Thursday, August 25, 2005

My life in the working world!

Well I really couldn't pick just one mood ... I have mixed emotions right now! (Excited, michelle doesn't work with us anymore ~ Concerned, that something bad may have happened to her ~ Angry, that no came into the store yesterday until 2 ~ Surprised and Thankful, that Melissa could actually work the extra hours ~ Exhausted, becuase of everything that's going on)

Okay let me give you an update!

Michelle never came into work again today! She was supposed to be there at 1:30 so I could leave at 2:00!

I'm not allowed to have overtime anymore! It costs the company too much money ... so whatever ... I guess I can respect that .... even though my manger rather me work knowing that her store will be in good hands and so on .... and half the time no one else can work ... like yesterday .. because they couldn't get ahold of me ... no one came into the store until 2! (now of course I feel bad, vecause I could've gone in!)

That's 4 hours of no business and our company gets a fine for opening late!

So anyways, I had already called my regional manager to ask her what I should do in case she doesn't show up! (now remember my manager is at the beach until monday) We got the schedule covered until Tammy gets back and she can work the rest of the week out! (our weeks run fri-thurs, I know wierd, but tons of companies do it differently)

Well I got overtime anyway because Melissa couldn't come in until 5:30 and since today is the last day of the week I couldn't change my time on any other day! So from 2-6 was O.T. BABY!


I wish I could work all day EVERYDAY ... not because of the money ... but because I love my job that much!

So I got 2 phone calls at 1:40 to see if she showed up ... Lisa the assistant from Piercing Pagoda, and Angela, our regional manager!

Well Lisa is scared that she wentpartying and something serious happened to her .. she thinks she may have been raped and killed ...

Shethinks that because of how much of a partier she is ....

It wouldn't surprise me if it did happen!

I don't like the girl but I hope she is okay!

I may hate someone REALLY bad .... but I would never wish anything bad on them ... NO MATTER what they may have done to me!

That's just not the way I am!

Please keep Michelle in your prayers and let everything be okay with her!

I hope that she just decided to quit and not come back ... and nothing serious happened!

So now when Tammy comes back she has to hire 2 key-sales associates!

My regional wants me to go recruiting! (so I think I'll do that tomorrow!)

I have to be there at 12:30 and Melissa is leaving at 1:30 so I have an hour to walk around and hand out applications and recruit from other stores!

Of course I can't do department stores like JCPenny or anything but I can go to places like New York & Company and The Limited and Bath and Body Works and so on!

Maybe I'll go in at 11:00 and do that on my own personal time!

It's going to be a rough next month ... that's about how long it will take for everything to get under control again!

So you'll probably hear me complaining a lot .. I'll apoligize in advance ... I'm sorry .... I know I'm a whiner!

Until Tammy hires and trains .....

Which Lisa and I will probably have to help train this time!

I HATE training ... but I will do as I'm told and I'll do anything I can to help out!


But once again I ask you to put Michelle in your prayers and let everything be okay with her!


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linnpooh said...

Wow, I hope when I get to the end of reading your entries I find that Melissa ended up okay, that is pretty scary to think about. Whoohooo on the OT though, Theresa, stash it away!

Pooh Hugs,