Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Well things went back to normal today!

My dad went to work, Hunter, my mom, and I were home!

And because of that ....

The fights and arguments started again today!

My mom has a very short temper and has to have everything her way (just like my sister) or she gets pissed off and war begins!

And if she does something wrong, she finds someone to blame it on!

She never takes blame for her wrong doings ....

but now if she does something good, watch out she's taking the spotlight! (more than needed)

Well I stayed out of the fights, other than making sure the truth was told when my mom called my dad to tell him Hunter wasn't cleaning his room (but he was)

My mom LOVES disputes!

She lives for unhappiness in others!

She lives for people fighting and not getting along!

But she also yells and preaches to you that you two should make up ....

then the two will make up and she makes you hate each other all over again....

it's a vicious circle that you CAN NOT win with my mom!


Other than all that DRAMA, I layed around and did,


Well ...


NOTHING! Not a thing! Zip! Zelch! Zero!

Howgreat it felt to do so too!

I watched "Beauty Shop"


I think everyone should watch it!

It shows alot of positive attitude and teaches how to treat one another!

And how you should NEVER try to figure someone out!

Because you CAN be wrong!

That's why I (try, I'm not perfect, and it happens sometimes) NOT to judge or figure people out anymore!

Becuase I know there's NO set type of style, fashion, attitude, or etc.

Because EVERYONE is different ...

Everyone has their own style, fashion, and attitude!

And that's what makes every single one of you UNIQUE!


And there's NOTHING wrong with that!

If someone doesn't like your style ... tell them "We're all unique! And that means you! thank you for understanding my uniqueness! Have a great day and god bless!"

No need for all the hatred!

We have enough violence with the war!

Starting world peace one person at a time!

And you matter!

Have a UNIQUE day everyone!

(Sorry for all the preaching, I DO know that I'm NOT perfect)

Monday, August 29, 2005

YEA! It's working!

Okay my new computer is now up and running!

YEA!  <:-P

I just have a few things that I need to download and I'm finished!

Well I have off the next two days, so I'll work on it then!

I can't get over the fact that my parents have been nice to me ..........

and they even bought me something brand new, and it was over $10, and it was a COMPUTER!

I think my parents are sick!

My mom has been cooking dinner almost everynight!

And my dad ordered out last night, and usually when they order out, they never order me anything
(it was like that since I was like 15)!

I think they have changed because my brother is home!

Oh well whatever it is, I'm not complaining!

Although it does seem weird for them to be nice to me!

We were also sitting here reminiscing about when my brother was little!

He was about 2 or 3 and he couldn't say my name right. So he used to call me "her"

He would say, "Mom is her coming along?" "Mom can her take me to the park?" "Hey Her come here, mom wants you!" "HER! Where are you?" "Her will you play with me?" "I Love You Her!"

That's what he called me for a while, until he finally learned me name!

Well after dinner we were talking about it! So Hunter goes in to mom and says, "Mom is her coming to the park tomorrow?"

My mom just turned around and looked at me and started laughing!

I said, "remember when he was little and he used to call me that?"


I know how would have thought I would have a good memory with my family?


I do have a few! Not many ... but a few!


Well I'm getting tired!
Nite all!

New Computer

Well I might get behind on journals again because my daddy just got me a new computer yesterday .... I know it's weird, huh?

He hasn't bought me anything in like 3 years!

I was really shocked to hear him say he was buying me a brand spankin new computer because I wanted a new one and I couldn't afford one!

He said I was to give him my old one then .... but I also (somehow) talked him out of that too!

I told him I wanted to give my old computer to Lisa since she doesn't have one!

He was okay with that!

Anyways because my internet half works and everything is not together on my computer yet, it might be a few days until that happens, I might get behind in everything!

So I'm apoligizing ahead of time!


Saturday, August 27, 2005

Work again ... I know a subject you are tired of hearing about from me!


Well there's soooooooooo much going on at work right now, it's not even funny!

I'll sum it up in one sentence ...........

"Everybody is in everybody else's business!"

Everybody wants to know where Michelle is, is Michelle fired, why didn't Michelle show up, did you call Tammy, what did Tammy say, what's going to happen!

I feel like screaming "SHUT-UP! Mind your own business! You have enough problems with keeping yourself from getting in trouble so don't worry about her, worry about you! And you should be hoping she doesn't get fired ... because if she does that's more time for Tammy to focus on all the shit you do! DUH!"

So anyways, here's a breif overview ....

No one was supposed to know Tammy was at the beach (because when they know she's gone they act up like 2 year olds and do all kinds of crazy shit!) so only Lisa, Angela, and I knew!

Well somehow Stephany found out about it and once she knows something ... it's OVER!

So she called Tammy ..... and told her she found out about Michelle being in a rehab!

Tammy didn't even know that Michelle never showed up in the first place ... so why did she even stick her nose where it didn't belong?

Lisa, Angela, and I were handling it! (and she's not even management)

Well I won't get into the full story ... let's just say it created a lot of mess .... and it'll create more when Tammy comes back Monday!

So I'm preparing for a HUGE breakout on monday at work!

It's official ....... it's war at work!

Well my friend e-mailed me this joke and thought I would share it with you .....


4 catholic mothers are sitting down having coffee and discussing how important their children are. The 1st catholic mother says, "My son is a priest. When he walks into a room people say, 'Father'" The 2nd catholic mother says, "My son is a bishop. When he walks into a room, people say, 'Your Grace'" The 3rd catholic mother says, "Well, not to brag, but MY son is a cardinal, when HE walks into a room, people say, 'Your Emince'" The three catholic mothers look at the 4th catholic mother and say, "Well?" The 4th catholic mother says, "My son is a 6' 3, hard bodied, Chippendale male stripper. When HE walks into a room, people say, 'O MY GOD!!!'"

Friday, August 26, 2005

Update on Michelle!

Well I just got off the phone with Lisa!

She called me because she thought I worked this morning!

(but I don't go in until 12:30)

So she said she wanted to talk to me last night when she got home from taking her daughter to girl scouts ....

but they ate dinner and went to bed!

I went to bed early too!

Well anyways (the point Theresa, the point, sheesh .....)

She wanted to tell me that Michelle called her yesterday as she was getting ready to leave work!

Michelle is fine she is actually better than we thought she was ...

I'm glad to say she was in a alcoholic rehab!

Just what she needed .... her friends took her tuesday after work!

She said she understands if she lost her job ....

I don't know what they're going to do since she was in a rehab!

She told Lisa she had one of her friends call to tell us but no one answered the phone ...

which makes sense if they called when she was supposed to be there!

(she wasn't allowed to use the phone the first 24 hours she was there)

It sounds like she is really going to get her life back together!

She told Lisa, "this is something I had to do for myself"

I'm glad everything is okay with her and she is not lying in a gutter somewhere!

Maybe if she starts her life on the right track, she really won't want the alcohol!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

I might be leaving this crappy state! FIANLLY AGAIN!

Well I might be moving!

And when I move I might move out of state (again)!

I might move to South Carolina or Gerogia!

Or I might just stay here!

My friend Julie needs help getting her life back together and getting her feet back on the ground!

Julie is Alicia's (the one who passed away last month)

I know that Alicia would want this too!

She wanted me to move in with them before ... and my family actually wanted me to move home and wouldn't have it any other way!

It wasn't because they wanted me here ... it was because that wanted my money!

Since I've been here I've been depressed ... I'm never really happy!

I don't really have good days anymore!

