Friday, August 26, 2005

Update on Michelle!

Well I just got off the phone with Lisa!

She called me because she thought I worked this morning!

(but I don't go in until 12:30)

So she said she wanted to talk to me last night when she got home from taking her daughter to girl scouts ....

but they ate dinner and went to bed!

I went to bed early too!

Well anyways (the point Theresa, the point, sheesh .....)

She wanted to tell me that Michelle called her yesterday as she was getting ready to leave work!

Michelle is fine she is actually better than we thought she was ...

I'm glad to say she was in a alcoholic rehab!

Just what she needed .... her friends took her tuesday after work!

She said she understands if she lost her job ....

I don't know what they're going to do since she was in a rehab!

She told Lisa she had one of her friends call to tell us but no one answered the phone ...

which makes sense if they called when she was supposed to be there!

(she wasn't allowed to use the phone the first 24 hours she was there)

It sounds like she is really going to get her life back together!

She told Lisa, "this is something I had to do for myself"

I'm glad everything is okay with her and she is not lying in a gutter somewhere!

Maybe if she starts her life on the right track, she really won't want the alcohol!


dazeychic said...

Well thank gosh she is OK! Personally I wouldnt fire someone who goes to rehab...unless she has "not shown up" before. But, whatever happens at least she took a very good step in her life! :)
And you might be moving huh!?
How exciting!!!

~Shells xoxo

linnpooh said...

What a relief....I'm so glad Michelle is okay! How wonderful that she is getting her life back together, it's always a good feeling when we know hope is working in someone's life, isn't it?

Pooh Hugs,