Wednesday, August 3, 2005

WHY? Why don't people listen to me?

I know I said that I would try to make my journal a little more interesting by trying to say more positive things in here .... but right now I just need to vent!

Meggan just texted me and asked me if I was hungry, I told her I was a little bit and I asked her why. Well she said she was only seeing if I had eaten lunch yet. I told her I ate lunch at like 11:00am. And I qoute "sooo......r u hungry? Yes or no?" I told her I kinda was (I could go without eating). She replied with she was STRAVING! So I waas kidding around with her and I said, "WOW! Are you straving?"  And I guess she got mad and said,"I guess you don't want starlite grilled cheese then?!"


I tried showing her I was joking by saying another joke (which maybe I should've stopped at one). I replied, "I don't know who said that :-)" She said, "what?" I said, "Nothing" (I didn't want to piss her off more, because obvisously she didn't get it the first time, I wasn't going to say it a next time and take the chances) Well I guess she had a bad day today because then she says, "yes or no? I'm waiting..........?" Well I was just going to say yes, then I thought of how she must have been in a bad mood so I decided I didn't want to go somewhere with someone that was acting like this. Plus, I went upstairs and checked to see how much money I had to make sure I could afford it, and I only had $7.00. I could afford it, but then I wouldn't have any money left and I didn't want to spend the money just because I had it. So I replied with, "Nevermind .... I'll just eat here ... I don't have money anyways." Well she called me and I didn't want to talk ... so I ignored the call. Well I was trying to do something on my phone (I don't remember what though) and I went to press the green key and at the same time she had called so it answered her call (DAMN IT! I DIDN'T WANT TO TALK TO HER)! So I said hello and then I got a text message from her to (well it said the same thing she was about to say). She said she would pay for it. I told her NO! I feel bad that everytime we go out here lately she's always paying for it, and I told her that. Well we argued about why I wouldn't let her pay for it and why it was such a big deal.

I Swear she wasn't listening to a damn thing I said because she asked and I told her, then she would ask again and I would say the same answer. Well the conversation went like that for about 5 minutes ... and may I say I was getting pissed! What the @$%&? How many times do I have to say the same thing?

Well she said that I was insulting her by not going ... and I asked her how was it insulting? She said because she is offering, and I said I'm not going to do something I feel uncomfortable doing. Well I guess that really pissed her off and she said she had to call her mom and she would talk to me later. I just said ok, bye and hung up!

Of course the emtional wreck that I am ....  I started bawling and talking to god. Asking him why?

Meggan and I have not been getting along very well here lately ...... because she makes me feel like I'm not important enough .... if someone else calls she tells me to hang on .... she'll leave me on hold for like 5 mins. then say let me call you back ... does she? NO! I usually have to text her and tell her nevermind about calling back because I'm going to bed. And somtimes she won't answer me for another hour and I'll already be in bed sleeping. Or she'll say "sorry, we're still on the phone!" or she'll say "yeah I'm tired I'm going to bed too"


Another thing that has been pissing me off here lately is that she ignores me! WHAT THE HECK IS THAT ALL ABOUT!

So I texted her how I felt about the whole situation ....
"I'm sorry if you feel as if I insulted you .... but I just felt like I was talking to elizabeth about her birthday dinner .... I don't feel comfortable that you have to keep paying for everything, therefore I said I didn't want to go and you still made a big deal about it ... I'm sorry if I mad you mad"

Well she told me to stop apoligizing. And I said "I'm sorry ... I can never please anyone ..... I feel like everytime we talk I make you mad at me ..... I think you're right about the whole space thing .....  maybe we shouldn't talk anymore ... I'm sorry" She asked me what I was talking about and I told her to forget it.



I wish she would stop acting like a spoiled brat and make me feel more like I'm her friend and NOT someone that is only good when no one else is there to do anything!

Well this entry is looooooooooong enough ... and boring enough .... sorry.

I'm really going to work on making this journal more interesting! I promise!

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I think your journal is very interesting!!