I think this is affecting me at work!

Well anyways, Julie and I talked for about 4 hours (the time that I left my phone upstairs, I was on the computer talking to her, so I had no desire to go get my phone)

She was telling me how her and her girlfriend just broke up (which they were only together for about 3 weeks, she knew her for years though) She might have started going out with her before Alicia passed away ... I can't remember!

So she's moving in with her sister!

She's living in georgia right now and has been since about a month before Alicia passed away! But when she moves with her sister, she'll be living in south carolina!

Well, she said no one really wants to help her get herself together (family wise)

I told her I understood ... I mean look at my family!

So I told her that if she could get a job (steady income, even if it's mcdonalds) and saves up some money we can get an apartment together!

I thought she was going to have a heart attack when I offered this!

She said that it would be "GREAT!"

So I told her I can either move down there or she can come up here! I would leave it up to her!

I've always wanted to live down south!

That's where I want to spend the rest of my life!

I lived in Flordia for 9 months (july/03-april/04) ... and I had NO family down there (or friends) and it was like $1,200 a month for rent for an apartment ...  I had to come back home .. I couldn't afford it by myself!

Well I decided if I move somewhere, where the rent is about the same as here ... I can do it!

I want to be able to do it!

And if I keep thinking positive I will!

So keep your fingers crossed .... I want to move from here ... I hate this city, and I REALLY hate this state!

My life in the working world!

Well I really couldn't pick just one mood ... I have mixed emotions right now! (Excited, michelle doesn't work with us anymore ~ Concerned, that something bad may have happened to her ~ Angry, that no came into the store yesterday until 2 ~ Surprised and Thankful, that Melissa could actually work the extra hours ~ Exhausted, becuase of everything that's going on)

Okay let me give you an update!

Michelle never came into work again today! She was supposed to be there at 1:30 so I could leave at 2:00!

I'm not allowed to have overtime anymore! It costs the company too much money ... so whatever ... I guess I can respect that .... even though my manger rather me work knowing that her store will be in good hands and so on .... and half the time no one else can work ... like yesterday .. because they couldn't get ahold of me ... no one came into the store until 2! (now of course I feel bad, vecause I could've gone in!)

That's 4 hours of no business and our company gets a fine for opening late!

So anyways, I had already called my regional manager to ask her what I should do in case she doesn't show up! (now remember my manager is at the beach until monday) We got the schedule covered until Tammy gets back and she can work the rest of the week out! (our weeks run fri-thurs, I know wierd, but tons of companies do it differently)

Well I got overtime anyway because Melissa couldn't come in until 5:30 and since today is the last day of the week I couldn't change my time on any other day! So from 2-6 was O.T. BABY!


I wish I could work all day EVERYDAY ... not because of the money ... but because I love my job that much!

So I got 2 phone calls at 1:40 to see if she showed up ... Lisa the assistant from Piercing Pagoda, and Angela, our regional manager!

Well Lisa is scared that she wentpartying and something serious happened to her .. she thinks she may have been raped and killed ...

Shethinks that because of how much of a partier she is ....

It wouldn't surprise me if it did happen!

I don't like the girl but I hope she is okay!

I may hate someone REALLY bad .... but I would never wish anything bad on them ... NO MATTER what they may have done to me!

That's just not the way I am!

Please keep Michelle in your prayers and let everything be okay with her!

I hope that she just decided to quit and not come back ... and nothing serious happened!

So now when Tammy comes back she has to hire 2 key-sales associates!

My regional wants me to go recruiting! (so I think I'll do that tomorrow!)

I have to be there at 12:30 and Melissa is leaving at 1:30 so I have an hour to walk around and hand out applications and recruit from other stores!

Of course I can't do department stores like JCPenny or anything but I can go to places like New York & Company and The Limited and Bath and Body Works and so on!

Maybe I'll go in at 11:00 and do that on my own personal time!

It's going to be a rough next month ... that's about how long it will take for everything to get under control again!

So you'll probably hear me complaining a lot .. I'll apoligize in advance ... I'm sorry .... I know I'm a whiner!

Until Tammy hires and trains .....

Which Lisa and I will probably have to help train this time!

I HATE training ... but I will do as I'm told and I'll do anything I can to help out!


But once again I ask you to put Michelle in your prayers and let everything be okay with her!


Wednesday, August 24, 2005

It figures!

It figures that the day that I have off and decide to leave my cell phone upstairs .....

(because no one ever calls me anymore, or me call anyone)

..... is the day that I miss 4 phone calls ..... I was downstairs from 11:00-3:00

and when I went upstairs ... I checked my phone (as I'm doing so I'm thinking "I don't know why I'm checking, no one called, I lost the love that I used to have. No one calls me, and I don't call them anymore!"

Well I saw I had 4 phone calls ... I thought ... FIGURES the day I leave my phone 2 floors up, I get 4 phone calls ... and they were important!


Well the call log went *Piercing Pagoda (the other store that we are under the same management, and mind you our manager is on vacation) *ELizabeth (twice) * Piercing Pagoda

I already have problems where, I always think that I work, even when I have off....I'm always paranoid that they're going to call and say, "Theresa, you were supposed to open this morning!"

And I'll get a write-up ... and I check the schedule EVERYDAY... but I'm still paranoid!

Well then when I saw they called twice at between 11:15 and 11:30 ... I figured it was because I was supposed to open ...

They left a message .. and so did Elizabeth ....

Elizabeth's message was the first one ... (now keep in mind her store is right across from my stand)

"Hey Theresa, it's me Elizabeth! I'm here at work and your not! I'm just a little worried about you. I hope that everything is ok! Well if you get this message within the next 5 minutes you can call my cell phone ... but anything after that I'll be at work again ... right now I'm on the way to the bank! Talk to you later and I hope everything is ok!"

I thought "now why is she acting like I died or somehting .. just because I didn't come to work ... that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with me????? It just means I have a day off and she should know that ... I mean Michelle is there .. and there is usually only one of us there at a time ... unless it's a busy time .. but that's not first thing in the morning ...????? Why is she making such a big deal about me not being at work???"

So then I listened to Lisa's message ....

"Hey Theresa! It's Lisa! I'm suprised you don't have your phone on you ... that's weird! Anyways, I know you don't care and you don't want to hear this message, and I'm sorry I have to be the one to leave it. I know you said you don't care anymore but I was told to call you anyways and leave you a message! I know it's your day off and don't want to hear or deal with this becuase you don't care but I was informed to do so anyways! Well Michelle never opened the store! Remember she lost her cell phone and I don't have any other phone number for her. I didn't know if you had another number for her or not that I can call! Well I can't get ahold of any on else. So hopefully you'll get this message and you can come in! If I can't get ahold of anyone to come in Stephany is working at Express and she gets off at 2, and she's going to work down there until Melissa comes in at 5:30 and then come down here at 5:30 and close this store! But she's going to have to work in jeans and a tank top! Talk to you later and sorry to have bothered you on your day off!"

So as I ensured Tammy before she left for the beach that nothing would go wrong, that the store would be opened everyday with no problems, everyone will show up and no one will get drunk, piss behind a bush and get arrested and lose their keys ... it happened anyways!

It never fails!

I feel bad becuase I didn't have my phone on me ... but I thought well if anything was to happen with the store first thing this morning  ...... like the store not opening ... they would've called by eleven!

Well I was wrong!

But now from mall opening (which is 10) until 2 when Stephany got there ... we missed out on sales! Which on wednesday mornings it can be GOOD!

