Friday, August 12, 2005

Meggan's response, Director of stores visit, gossipers, & upgrade!

Okay, I have alot of things I want to let loose that I need to get off my chest! 3 of these topics made my day, one of the best in FOREVER! 1 pisses me off!

Well everyone knows that I wrote Meggan a letter yesterday, well I delivered it to her house around 9:00pm last night .... I was so nervous and scared. I was praying she wouldn't be there ... or her sister. So when we, (I made Lisa come with me), pulled up I looked for her and her sisters car. THANK GOD! They were not home ... I figured Meggan was at work, and her sister was at her boyfriend's house, but I was still scared!

Well, I put the envelope on her little welcome sign on her door and jetted out of there .... just in case!

I was timing her .... I figured she got off of work around 10:00pm and would get home about 10:30-10:45pm and until she read it, she would call around 11:00-11:15pm .... Well she called at 10:46pm .... better than I thought! Well I was scared and wishing Lisa was with me to support me ... but of course she was at home! Well I debated on answering the phone .... well I said in the letter I hoped that she would respond ... and she was ... so I answered ... then I thought, darn it I should have left her leave a message and called her back! Well she voiced her feelings .... and I voiced mine and we moved on .....

Just a little side note: Never hold your feelings in too long .... it creates more problems then if you solve them as they appear .....

But we talked for an hour and a half! So I'm glad it's over FINALLY!


Now for the BIG visit .....

Caroline visited today .... she was really nice! She only stayed for like 20 minutes then she left. She introduced herself as soon as they walked up ... which I thought she would have just cared about the manager and not me the assistant ... I felt very important! She walked up and said (with a HUGE grin), "Hi, Theresa, I'm Caroline! It's nice to meet you!" I replied, "Thanks, it's a real pleasure to meet you to. Sorry my hands are a little dirty, I was dusting!" She started laughing and commented, "Oh that's ok!" Then she came in and started changing things ... I love changes (at least almost all of them)! Every change she wants done, I'm totally feeling! I love all the ideas to cleaning up she gave us! Well then she looked at me and said, "It was really nice meeting you Theresa, Is there anything to help you sell better?" I responded, "Nothing that I can think of, other than what we already discussed." She said, "okay, and keep up the good work, the store looks great!"

That was that ... all that stressing out for NOTHING ..... it went sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much better than I thought, and she only stayed 20 minutes!


Now for Gossipers!

There are quite a few people I hate at work ... why? They don't do their job .... and they're always causing problems including drama with their gossiping!

Well I've had about enough ... I'm going to tell the 2 girls at my store ... "I don't want to hear anything about your personal life anymore because it's interfering with work. And I don't want to hear about anything they have to say anybody else there at the store! The only conversation I want to have with anyone here is about the store (not the people at it), and about the jewelry. NOTHING ELSE!" I don't even want to hear them complain about having to be there or them being sick! It's causing toooooooooo many problems, and I don't want to be involved!


Now as for the upgrade!

Around 4:00pm the phone rang, and of course Michelle ran for it ... whenever she works I don't even attempt to answer it, and she ended up handing the phone to me. Right before she handed it to me I heard her tell them, "Hold on, let me give you to my assistant manager, I don't really know anything about that."

I'm going to be honest, I thought it was a customer issue and she didn't want to take care of it, so she was going to give it to me, as if I can say anything different than she can!

Well it wasn't!

It was the people that make our kiosk! I was a little confused and wondering what they needed! Well, she started saying all kinds of stuff and I could only hear half of it! It sounded like she was saying something about a remodel ... that's right, us kiosk people get remodels too! Well I have been wanting a remodel for my store since probably before christmas. Well, she started asking what kind of shape all kinds of things were in! Truthfully, everything is in desperate need of new EVERYTHING, at least I think!

So I asked her, I said, "Are we getting a remodel?" Well, she said, "They're thinking about converting you to a Piercing Pagoda +!"

OH MY GOSH! I thought I was going to fall to the floor! An remodeled kiosk AND a brand upgrade!

Here's the info. on why that's so exciting:

Ok, right now we are "Plumb Gold" It's the same company as Piercing Pagoda, but a different end of the mall and different name. That's it!

But Piercing Pagoda has more of a reputation ... a lot of people know more about Piercing Pagoda than knowing that we're the same thing, just different names.

Sometimes Piercing Pagoda gets more of a selection of jewelry and signage ... Everybody thinks they're better than us!

Well Piercing Pagoda + is pretty much the same thing as Piercing Pagoda, only sometimes it has more selection and it's a different name, so we can have 2 Piercing Pagoda's in 1 mall!


I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited! They better not change their mind ..... we need it and we deserve it! We made our year (our fiscal year ends 7/31, new year starts 8/1), my store came in first place in our region which has 12 stores, we doubled what the store in second place did ... they were + like 1.83% .... my store was + 4.44% ..... OH YEAH!

We strive for and drive the business in! We do what we have to do! Well, even though the girls that are there were not there the whole year, one kinda was (she only works 2 days a week, but she USUALLY does what she has to, to make the day, she has worked there 6 years off and on)!


derasta said...

It's great you handled things right away, it's never good to put things off...I put things off sometimes and then I do not get anything done....I love when I'm organized and on top of things...

linnpooh said...

I thought my weight loss was the highlight of my day, but I was thrilled when I read your entry. I'm so happy that you worked things out with Meggan...I prayed very hard that things would go in a positive direction for you. I'm so proud of the way you handled this knew this was something you needed to fix, you thought it out and followed through! You deserve to be happy like this...and it has absolutely the best moment of my day to see tht you were. What can I say...I kinda feel like you're my adopted daughter! :)
Wow, about your visit from Caroline! I knew you didn't have anything to worry about and that she would be very happy with the job you have done, why wouldn't she be? I'm so impressed by your work ethic and responsibility, not just everyone is blessed with those qualities and I'm very sure they will take you very far. We own a store and my husband is always looking for people like you...they are very hard to find. You are awesome and don't you forget it!
It is also great news about your Kiosk getting a remodel & upgrade. I could feel your excitement all the way here in Michigan! Isn't it the best feeling when something we have wanted finally starts to materialize? I have no doubt that you will make it the best Kiosk in the mall and the best Piercing Pagoda that the company has!
I think your thoughts about your employees at the store are 100% right . Your sense of how things should go at a place of business is very intuitive. I'm so proud of the maturity and assertiveness that you show as a manager, you are doing things right, so don't back down.
Well, this day was a perfect start to your weekend, huh? I hope the rest of it keeps unfolding is a positive nature. Don't let anyone make you feel "less than" honey, okay? If they try, you tune them out and rise above it, because you are! Remember you have me in your corner and I'm routing for you. I'm always just an e-mail away......
Pooh Hugs,
Linda.....AKA "Mom" <hehe&g