Sunday, August 14, 2005

My Angel!

Well today wasn't such an exciting day.

I did nothing but played games on my computer or watch t.v.

I mainly played games!


I wanted to do something SO bad .... but I didn't!

Well, I did talk to 2 of my friends online today......

I also showed them the ring I got in memory of Alicia.

It's a black onyx ring with an angel holding a star that is a diamond!

I said that since she was the ONLY person to pass away that I knew, she's my guardian angel, and that this ring is her, I wear it everyday, and plan to from now on (except when sleeping).

I kiss it (I know how corny, but she was my girl and I miss her dearly) and I look up and tell her that I love her and I miss her!

I got it online at one of those auctions (not ebay, and I'm not telling where either, Lol)

Someone was trying to out bid me and I was just not having it.

I ended up paying $32.00 for it!

Here's the picture of it ....

I also got these things .....

   Red ruby claddaugh w/diamonds!

 My birthstone! Natural Blue topaz w/diamonds!

 My birthstone again! Now this one is sky blue topaz w/diamonds!

 Earrings with my birthstone! Sky blue topaz as well w/tiny diamonds!

 Again, my birthstone! I normally don't wear silver though! But it was gorgeous so I had to have it ... as a matter of fact I'm wearing it now ... it's the only silver thing I have on!

I'm actually wearing all of it except the earrings. And I have on the rest of my rings, my 2mm cz earrings in my cartlidge (just so it don't grow closed)my anklet that says "princess"  and only 3 of my bracelets .. I was REALLY lazy today.

I didn't even do my makeup!

I just threw my hair up with a clip!

So that's about it!

Have a great evening everyone!

I'm going to try to go to bed and get some sleep ... I was up almost every 2 hours! I felt like someone was in my room and watching me!




derasta said...

Your jewlery is beautiful...I love it :)

linnpooh said...

Oh Theresa, the ring is sooooo special...Alica would be so honored to know you will always wear it to remind you of her. What a very lovely thought.
The rest of the jewelry is really beautiful! I'm definitely coming by to borrow it's right up my alley!
Pooh Hugs,