So now I'm REALLY pissed off!

But one good thing does come of this ....

Michelle is FIRED!

This is her 3rd write up!

Three write-ups and you're fired is our company policy ... and this is her 3rd and final write-up ....

which is the 2nd person within 3 days that got fired ... anothere girl didn't show up on sunday and she was fired!

Now Michelle ... and I think someone else is getting ready to quit!

And that's makes 3 people within a month (well a little over a month .. it's like a month and a week) that just got fired for not showing up!

So I know Tammy will not be too thrilled to have to come back and hire 2 more new people!

I'm glad she did tell us to put our "now hiring" signs up last week ... but the applications we got .... nothing to great .. I wouldn't hire any of them!

So that's how my day off has been so far today!

Nice huh?

This is usually how my days off end up being!

Not exciting at all!

Drama filled!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

My brother comes home!

My brother gets out of lock up next Saturday ... he comes home for good!

He's been in a home (because he's REALLY BAD) for almost a year ...

That's nothing compared to my sister though ...

she was in a home from 14 years old until she was 18 ...

and even then they put her into a rehab...

That's part of why my and my sister NEVER got along ...

But it's not my fault she acted the way she did, but she thought it was ...

I tried to help her, but she never listened to me.

Well I did the same thing for my brother, I tried to keep him from going into a home,

but like my sister, he didn't listen to me either!

Then he got put in a juvenile deliquent (I probably spelled that wrong) home!

Then he said, "Theresa, I should have listened to you!"

I said, "I just hope that you finally learned from all this and when you come home that you REALLY change this time. And not for a day, but  PERMENANTLY! It really makes me hurt and sad to see you like this, and you're only 12, what's going to happen when you're 25? Are you always going to be in jail? I hope not Hunter. It doesn't prove anything good at all! Please just promise me you'll get yourself together!"

He said he would ....

so we will see when he comes home next weekend!

I wish I would've known he was coming home sooner than a week, I would've taken off of work ....

I missed him soooooooo much ....

he's the ONLY family member that actually understands me and talks to me, and doesn't degrade me!

Even though he used to ... my parents used to make him .. and he thought it was alright because they did it .. but that changed when he found out I was moving 1,100 miles away and to come see me he would have to travel 2 days to get to me and 2 days to go back home!

Then I moved back home ... but we've been close ever since I moved to Flordia and moved back home (here in Pennslyvania)

I spoil him alot too! But I can't help it .. he's the only family member that I get along with .. other than my grandma .. but I don't see her that much! (nor get to talk to her)


I missed him so much that I went and bought him a gamecube game and a memory card for the gamecube (which I bought him not this past year, but the year before {2003} for christmas) ... he wanted the game when it came out, but I couldn't see spending $50.00 on it when it was not worth it ...

some of the games are.... this one was cool ... I've even tested it last night .... but it's not worth $50.00 .. I paid $20.00 for it .. and it came with a memory card, plus I bought him another one for $25.00

I even bought him his own body wash .... so he doesn't have to use my "girlie" body wash! (we share a bathroom ... my parents have their own)

I got him the softsoap men's active body wash .. it smells really good ... and he is going to be 13 december 1st, so he needs this stuff ... he already weras deodarant!

It feels like yesterday I was changing his dirty diaper .... (I practically raised my brother, my mom was too busy being sick or being into finding a boyfriend, or being just plain LAZY ....  and my sister {which is 3 years older than me} NEVER wanted to help with him until he was 2)

Oh My Gosh ... my brother is going to be a teenager in 3 1/2 months ...

I really am getting old! (j/k)

I'll be 21 a week after him ... (december 8 to be exact)!

I just can not wait for him to come home!

FINALLY I'll have a family member in my life!

Even though he irritates me some times by waking me up at butt crack of dawn playing his video games ... and he doesn't want to turn it down or wait until a decent, respectful time to play!

But other than that I love him to death!

I can't expect a perfect relationship with any family member ...

but compared to the rest of my family .... He is perfect!

I love him soooooooooooooooo much!

(I know I already said that I don't know how many times)

Well I better get ready for bed  ... I have to open tomorrow and do a FULL STORE COUNT!

Which by the way .. they e-mailed us at the store and said now we also have to count gold rings and birthstone jewelry .. we might as well just count EVERYTHING and get it over with (it is after all called a full store count) ...

The only things we don't count are stainless steel jewelry and Italian charms!

We count everything else ...

which I think now comes out to about 15 counts I have to do EVERY monday morning ...

I hope they give us some slack at christmas tme like they did last year

(even though they only gave us slack in december ... we still had to count in november .... just not december .. the only count we did in decmeber was $149 + twice a day, and every gold chain on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays, and diamonds we also did on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays!)


Saturday, August 20, 2005

What does your name mean?


T is for Trustworthy

H is for Happy

E is for Edgy

R is for Refined

E is for Enchanting

S is for Sweet

A is for Adventurous


M is for Misunderstood

A is for Astounding

R is for Romantic

I is for Impressive

E is for Earnest


M is for Magical

I is for Impassioned

L is for Luscious

L is for Loud

E is for Extreme

R is for Revolutionary



Here's the linky to found out yours .....

Pictures of my ear piercings!

Well I said I would take pictures of my ear piercings ... so there they are!


The one in the middle of my ear (5th hole) is the one I got done yesterday!

I was trying to take pictures of my new necklace too ... but my webcam sucks ....

I'm trying to buy a digital camera next month ..... HOPEFULLY!

Well anyways enjoy the pictures!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Oops, I forgot ....

I forgot to tell you .. I couldn't get my ears pierced yesterday because my manager wants to ring us up from now on! So, since she was off, I had to wait until today to get it done!


I got it done ... I'll have to take pictures before I go to work tomorrow.

I can't right now because I'm getting ready to go to bed ... and I'm lazy!

So I didn't really spend alot at the mall yesterday (not as much as I was afraid I would, I should say) ... I'm very proud of myself ... we even went to the outlets too!

While we were at the mall, I stopped in to see Meggan .... which I should not have done!

But I can't change what's already done!

I can only move forward!

There are so many things going on that I would like to write in here .. but I don't want to make it long and boring, plus I'm tired!

SO I'll leave it at that ...

Good Night all!

What a life I lead!

So I'm blessed (not really) to have the most UNWANTED families EVER!

I was on the phone with Elizabeth, and whenever I talk on my cell phone I usually go out back (unless I'm in my room), and I usually take Tabby out with me!

So Elizabeth called and I took Tabby outside with me ... we were out there for about 25 minutes and she wanted to come in because "DAD" was home!

So I brought her in!

Well about 2 minutes of being in, she pissed on the carpet ... well here comes the part that makes me the depressed person I am ....

My mom's "fiance" says, "WAY TO GO THERESA!"

I said, "What?"


"What are you talking about?"


"Oh my gosh, as you saw, I JUST brought her back in the house, we were outside for 20 minutes!"


Now this is the person that said about maybe 2 days ago that we only need to sit out there with her for about 20-25 minutes ....

But now all of a sudden that's NOT good enough!

AND she pissed because she got excited because he was home ... and she wouldn't stay out back because HE came home and she wanted in!



I hope to god, that I can SOON get my spending problem under control and get the hell out of this place ... because I'm not sure how much more I can take of them degrading me, and telling me everything that goes wrong is my fault!

How can I control the dog's bladder?

I can't ... but for some reason they think I can!


Did I mislead them somehow?

