Sunday, August 7, 2005

Full store count & Director of Stores is visiting!

Well since tomorrow is monday .... I have a full store count to do .... which to be exact ....

That's 15 counts!


Yea, it's not something I'm looking forward to! I don't mind counting or anything ... it's the organization this company does NOT have when it comes to what gets counted in with what.

Then on top of that ... the director of stores is visiting our region sometime this week! Yea, can you tell I'm a little stressed out! No wonder why I don't get any sleep! Which just a little sidenote I need to discuss at the end of this entry. Well my store has been busy, so we've lost touch a little with keeping the store clean and organizied! Oooooooops! So now I have to clean the store up in like 2 days .... if that .... because Caroline (our director of stores) has never been to our store ... nor met any of us! Our company recently realigned and we lost Laura and we got Caroline (about 4 months ago) ..... she was supposed to visit awhile back, but never came!

I am trying my hardest to get this store back together before she shows up! She sounds like a tough one .... I'm kinda scared to even meet her. I liked our old director, She was with our region for years. Now we're getting this hard ball ... I'm nervous that she's going to have a lot to say about the store (that's not good). I hope I can clean up FAST and she'll be pleased with all the hard work I put into that store!

I'm sure she'll have things to say ... I mean NO store is perfect and it's her job to point out what's wrong or needs changed .... I'm just scared she's going to have TOO much to say or misjudge us.

I don't want our first impression to be bad .... so HOPEFULLY, I'll be the one working when she visits! I hope that it's not Michelle .... or there goes our good first impression right out the door! If it is Michelle, I'm BEGGING you God, please let her be in proper dress code, not be intoxicated, nor be talking about her WILD and CRAZY night she had the night before at the bar, getting arrested for peeing outside or any of the other crazy things she may do or say! I'M BEGGING YOU!

Well all I can do is try my hardest and hopefully she'll be pleased ... hopefully it's only little things that she'll have to say about our store!


But now for the sleep thing I just wanted to note that I was reading my comments and I just wanted to add some worries I received.

I do have ONE friend that I can REALLY talk to ........... and she's the only one that I've talked to about Alicia's death ... but I did think about your comment and I realized maybe I'm not talking enough or I'm hiding something .... so I PROMISE that I will talk to Lisa soon about all of these things that are bothering me!

Thank you everyone for reading my journal and being there for me as a supporter ... all of your words have inspired me in some way and made me change for the better about at least one thing that you've said to me. I really do appreciate all the love and support! Thanks! I love you all!

But now I got to go to bed and try to get some sleep ... I have to open tomorrow! UGHHHHHHHHHH!


linnpooh said... are really busy at your job and have so much responsibility! It sounds to me like you do a wonderful job and if that store director can't see that, she has a few screws missing! Not sure of the story behind Michelle.....but if she's intoxicated at work, she probably needs some help. She is very lucky she has a job, and you to worry after her....I'm surprised she hasn't been fired.  I hope the visit went well and that she was pleased. If she wasn't...tell her I may have to come and slap her around a little! LOLOL! I hope, too, that you got some sleep....and thanks for letting me know you have someone to talk to, I was really worried about you. What can I's the Mom in me!!!
Pooh Hugs,

derasta said...

You are so funny....I had to laugh about that  part about your co worker Michelle!