Wednesday, August 24, 2005

It figures!

It figures that the day that I have off and decide to leave my cell phone upstairs .....

(because no one ever calls me anymore, or me call anyone)

..... is the day that I miss 4 phone calls ..... I was downstairs from 11:00-3:00

and when I went upstairs ... I checked my phone (as I'm doing so I'm thinking "I don't know why I'm checking, no one called, I lost the love that I used to have. No one calls me, and I don't call them anymore!"

Well I saw I had 4 phone calls ... I thought ... FIGURES the day I leave my phone 2 floors up, I get 4 phone calls ... and they were important!


Well the call log went *Piercing Pagoda (the other store that we are under the same management, and mind you our manager is on vacation) *ELizabeth (twice) * Piercing Pagoda

I already have problems where, I always think that I work, even when I have off....I'm always paranoid that they're going to call and say, "Theresa, you were supposed to open this morning!"

And I'll get a write-up ... and I check the schedule EVERYDAY... but I'm still paranoid!

Well then when I saw they called twice at between 11:15 and 11:30 ... I figured it was because I was supposed to open ...

They left a message .. and so did Elizabeth ....

Elizabeth's message was the first one ... (now keep in mind her store is right across from my stand)

"Hey Theresa, it's me Elizabeth! I'm here at work and your not! I'm just a little worried about you. I hope that everything is ok! Well if you get this message within the next 5 minutes you can call my cell phone ... but anything after that I'll be at work again ... right now I'm on the way to the bank! Talk to you later and I hope everything is ok!"

I thought "now why is she acting like I died or somehting .. just because I didn't come to work ... that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with me????? It just means I have a day off and she should know that ... I mean Michelle is there .. and there is usually only one of us there at a time ... unless it's a busy time .. but that's not first thing in the morning ...????? Why is she making such a big deal about me not being at work???"

So then I listened to Lisa's message ....

"Hey Theresa! It's Lisa! I'm suprised you don't have your phone on you ... that's weird! Anyways, I know you don't care and you don't want to hear this message, and I'm sorry I have to be the one to leave it. I know you said you don't care anymore but I was told to call you anyways and leave you a message! I know it's your day off and don't want to hear or deal with this becuase you don't care but I was informed to do so anyways! Well Michelle never opened the store! Remember she lost her cell phone and I don't have any other phone number for her. I didn't know if you had another number for her or not that I can call! Well I can't get ahold of any on else. So hopefully you'll get this message and you can come in! If I can't get ahold of anyone to come in Stephany is working at Express and she gets off at 2, and she's going to work down there until Melissa comes in at 5:30 and then come down here at 5:30 and close this store! But she's going to have to work in jeans and a tank top! Talk to you later and sorry to have bothered you on your day off!"

So as I ensured Tammy before she left for the beach that nothing would go wrong, that the store would be opened everyday with no problems, everyone will show up and no one will get drunk, piss behind a bush and get arrested and lose their keys ... it happened anyways!

It never fails!

I feel bad becuase I didn't have my phone on me ... but I thought well if anything was to happen with the store first thing this morning  ...... like the store not opening ... they would've called by eleven!

Well I was wrong!

But now from mall opening (which is 10) until 2 when Stephany got there ... we missed out on sales! Which on wednesday mornings it can be GOOD!

So now I'm REALLY pissed off!

But one good thing does come of this ....

Michelle is FIRED!

This is her 3rd write up!

Three write-ups and you're fired is our company policy ... and this is her 3rd and final write-up ....

which is the 2nd person within 3 days that got fired ... anothere girl didn't show up on sunday and she was fired!

Now Michelle ... and I think someone else is getting ready to quit!

And that's makes 3 people within a month (well a little over a month .. it's like a month and a week) that just got fired for not showing up!

So I know Tammy will not be too thrilled to have to come back and hire 2 more new people!

I'm glad she did tell us to put our "now hiring" signs up last week ... but the applications we got .... nothing to great .. I wouldn't hire any of them!

So that's how my day off has been so far today!

Nice huh?

This is usually how my days off end up being!

Not exciting at all!

Drama filled!


derasta said...

I always miss calls because I never answer the phone :)

Now, if one of my kids are out then when the phone rings I will answer it just incase it's one of the kids...but if everyone is home I just let the kids get it...but luckily for me, the calls are never for me....that's one of my pet peeves...I cannot stand talking on the phone and I try to avoid it at all costs! Funny though, when I was younger, I always had the phone glued to my ear...guess we change as we get older...

linnpooh said...

Hey's me, your long lost friend/adopted Mom/journal buddy!!!
I'm finally getting my life back to normal and getting caught up on reading journals. I'm so sorry this happened, and hope it all worked out okay...I just hate it when I miss a phone call that could have stopped so much crap from starting!! Of well, I guess it shows how much you are truly needed! :)

I'm off to do my journal entry for tonight, then I'm going to come back and finish all your entries! I just wanted you to know I've started on them. I can't wait to see what you've been up to!

Pooh Hugs,