I just wish that my biological father NEVER would've done what he did so he would've never had to go to jail .... it would've saved me SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much heartache and problems in life!

My mom would not have beaten me when I was growing up, I would not have been so depressed about NOT having my dad in my life, and so on!

Because of what he did though ... I'm scared to meet him now .... I'm scared that if I do, it'll cost me my life!

I wish that I could have had just A LITTLE less problems in my life ... I'm not asking for a "PRINCESS" life or anything ... just not as many problems ... maybe just some parents that Love me for me, and treat me like they love me, parents that would be PROUD of what I have accomplished or NOT for that matter, or just even make me feel WANTED and WELCOMED in their lives!

I mean, it's not like I do extremely BAD things ...

I was arrested once for one of the most lamest things EVER (on top of bad luck)

(I just happened to go into a parking lot and wait for my friend's to tell me where we were all going to meet and the cops pulled in RIGHT after us ... I didn't see the "private property, No tresspassing sign" SO we ALL got arrested and a fine [which depended on our age, I was the ONLY Juvenile])

I don't do drugs (unlike my sister does)

I don't drink (AT ALL) (unlike my sister does)

I don't party (unlike my sister does)

I graduated and started college (lunike both of my siblings)

I never got suspended in school (like both of my siblings were)

I was NEVER put in a home (like both of my siblings were)

So why do I get treated like crap?

Why do they get treated like ANGELS?

I just don't get the whole parenting thing ......

in which is why I won't have ANY kids ...

and if for some odd reason it does happen ....

they will NOT be a part of their lives!

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Okay I had to rush getting ready for work so I could write before I leave today ....

After work Elizabeth, her sister, her sister's friend, and I, are going to Park City Mall. WHOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Oh and I'm getting my ears pierced after work .... yea I know again!

I'll have 6 holes in each ear!

I'm getting my half way point pierced .... I'll have to take pictures and show you!

Maybe while I'm at Park City I'll stop in Foot Locker and say "Hi" to Meggan ... then again maybe I won't because she'll probably be busy!

I figure out when I get there and see how busy it is!

So I'm off to work now and have one funfilled day!


Wednesday, August 17, 2005

My usual boring life

I haven't wrote in here since sunday ... wow!


I haven't had time!

I had to open the past two days ....

So when I do that I usually don't get home to later.

Well monday Elizabeth came over and asked me to pierce her ears (now remember we haven't talked in MONTHS) ...

(here's the entry of what happened last between us ...

and of course I said I would!

(did you think I would turn down business, just because we were  not talking?)

So while I was piercing her ears we talked about our lives and how we should start talking again....

Which oddly enough I had been thinking of talking to her and solve our problems ... even if we didn't talk afterwards ...

I figured if I could do it with Meggan, I could diffently do it with Elizabeth (even though we went longer without talking) ...

and it just all happened so fast.

Next thing I know, she LOVED her piercing ...

then she asked me when I got off to walk down to "E B Games" with her ...

Well, I got off and walked down with her, and we strolled in a few other stores as well ...

Then we went to "Ruby Tuesday" and sat down for dinner

and we talked about what happened between us, and we talked about what has happened to us since we last talked!

It really was nice.

Yesterday we both opened (she works at "5-7-9" which is right acrossed from our kiosk)

She would come out frequently and chit chat for about a minute then return to work (like old times)

Afterwards, we went to "Pizza Hut" (she works there part time on Sunday's)

and we ate pizza, breadsticks, and cinnamon sticks

well we (or should I say, I) ate one cinnamon stick

I brought the rest home and the last piece of pizza


So I hope we can move forward and forget about the past ...

now the rest of the people I'm not talking to .... let's just say it's going to stay that way!

Nothing else really happened in my boring life the past 2 days ...

but those 2 days were "A LITTLE" exciting!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

A dedication to someone who has been through thick and thin with me!

I said for the next week I would dedicate an entry everyday to someone who has made a HUGE impact on my life!

Today's entry goes to my dear friend, Lisa!

I met Lisa when I was in high school and her daughter was in the preschool center we had for the students studying "child care" and yes that was ME!

Well we never really talked then, other than, "hi, how are you today." and the rest of the usual things.

Well when I moved home from Flordia, I needed a job obvisously. Some girl I also knew from high school was working at Plumb Gold!

She said they were hiring and gave me and my sister and application!

Finally a month or so later, Tammy called me, asked me to come in for an interview. She gave me a card with a number on it. I had to take AND pass this phone test. After I took the test I was to call the store and let her know I was finished. She said I could take it when I was comfortable taking it.

I went straight home and took the quiz and passed and that's how I got the job that I soon found Lisa working at as well!

Well, I knew I rememebered her from somewhere but couldn't think of where or how until my friend Andrea (that was in child care with me in high school) and told me and I was like, "Oh yeah!" (DUH)

Well we became really close! She was sad when she found out that we wouldn't really see each other because I was becoming the Assistant Manger for Plumb Gold.

Well that didn't mean anything! We started hanging out, outside of work and became REALLY close!

Everytime we go out somebody thinks she's my mom! She is not quite old enough to have a child my age ... unless she had them when she waas around 13 or 14 years old!

Her daughter didn't remember me from school! But 'til this day, her kids love me and I love them dearly!

As a matter of fact her daughter asked me last night if we were all going together to the fair (it's less than a month away). And when I told her I didn't know, because me and her mom would have to have off the same day, she almost starting crying, she said, "Theresa, I want you to come with us all to the fair." I said, "I do too!"

Her son, which is 4, says that I'm his girlfriend. And once he grows up, he's going to make lots of money to get me and his mommy anything we want!

From time to time her kids will call me their mommy! Lisa always says, "YEAH! Take 'em home with you."

Of course she doesn't mean it ... she's just kidding!

Lisa and her family has helped me TREMENDOUSLY throughout all kinds of tough times!

There are WAY to many to list, but one that I will never forget is her taking me, almost a month ago, to say my final goodbye to Alicia!

Lisa, her mom, and Lisa's kids, have seen me go through so much stuff that it's almost unreal!

Her family not only seen me go through it but they've helped me as well!

I wish she had a computer and the internet to see this, but when I told her about how I was dedicating today's journal entry to her last night, she said that she wanted me to print it. I told her that I would be glad to.

She was honored to hear that I was dedicating an entry to her where lots of other people could see, even if she couldn't!

Thanks Lisa & family for helping me through all the times I've had to go through in the past year and some odd months!

And thanks for taking me into your family! It really has made a difference!

I love all of you! You will always hold a very special place in my heart!

My Angel!

Well today wasn't such an exciting day.

I did nothing but played games on my computer or watch t.v.

I mainly played games!


I wanted to do something SO bad .... but I didn't!

Well, I did talk to 2 of my friends online today......

I also showed them the ring I got in memory of Alicia.

It's a black onyx ring with an angel holding a star that is a diamond!

I said that since she was the ONLY person to pass away that I knew, she's my guardian angel, and that this ring is her, I wear it everyday, and plan to from now on (except when sleeping).

I kiss it (I know how corny, but she was my girl and I miss her dearly) and I look up and tell her that I love her and I miss her!

I got it online at one of those auctions (not ebay, and I'm not telling where either, Lol)

Someone was trying to out bid me and I was just not having it.

I ended up paying $32.00 for it!

Here's the picture of it ....

I also got these things .....

   Red ruby claddaugh w/diamonds!

 My birthstone! Natural Blue topaz w/diamonds!

