Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Well things went back to normal today!

My dad went to work, Hunter, my mom, and I were home!

And because of that ....

The fights and arguments started again today!

My mom has a very short temper and has to have everything her way (just like my sister) or she gets pissed off and war begins!

And if she does something wrong, she finds someone to blame it on!

She never takes blame for her wrong doings ....

but now if she does something good, watch out she's taking the spotlight! (more than needed)

Well I stayed out of the fights, other than making sure the truth was told when my mom called my dad to tell him Hunter wasn't cleaning his room (but he was)

My mom LOVES disputes!

She lives for unhappiness in others!

She lives for people fighting and not getting along!

But she also yells and preaches to you that you two should make up ....

then the two will make up and she makes you hate each other all over again....

it's a vicious circle that you CAN NOT win with my mom!


Other than all that DRAMA, I layed around and did,


Well ...


NOTHING! Not a thing! Zip! Zelch! Zero!

Howgreat it felt to do so too!

I watched "Beauty Shop"


I think everyone should watch it!

It shows alot of positive attitude and teaches how to treat one another!

And how you should NEVER try to figure someone out!

Because you CAN be wrong!

That's why I (try, I'm not perfect, and it happens sometimes) NOT to judge or figure people out anymore!

Becuase I know there's NO set type of style, fashion, attitude, or etc.

Because EVERYONE is different ...

Everyone has their own style, fashion, and attitude!

And that's what makes every single one of you UNIQUE!


And there's NOTHING wrong with that!

If someone doesn't like your style ... tell them "We're all unique! And that means you! thank you for understanding my uniqueness! Have a great day and god bless!"

No need for all the hatred!

We have enough violence with the war!

Starting world peace one person at a time!

And you matter!

Have a UNIQUE day everyone!

(Sorry for all the preaching, I DO know that I'm NOT perfect)

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linnpooh said...

I don't think you were preaching at all, nor did it sound like you think you're perfect....I think it sounded just right and was very thought provoking. I have been such a victim of hurtful people because of my weight.... that it has taught me to be very humble when it comes to judging others.
I'm very sorry that there was fighting in your home today, Theresa. I just wish you could live with love & happiness for a change, it is really upsetting to me that your family is always trying to pull you down into their darkness. I'm glad you had some time to relax, renew and get a laugh from a good movie, really have earned it!  

Pooh Hugs,