Saturday, August 27, 2005

Work again ... I know a subject you are tired of hearing about from me!


Well there's soooooooooo much going on at work right now, it's not even funny!

I'll sum it up in one sentence ...........

"Everybody is in everybody else's business!"

Everybody wants to know where Michelle is, is Michelle fired, why didn't Michelle show up, did you call Tammy, what did Tammy say, what's going to happen!

I feel like screaming "SHUT-UP! Mind your own business! You have enough problems with keeping yourself from getting in trouble so don't worry about her, worry about you! And you should be hoping she doesn't get fired ... because if she does that's more time for Tammy to focus on all the shit you do! DUH!"

So anyways, here's a breif overview ....

No one was supposed to know Tammy was at the beach (because when they know she's gone they act up like 2 year olds and do all kinds of crazy shit!) so only Lisa, Angela, and I knew!

Well somehow Stephany found out about it and once she knows something ... it's OVER!

So she called Tammy ..... and told her she found out about Michelle being in a rehab!

Tammy didn't even know that Michelle never showed up in the first place ... so why did she even stick her nose where it didn't belong?

Lisa, Angela, and I were handling it! (and she's not even management)

Well I won't get into the full story ... let's just say it created a lot of mess .... and it'll create more when Tammy comes back Monday!

So I'm preparing for a HUGE breakout on monday at work!

It's official ....... it's war at work!

Well my friend e-mailed me this joke and thought I would share it with you .....


4 catholic mothers are sitting down having coffee and discussing how important their children are. The 1st catholic mother says, "My son is a priest. When he walks into a room people say, 'Father'" The 2nd catholic mother says, "My son is a bishop. When he walks into a room, people say, 'Your Grace'" The 3rd catholic mother says, "Well, not to brag, but MY son is a cardinal, when HE walks into a room, people say, 'Your Emince'" The three catholic mothers look at the 4th catholic mother and say, "Well?" The 4th catholic mother says, "My son is a 6' 3, hard bodied, Chippendale male stripper. When HE walks into a room, people say, 'O MY GOD!!!'"


dazeychic said...

Hahahah! Love the joke! Especially cuz I cant seem to sleep tonight! Ug! So Im browsing journals...and yours made me smile! ;)

Oh and I know you hate work drama but I feel like Im reading a Jewelry Soap Opera! Haha...highly entertaining! But your talking to the queen of thats why Im nosey and like to hear it all! ;P

~Shells xoxo

linnpooh said...

Hahahahaha....that joke is toooo funny! I'll have to copy it and send it to friends :)
Sorry about all the crap at's always drama when a group of women are involved isn't it? LOLOL! I'll hope for ya that Monday won't be as bad as you are thinking.

Pooh Hugs,