 My birthstone again! Now this one is sky blue topaz w/diamonds!

 Earrings with my birthstone! Sky blue topaz as well w/tiny diamonds!

 Again, my birthstone! I normally don't wear silver though! But it was gorgeous so I had to have it ... as a matter of fact I'm wearing it now ... it's the only silver thing I have on!

I'm actually wearing all of it except the earrings. And I have on the rest of my rings, my 2mm cz earrings in my cartlidge (just so it don't grow closed)my anklet that says "princess"  and only 3 of my bracelets .. I was REALLY lazy today.

I didn't even do my makeup!

I just threw my hair up with a clip!

So that's about it!

Have a great evening everyone!

I'm going to try to go to bed and get some sleep ... I was up almost every 2 hours! I felt like someone was in my room and watching me!



Saturday, August 13, 2005

It's official!

Well today my regional manager visited our store. She said we were getting a name change ..... I said, "yeah, I figured. I got a phone call yesterday from ____________ ."(the people that make our kiosk) She said, "Yeah, I got a phone call after I left her yesterday."  When she came with our director of stores!

So my regional said that most likely we won't be getting a new kiosk, just repairs and a name change! But with the name change, our business will increase dramtically! Because of people knowing the name "pagoda" and not that "plumb gold" is the same. Now with "pagoda" in our name people will know who we are and we'll do better in business all around .... especially in piercings!


I also was thinking while I was at work today! This WHOLE week, I will dedicate one entry to one person who has made a difference in my life, whether it be online or in person!

(click here for today's dedication)

Then starting in September, I will recognize somebody every week, that has done something incredible for me.

Well I can't keep my eyes open much longer ... GOTTA GET SLEEP!

Tears falling down .....

This entry is in response to a comment that was added to yesterday's entry ......

This entry is dedicated to "linnpooh" .... here is what she had to say ....

I thought my weight loss was the highlight of my day, but I was thrilled when I read your entry. I'm so happy that you worked things out with Meggan...I prayed very hard that things would go in a positive direction for you. I'm so proud of the way you handled this knew this was something you needed to fix, you thought it out and followed through! You deserve to be happy like this...and it has absolutely the best moment of my day to see tht you were. What can I say...I kinda feel like you're my adopted daughter! :)
Wow, about your visit from Caroline! I knew you didn't have anything to worry about and that she would be very happy with the job you have done, why wouldn't she be? I'm so impressed by your work ethic and responsibility, not just everyone is blessed with those qualities and I'm very sure they will take you very far. We own a store and my husband is always looking for people like you...they are very hard to find. You are awesome and don't you forget it!
It is also great news about your Kiosk getting a remodel & upgrade. I could feel your excitement all the way here in Michigan! Isn't it the best feeling when something we have wanted finally starts to materialize? I have no doubt that you will make it the best Kiosk in the mall and the best Piercing Pagoda that the company has!
I think your thoughts about your employees at the store are 100% right . Your sense of how things should go at a place of business is very intuitive. I'm so proud of the maturity and assertiveness that you show as a manager, you are doing things right, so don't back down.
Well, this day was a perfect start to your weekend, huh? I hope the rest of it keeps unfolding is a positive nature. Don't let anyone make you feel "less than" honey, okay? If they try, you tune them out and rise above it, because you are! Remember you have me in your corner and I'm routing for you. I'm always just an e-mail away......
Pooh Hugs,
Linda.....AKA "Mom" <hehe&g

When I read this, this morning I instantly started crying. Reading this ensured me that I would have a great day today,knowing that I'm actually wanted in someone's life AND family!

She felt the happiness in me from my day ... and I DIFFENTLY felt the happiness in her yesterday ... heck  cried (of joy) when I read she lossed weight!

It hurts knowing that  NONE of your family wants you to be a part of you. They wish you would just dissappear .... then when you have somehting they want, they want to act like you 2 have been close all your life.  They are two-faced and Indian givers .... but I've grown to accept it due to having to deal with it all my life. My mom talks BAD about me all the time to my neighbor, which used to be my friend, and my mom doesn't think I hear her. I stopped talking to my neighbor because she was telling my mom everything, even things I didn't do, and she would make them out to be bad! She turned my mom even MORE against me!



But enough of the sadness, I could say all kinds of things about my family life, but I'll stop it there ....

Thanks Linda for the comment, it REALLY brightened my day! Making me feel like I was actually wanted and worth something!


Have a great day everyone and I hope everyone has good relationships with their family members!

Friday, August 12, 2005

Meggan's response, Director of stores visit, gossipers, & upgrade!

Okay, I have alot of things I want to let loose that I need to get off my chest! 3 of these topics made my day, one of the best in FOREVER! 1 pisses me off!

Well everyone knows that I wrote Meggan a letter yesterday, well I delivered it to her house around 9:00pm last night .... I was so nervous and scared. I was praying she wouldn't be there ... or her sister. So when we, (I made Lisa come with me), pulled up I looked for her and her sisters car. THANK GOD! They were not home ... I figured Meggan was at work, and her sister was at her boyfriend's house, but I was still scared!

Well, I put the envelope on her little welcome sign on her door and jetted out of there .... just in case!

I was timing her .... I figured she got off of work around 10:00pm and would get home about 10:30-10:45pm and until she read it, she would call around 11:00-11:15pm .... Well she called at 10:46pm .... better than I thought! Well I was scared and wishing Lisa was with me to support me ... but of course she was at home! Well I debated on answering the phone .... well I said in the letter I hoped that she would respond ... and she was ... so I answered ... then I thought, darn it I should have left her leave a message and called her back! Well she voiced her feelings .... and I voiced mine and we moved on .....

Just a little side note: Never hold your feelings in too long .... it creates more problems then if you solve them as they appear .....

But we talked for an hour and a half! So I'm glad it's over FINALLY!


Now for the BIG visit .....

Caroline visited today .... she was really nice! She only stayed for like 20 minutes then she left. She introduced herself as soon as they walked up ... which I thought she would have just cared about the manager and not me the assistant ... I felt very important! She walked up and said (with a HUGE grin), "Hi, Theresa, I'm Caroline! It's nice to meet you!" I replied, "Thanks, it's a real pleasure to meet you to. Sorry my hands are a little dirty, I was dusting!" She started laughing and commented, "Oh that's ok!" Then she came in and started changing things ... I love changes (at least almost all of them)! Every change she wants done, I'm totally feeling! I love all the ideas to cleaning up she gave us! Well then she looked at me and said, "It was really nice meeting you Theresa, Is there anything to help you sell better?" I responded, "Nothing that I can think of, other than what we already discussed." She said, "okay, and keep up the good work, the store looks great!"

That was that ... all that stressing out for NOTHING ..... it went sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than I thought, and she only stayed 20 minutes!


Now for Gossipers!

There are quite a few people I hate at work ... why? They don't do their job .... and they're always causing problems including drama with their gossiping!

Well I've had about enough ... I'm going to tell the 2 girls at my store ... "I don't want to hear anything about your personal life anymore because it's interfering with work. And I don't want to hear about anything they have to say anybody else there at the store! The only conversation I want to have with anyone here is about the store (not the people at it), and about the jewelry. NOTHING ELSE!" I don't even want to hear them complain about having to be there or them being sick! It's causing toooooooooo many problems, and I don't want to be involved!


Now as for the upgrade!

