Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Cleaning? Who Ever Said That Was Easy?

Well I had off today, so I figured I would clean, since I never have time off .... and if I do I try NOT to be home .... because if I am in my parents point of view and I quote, "Your a waste of space. You will never amount to anything, why do you have to be our child?"


And that is why I hate being in my house ...... but right now I have no choice ... it's either here or the streets. So this is my CURRENT choice! (But hopefully not for long)

But as I was saying ..... I decided to clean because I'm trying to avoid conflicts with my parents ... I mean "I AM LIVING IN THEIR HOUSE" I do help dirty it ..... (even though I'm NEVER here)

I had off Sunday and didn't do anything .... and I had off today and I have off tomorrow. So I figured if I cleaned today, because I love cleaning and I don't want my parents screaming at me for ANYTHING!

But my mom did buy me something to day ..... which may I say is like a EXTEMELY RARE HAPPENING!

She also bought the new movie "guess who" and it was funny and sad .... it was a great movie!


But I gotta go .... 2 of my friends are online and I really need to talk to them .... I haven't really talked to them since a few days after Alicia's viewing .... the one I haven't talked to since the day of it ..... maybe I'll add more later!

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