend to their boss. They will expect you not to correct them...etc, and jealousy will rule their attitude, I've seen it happen over and over and over. Just becareful and remember to set the tone early, but also remember to get respect you must give respect. The trick will be finding the line that will allow you to do that while asserting yourself as their boss. It will be a tough adjustment.....but you are more than up to the task. Take a deep breath and remember what I have always said to you: YOU MATTER, so make every moment of each day...... everything you deserve.

Pooh Hugs,

sweetangelvoice said...

I really like your tags!

misscarberry said...

Love Sam xXx