Around 4:00pm the phone rang, and of course Michelle ran for it ... whenever she works I don't even attempt to answer it, and she ended up handing the phone to me. Right before she handed it to me I heard her tell them, "Hold on, let me give you to my assistant manager, I don't really know anything about that."

I'm going to be honest, I thought it was a customer issue and she didn't want to take care of it, so she was going to give it to me, as if I can say anything different than she can!

Well it wasn't!

It was the people that make our kiosk! I was a little confused and wondering what they needed! Well, she started saying all kinds of stuff and I could only hear half of it! It sounded like she was saying something about a remodel ... that's right, us kiosk people get remodels too! Well I have been wanting a remodel for my store since probably before christmas. Well, she started asking what kind of shape all kinds of things were in! Truthfully, everything is in desperate need of new EVERYTHING, at least I think!

So I asked her, I said, "Are we getting a remodel?" Well, she said, "They're thinking about converting you to a Piercing Pagoda +!"

OH MY GOSH! I thought I was going to fall to the floor! An remodeled kiosk AND a brand upgrade!

Here's the info. on why that's so exciting:

Ok, right now we are "Plumb Gold" It's the same company as Piercing Pagoda, but a different end of the mall and different name. That's it!

But Piercing Pagoda has more of a reputation ... a lot of people know more about Piercing Pagoda than knowing that we're the same thing, just different names.

Sometimes Piercing Pagoda gets more of a selection of jewelry and signage ... Everybody thinks they're better than us!

Well Piercing Pagoda + is pretty much the same thing as Piercing Pagoda, only sometimes it has more selection and it's a different name, so we can have 2 Piercing Pagoda's in 1 mall!


I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited! They better not change their mind ..... we need it and we deserve it! We made our year (our fiscal year ends 7/31, new year starts 8/1), my store came in first place in our region which has 12 stores, we doubled what the store in second place did ... they were + like 1.83% .... my store was + 4.44% ..... OH YEAH!

We strive for and drive the business in! We do what we have to do! Well, even though the girls that are there were not there the whole year, one kinda was (she only works 2 days a week, but she USUALLY does what she has to, to make the day, she has worked there 6 years off and on)!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

My Letter to Meggan ... Watch out it's long!



I know I said that maybe we shouldn't talk anymore, but I was really frustrated at the time. You really hurt my feelings, not only that day, but for the past like month and a half ... I was holding all of it in though. I didn't know how you would take it. I mean look at how you reacted when I told you I thought you were acting weird, you thought I was kidding! Only to find out I wasn't kidding. I still thought even after we talked that night about it, that you were still acting weird. I felt like you would think that I was stupid or something for saying that you were acting weird. But the truth is I told everyone you were my best friend, I thought you were. But then again I know I have a tendency to think people are my best friends only to find out 2 weeks after I say that ... that we don't talk anymore. But that's not the point, the point is I also thought that you hated me, hated talking to me, hated being near me, and hated having to be my friend. I felt like I was clogging your life up with too many of my problems, so I decided to stop letting you in, to stop confiding in you, stop telling you all my problems, and asking you for help. Why? Because I didn't think you wanted to hear or help me with it anymore, I felt like you were sick of it, and you were looking for a way out. I felt like you thought that I wined too much, and I probably do, but I don't know how to deal with all the problems in my life, in which most of the problems are my own that I created. But that's why I needed you, my friend, to help me, support me, guide me, and just be there like friends are supposed to. I just felt like I was leftovers from when no one else was around, you called me. I felt like I wasn't worth your time, that I wasn't good enough for you, that everyone was better than me. How did I get that feeling? Easily! Whenever we would be on the phone and someone else would call you would say, "hold on!" or you would say "hey, (so and so) is calling. Let me call you back." Or "hey (so and so) is calling, have a good day (or night) I'll talk to you later." If you said hold on, I would be on hold for like 3-5 minutes, then you would say let me call you back, or have a good day (or night). I would try to stay up and wait for your call, but I would get so tired or just so frustrated that I just wanted to go to bed and sleep it all off.  So one of the following would happen, I would text you and say, "hey, I'm tired so I'm going to bed, have a good night" or you would text me and say "Sorry I just got off the phone, I'm beat, I'm going to bed, talk to you later" or when I text you and told you I was going to bed you would wait like an HOUR and by then I was sleeping, and then you would would say "Sorry I just got off the phone, I'm beat, I'm going to bed too, talk to you later" ... which in my view, if you really wanted to talk to me, you would've called me before you went to bed. Maybe split the time up, talk to the other person for a little longer than call me, but maybe I'm asking too much, maybe I was being greedy! There were many of those times when you cut me off, that I was in the middle of venting about something. I mean I understand that sometimes, you get caught up and when you finally get off the phone you want to go to bed, but it would've been nice if when i was upset about something you could have acknowledged the fact that I was upset and that I needed you to listen or maybe even give a little advice. I thought that's what friends are for. Lisa has been the only one that I could actually talk to about everything, including the feelings I was locking up about you. She was the one that took me to say my final goodbye to Alicia. You said you would take me to the viewing, then 10 minutes later you were on the phone talking to "rigatoni" and you were making plans to go bowling the same night of the viewing, which if you wanted to do fine, but then maybe you shouldn't have offered to take me. I didn't call you and ask you to take me because it was your day off and I felt like I was bothering you with something you didn't need to be bothered by. Therefore, I didn't call and ask you. Then to top it all off, you didn't even contact me that whole day to see how I was doing, with knowing that I had to go say my final goodbye to Alicia that day. Then I ignored your text messages because I was too upset to even deal with it. There were many of times that I ignored your calls or text messages. I didn't know how I could express what I had to say, so instead I just blew it off. Speaking of expressing feelings, I remember you were the one that said I shouldn't let people walk all over me and should tell them how I feel about the way people treat me, express how I feel about things. Well when I did exactly that with you, well let's just say that was the last time we talked. You wanted me to go out to eat and I told you that I didn't feel comfortable going, because you had been paying for everything that we had been doing lately. But you insisted that I went, and I almost gave in just to make you happy, but then I thought of 2 things that changed my mind and so I kept with how I felt. First of all with the way you were acting, did I really want to go out to eat with you. I would have been unhappy the entire time. Second reason was, you were the one that told me not to do (or even attend) things that I feel uncomfortable doing. I mean, you were the one that told me that I shouldn't have gone to Elizabeth's birthday dinner, because I didn't feel comfortable and didn't have the money too! REMEMBER! But I guess you can't handle it when it's dealt to you, it's like that saying goes, "You can dish it, but you can't take it!" Well that's how I feel about this! I'm not saying that's how you are about everything, but I do about this advice that you gave me! Sorry! Another thing that bothers me is that when we did hang out the past month or so, you were ALWAYS on the phone with someone.

Normally you know that I wouldn't mind, but, I started minding when it came an ALL the time ordeal! I don't know if you realized it or not, but I did! I really started feeling like I meant nothing to you. Then as if that wasn't bad enough, I felt that I was being blown off for everybody (anybody) else, anyone that wasn't me.

Now I do want you to know that I'm not asking for all your time, but if I'm your friend, then I think that I deserve a little more respect and time when I need someone to talk to. I'm asking that you don't blow me off, make me feel useless, or unwanted! I have enough of that just from my family, I don't needs friends like that! That's why I've gotten rid of a lot of my friends! One more thing that has recently bothered me .... I asked you I don't know how many times to go to the movies with me, AND I would PAY for you, because I know you hated spending $8.00 on a movie! I asked you I don't know how many times to go see "Wedding Crashers" and you wouldn't go .... then you tell me you and a couple other people from Foot Locker were going to go see it, that made me very upset, then I really started feeling like I meant nothing to you, that I wasn't good enough for you. I started thinking the only people that was good enough for you were the people that worked at Foot Locker! Then as if doing it once wasn't enough, you told me you were going again with them .... and you did it before and never told me about it! So obvisoulsy it's not that you don't like to go to the movies or pay for it, because that's 3 times you have went now since I've known you, and neither of those three times were with me!

