Thursday, August 11, 2005

Good Morning ... I'm Rude, now wake up and deal with me!

I got the pleasure of being waken up by my store calling me .... I thought I was late for work, I kept thinking, "Darn it, I thought I had off today!" .... but I wasn't late, I do have off .... Melissa was having trouble with a customer, so she called me and said she couldn't explain something to the customer for her to understand.

She asked me to get on the phone and talk to the customer .... she knew I was half asleep ... therefore it wasn't good for me to talk to a customer over the phone ... things could be said that may be wrong .... or I might just get rude .... So I talked to Melissa trying to figure out what was going on until I woke up .... Melissa aksed, "please talk to her and see if you can explain it better than I can!" I replied, "Well, wait a minute! What am I trying to explain to her?"

Melissa must not of understood that I meant I was really confused ... DUH, I was sleeping .... and she just kept saying .... "Here talk to her!" I can't talk to her and tell her what's going on if YOU don't tell me what's going on ... (customers don't understand some things that we have to explain to them, therefore, I (or we) have to explain it to them until they do) .... but I need to know what I'm explaining to her!

Now after she woke me up I finally told her to put the customer on the phone (because I could hear her in he background getting loud and very rude) .... well the customer gets on the phone .... and I'm trying to be as nice as possible ... and I tried to explain to her what was going on (with me not really knowing what was going on)! Well she even said she wasn't going to shop with us anymore and that she has 3 daughters that buy alot from here, and that we would loose all their business!

Well I told her I'm sorry that you're going to stop shopping here because of something that totally makes sense ... even though it's not what you want to hear!

The customer received a $25 coupon for spending $50 or more last month sometime .... and it is ONLY a coupon, not cash, not a gift card, not a gift certificate, nor is it store merchandise credit!  It's merely a coupon, which like all other coupons, you can NOT redeem for cash, gift card, gift certificate, or store merchandise credit!

Well that's exactly what this lady wanted ... she wanted to exchange something, but she wanted cash for the discount she received from the coupon! Well I told her she couldn't do that, and she asked why. I simply told her it stated that on her coupon that it's not cash nor redeemable for cash!

Anyways, I finally got the lady calmed down and she was pleased to hear that I told her if she got something of the same value she wouldn't have to pay for it .... DUH!

Melissa was trying to tell her that same thing!

But instead they woke me up and I got the pleasure of dealing with the problem. And I couldn't go back to sleep because I was on the phone with them for about 15 minutes. And Melissa said she would call me back!

So that's the start of my day off ... and remember I said I was writing that letter to Meggan today, and taking it to her house! Yeah, now I'm not sure how the rest of my day is gonna go! I hope much better!


derasta said...

Wow starting off your day like that already...I hope the rest of your day goes better...

linnpooh said...

Sorry you got woke up so early & jolted from your as a manager, I guess!! It sounded like you handled things the right way way though. Hope the rest of your day was better.

Pooh Hugs,