Normally I would call and talk but you know I'm a very emotional person, I cry about everything. I couldn't call because I knew I would start crying before you even picked the phone up! Heck, when I got off the phone with you last wednesday (the last time we talked), I bawled for about a 1/2 hour! I have been crying alot at the fact of how our friendship turned out!

I spent about 75% of my day writing this letter, so I hope you take the time to read and respond to this letter!


I also want you to know that I do appreciate everything that you have done for me. Whether I asked for it or not. I don't want you to think that I've never appreciated anything you've done for me!


Good Morning ... I'm Rude, now wake up and deal with me!

I got the pleasure of being waken up by my store calling me .... I thought I was late for work, I kept thinking, "Darn it, I thought I had off today!" .... but I wasn't late, I do have off .... Melissa was having trouble with a customer, so she called me and said she couldn't explain something to the customer for her to understand.

She asked me to get on the phone and talk to the customer .... she knew I was half asleep ... therefore it wasn't good for me to talk to a customer over the phone ... things could be said that may be wrong .... or I might just get rude .... So I talked to Melissa trying to figure out what was going on until I woke up .... Melissa aksed, "please talk to her and see if you can explain it better than I can!" I replied, "Well, wait a minute! What am I trying to explain to her?"

Melissa must not of understood that I meant I was really confused ... DUH, I was sleeping .... and she just kept saying .... "Here talk to her!" I can't talk to her and tell her what's going on if YOU don't tell me what's going on ... (customers don't understand some things that we have to explain to them, therefore, I (or we) have to explain it to them until they do) .... but I need to know what I'm explaining to her!

Now after she woke me up I finally told her to put the customer on the phone (because I could hear her in he background getting loud and very rude) .... well the customer gets on the phone .... and I'm trying to be as nice as possible ... and I tried to explain to her what was going on (with me not really knowing what was going on)! Well she even said she wasn't going to shop with us anymore and that she has 3 daughters that buy alot from here, and that we would loose all their business!

Well I told her I'm sorry that you're going to stop shopping here because of something that totally makes sense ... even though it's not what you want to hear!

The customer received a $25 coupon for spending $50 or more last month sometime .... and it is ONLY a coupon, not cash, not a gift card, not a gift certificate, nor is it store merchandise credit!  It's merely a coupon, which like all other coupons, you can NOT redeem for cash, gift card, gift certificate, or store merchandise credit!

Well that's exactly what this lady wanted ... she wanted to exchange something, but she wanted cash for the discount she received from the coupon! Well I told her she couldn't do that, and she asked why. I simply told her it stated that on her coupon that it's not cash nor redeemable for cash!

Anyways, I finally got the lady calmed down and she was pleased to hear that I told her if she got something of the same value she wouldn't have to pay for it .... DUH!

Melissa was trying to tell her that same thing!

But instead they woke me up and I got the pleasure of dealing with the problem. And I couldn't go back to sleep because I was on the phone with them for about 15 minutes. And Melissa said she would call me back!

So that's the start of my day off ... and remember I said I was writing that letter to Meggan today, and taking it to her house! Yeah, now I'm not sure how the rest of my day is gonna go! I hope much better!

She's what? 1 1/2 days to go! And also, Meggan!

Ok with everything that's going on .... I really don't need anything added on to it! Well Michelle (which I posted about her before ... like 2 or 3 entries ago) .... met a new "friend" this weekend while at work ... it's a story of it's own ... but we won't get into that!

Well her new friend came up to me and asked me for some "FREE" jelwelry... was he kidding, because I hope so! I looked at him with this "are you serious?" look, and simply said, "NO!" He had asked if Michelle was working and I said no she had off for the night (not knowing she was working down at the other store at the other end of the mall ... we have 2 stores in the mall {Piercing Pagoda & Plumb Gold} with one management and one staff)! Well he asked some irrelavant questions ... and then it comes ... the thing that has been circling in my mind ... especially since she started doing counts and did her first 2 in a row and when I came to count monday I was missing a diamond! Yeah I freaked out and I called my regional to let her know that I knew something was missing .... we count our dias. (diamonds) 3 days a week (mon, wed, & fri) so it's easy for me to notice when it's missing ... since we can also track what we sold. Plus since we're not a high class jewelry store ... just a kiosk in the middle of the mall .... something like that is major! We have things that cost more than that but it's still BIG!

Well anyways (sorry  got alittle sidetracked), then he says ..... "Well you know you should watch her, you do know she's stealing right?" My mouth dropped and my eyes about popped out of my head .... and his friend said, "Now why would you tell her manager, you dummy!" They knew I was her assistant manager for that store! Well then he started to walk away and said, "Nah, I'm just playing!"

Well I don't think he was kidding... his face had "I'm serious" written ALL over it ... and I think he said that to try to cover her back up because then he realized his friend was right about how he shouldn't have told me because he knows I'll tell on her ... hell that's my job ... I could get fired for not telling ... plus I don't care who hates me at work ... all I know is I do what I should and keep going! There's only 3 people (excluding our seasonal that has worked there for the past 6 christmas' .... she lives in Canada), that have worked there longer than me ... between our 2 stores that is! So I called the assistant for Piercing Pagoda (which is also my friend) and I told what happened and how I was shaking and my stomach hurt sooooo bad! I asked her if I should call Tammy (our manager, also our friend) even though it was her day off, but I have off tomorrow and I didn't want to wait to talk to her about this on friday! Well we both decided it was best I called her today ... but like 4 mins. after I got off the phone with Lisa, Tammy called!

I told her everything! It felt good to be able to tell her all of it and just get it out there .... I'm not holding any info. in .... I want it all out so she can get fired quicker! PLEASE GOD, LET HER BE TERMINATED SOON!

(I'm sorry I know that's wrong to wish someone unemployment .... but she's doing us wrong in alot of ways)

Okay enough about that ......

Now we have 1 1/2 days to our director of stores visits .... that's right she'll be here friday sometime!

Yay me!

NOT! She'll probably be there in the afternoon, she has 2 other stores to visit before our mall!

We're almost ready for her visit though ... I have to call and check up on them tomorrow so they know I'm not kidding about being ready by open friday! I wish I didn't have off tomorrow because I want to be there making sure everything is ready for Caroline (our director)!

I really want a good visit! It'll be her first to our store since she's new to our reagion! I truly believe in first impressions too!


I think it will go well considering all of the tasks home office (corporate, higher people, or whatever you want to call them), has us doing! I mean we had to change all our signs, wedge allocations, recalls, moving silver color cz to one wedge and clear cz to the opposite wedge, price changes, new merchandise, change of display of large hoops, and so on. I bet we have about 20things that we have to complete within the next week .... 3 of them being major ... major meaning like 2 days each task.

Now changing signage may not sound like a major project but ... have you ever been to a piercing pagoda, plumb gold, silver & gold connection, or a piercing pagoda +? Well if there is one in a mall near you, visit it and look at all the signs that we have there! Count one case (even though some have more than others ... they're close in amount of signage) and times that be like 8 (average total cases in each store)! Yeah then count all the towers (the things on top of the counter that spin) and times that by let's say an average of 9 .... then figure an average of 4 postcards (the big signs hanging off the light poles) and figure about how we have to dig through about 300 pieces of signage to find just the one you want! Yeah, now you see why it's major?

Now I know some of you are saying, "Wedge allocations? What the heck is that?"

Wedge allocations are papers (and now with colored photos, about 120 pages worth), that tell us what gets displayed where .... which means moving jewlery out the monkey's butt! It takes us about a week to finish these ... and our store is open 11 hours except sundays ... but figure we still have to do daily paperwork, serve customers, and other daily routines!

Now do you see how having a kiosk job is not as slow as almost everyone thinks we do .... there is NO time for standing around! NONE! Which I LOVE ... I hate not having anything to do! I can't sit still, I have to keep moving!

We're almost like being an in-line store (those are the stores like victoria's secret, foot locker {the best place in the world to buy your shoes}, Limited Too, Express, and so on ... get it? ... if not they're the ones with doors or gates they can put down in front of customers {they're NOT in the middle of the mall})!


Okay enough of that subject now to my last subject .. I know nobody probably even got this far because the rest was long enough! LOL!

Well as for Meggan, I decided that I am truly hurt by this whole mess ..... therefore, I decided that I want to tell her how I have felt about everything for the past 2 months and how I feel about the way she's been acting, the way I've been, and so on!

But I am a firm believer in the talking over writing but in this case I know I won't be able to follow through with it that way.

I can't call her because I'm a VERY emotional person and I will start crying before she even picks up the phone and I have too much too say that she'll have to cut me off for something, especially since when I cry I can't even breathe, when I have to deal with situations like this one. So I decided to write her a letter and drop it off at her house tomorrow ... that way I can say everything that I need to, I won't have to worry about any inconviences I may cause ... because she can read it when she feels like it, I won't get cut off, I won't have to worry about crying when I'm trying to spit everything out, and so on!

Well this entry is long enough and I have to get some sleep and get up tomorrow and write this letter to Meggan and take it to her house ... I'm sure she works open to close tomorrow ... So hopefully she won't be home when I drop it off .... I won't be able to look at her, and then tell her everything I have to say... because I'll get to emotionally worked up and things may be said that I don't mean!

Have a fabolous Thursday all!

Theresa needs some shut eye! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Oops .... maybe I should do that in bed after I finalize this entry! LOL!

Tuesday, August 9, 2005

Yes ... another entry .... I have a SERIOUS question!

Ok I know this is my third entry for the day .... but right after I posted the last one I was reading some of my old entries ... and also thinking about this one particular incident that recently happened ... I can't get it off my mind .... not since it's happened!

Here's the situation for those of you who don't know what I'm talking about or forgot ....

Now with that said ....

I have been really upset since that day .... I miss the way Meggan and I were ..... she WAS my "best friend" .... then she started changing ... and normally I would think it's me ... and I still think part of it is my fault .... but about 5 other people had noticed that Meggan had changed .... and maybe she changed because of me doing something and it was upsetting her!

But I REALLY miss us hanging out together and just talking all the time .... I miss our friendship! I want it to go back to the way things were! But how?
How do I get Meggan to understand what I said? What do I say to her? Should I call? Should I text her just incase she doesn't want to talk? Do I write her a letter and mail it to her? How do I contact her? What do I say? Should I even contact her at all? Should I just let things go the way they are now? What do I do?

I know that I wish this would've never happened!

I want my friends to understand why I need them now more than ever .... why don't they understand?

Meggan knows like my WHOLE life story .... I've told her everything ... she knows I've been through alot and I'm still going through alot .... so where is she when I need her to lean on? Why doesn't she understand that I need her?


I'm sure that I should be the one to fix this considering I'm the one that caused it .... but how? :((

I just want us to be close again .... everytime my phone rings, I hope it's her. When the phone rings at work, I hope it's her calling to see how things are going. I think of her schedule and what she is probably working and hoping that she'll call me when she's done, or before she starts!

I just want everything out on the table ... I want her to know why I acted the way I did! I want her to know how I feel about the way she's been treating me!

But once again how do I do this? Or even should I? What do I do?

Update on sleeping! & Missing Kelly Clarkson!

Well I just wanted to let everyone know that I have been sleeping better ... I still get up a few times everynight .... but who doesn't when it's hot? I think it's because I haven't been laying in bed trying to go to sleep .... and thinking about Alicia when I'm trying to sleep.

I also wanted to say I'm really upset because I missed Kelly Clarkson's concert last night .... I wanted to go SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
bad! She was at the hershey park giant center .... which is the closest place to where I live that they have concerts.

Well they have concerts at the York fair, which is right around the corner from my house .... but it's never anyone like Kelly Clarkson .... it's usually Alabama, rascal flatts, gretchen (someone), and other people like that .... no one EVER for us younger people.

Well I'll just have to wait like another year ... and hope that she'll be at the hershey park giant center ..... even though it'll probably be longer than that .... but I can hope and pray can't I?

I'll answer that question for you ... yes I can!

Why do people lie?

So I must be some sort of horrible person ....  I have no idea what I'm doing wrong! Help!

So my friend Andrea is moving to Harrisburg (about 25 minutes from here, yea it's also the capitol of PA). Well anyways I called her Wednesday or Thursday last week, and we made plans to hang out today and thursday since I had off and I hadn't seen Johanna (her daughter, which will be a year next month), and Andrea for about a month or so now. Johanna is walking now, and I told Andrea that I miss them both and I wanted to hang out soon, she asked when I had off and I told her and she said that's great and we'll hang out both days that I had off.

This would bother me no matter what .... but it really bothers me because of them moving in a week ... and I'll never get to see them that much once she moves.

I tried calling her, because we never set up an actual time or anything. I called her around at 11:20 this morning to see what time we were going to get together .... No one answered the phone .... ? So I called again at 1:40 and the phone was busy. So I figured she had some things to do this morning and now she home on the phone talking to someone .... I'll give her a couple minutes and I'll call back again. I gave it about 5 minutes (she doesn't stay on the phone that long unless it's Kristan [her bestfriend, that we all went to school with] or her boyfriend Steve). Well the call never went through ... so I told myself, "god made all of this happen for a reason, as he does everything, and maybe it's because he doesn't want me to have friends, because I'm not a good one myself, or I chose all the wrong friends!"

I don't know if it's me or the people I choose to be my friends. I don't really talk to anyone anymore, other than the people here in J-land, and Lisa (who is like the ONLY friend I really have left), and Dee whenever she's online and PAYING ATTENTION to me and not the other 10 million ims she has going on! (sorry dee if you read this, but you know it's true, so hey)

Maybe I'm just asking for tooooooooooooooo much attention ... but darn it I think I deserve it right now .... I've been going through alot!

But back to the subject of this whole entry .....

If Andrea were a TRUE friend and really wanted to hang out she would've called me ... and she would've seen that I called!

But I also feel as though if I'm doing something wrong .... are your friends not supposed to tell you so you learn from it .... and not just ignore it?

I need help in this matter, because of it and lack of knowing and understanding .... I've lost almost ALL my friends ... that's why I continue to think it's me that's the bad person.

Once again I want to thank everyone here in J-land that has posted comments ..... you really brighten my day .... and your words always help me realize how wrong I may be sometimes .... Thanks again for all the love and support!