Thursday, August 11, 2005

She's what? 1 1/2 days to go! And also, Meggan!

Ok with everything that's going on .... I really don't need anything added on to it! Well Michelle (which I posted about her before ... like 2 or 3 entries ago) .... met a new "friend" this weekend while at work ... it's a story of it's own ... but we won't get into that!

Well her new friend came up to me and asked me for some "FREE" jelwelry... was he kidding, because I hope so! I looked at him with this "are you serious?" look, and simply said, "NO!" He had asked if Michelle was working and I said no she had off for the night (not knowing she was working down at the other store at the other end of the mall ... we have 2 stores in the mall {Piercing Pagoda & Plumb Gold} with one management and one staff)! Well he asked some irrelavant questions ... and then it comes ... the thing that has been circling in my mind ... especially since she started doing counts and did her first 2 in a row and when I came to count monday I was missing a diamond! Yeah I freaked out and I called my regional to let her know that I knew something was missing .... we count our dias. (diamonds) 3 days a week (mon, wed, & fri) so it's easy for me to notice when it's missing ... since we can also track what we sold. Plus since we're not a high class jewelry store ... just a kiosk in the middle of the mall .... something like that is major! We have things that cost more than that but it's still BIG!

Well anyways (sorry  got alittle sidetracked), then he says ..... "Well you know you should watch her, you do know she's stealing right?" My mouth dropped and my eyes about popped out of my head .... and his friend said, "Now why would you tell her manager, you dummy!" They knew I was her assistant manager for that store! Well then he started to walk away and said, "Nah, I'm just playing!"

Well I don't think he was kidding... his face had "I'm serious" written ALL over it ... and I think he said that to try to cover her back up because then he realized his friend was right about how he shouldn't have told me because he knows I'll tell on her ... hell that's my job ... I could get fired for not telling ... plus I don't care who hates me at work ... all I know is I do what I should and keep going! There's only 3 people (excluding our seasonal that has worked there for the past 6 christmas' .... she lives in Canada), that have worked there longer than me ... between our 2 stores that is! So I called the assistant for Piercing Pagoda (which is also my friend) and I told what happened and how I was shaking and my stomach hurt sooooo bad! I asked her if I should call Tammy (our manager, also our friend) even though it was her day off, but I have off tomorrow and I didn't want to wait to talk to her about this on friday! Well we both decided it was best I called her today ... but like 4 mins. after I got off the phone with Lisa, Tammy called!

I told her everything! It felt good to be able to tell her all of it and just get it out there .... I'm not holding any info. in .... I want it all out so she can get fired quicker! PLEASE GOD, LET HER BE TERMINATED SOON!

(I'm sorry I know that's wrong to wish someone unemployment .... but she's doing us wrong in alot of ways)

Okay enough about that ......

Now we have 1 1/2 days to our director of stores visits .... that's right she'll be here friday sometime!

Yay me!

NOT! She'll probably be there in the afternoon, she has 2 other stores to visit before our mall!

We're almost ready for her visit though ... I have to call and check up on them tomorrow so they know I'm not kidding about being ready by open friday! I wish I didn't have off tomorrow because I want to be there making sure everything is ready for Caroline (our director)!

I really want a good visit! It'll be her first to our store since she's new to our reagion! I truly believe in first impressions too!


I think it will go well considering all of the tasks home office (corporate, higher people, or whatever you want to call them), has us doing! I mean we had to change all our signs, wedge allocations, recalls, moving silver color cz to one wedge and clear cz to the opposite wedge, price changes, new merchandise, change of display of large hoops, and so on. I bet we have about 20things that we have to complete within the next week .... 3 of them being major ... major meaning like 2 days each task.

Now changing signage may not sound like a major project but ... have you ever been to a piercing pagoda, plumb gold, silver & gold connection, or a piercing pagoda +? Well if there is one in a mall near you, visit it and look at all the signs that we have there! Count one case (even though some have more than others ... they're close in amount of signage) and times that be like 8 (average total cases in each store)! Yeah then count all the towers (the things on top of the counter that spin) and times that by let's say an average of 9 .... then figure an average of 4 postcards (the big signs hanging off the light poles) and figure about how we have to dig through about 300 pieces of signage to find just the one you want! Yeah, now you see why it's major?

Now I know some of you are saying, "Wedge allocations? What the heck is that?"

Wedge allocations are papers (and now with colored photos, about 120 pages worth), that tell us what gets displayed where .... which means moving jewlery out the monkey's butt! It takes us about a week to finish these ... and our store is open 11 hours except sundays ... but figure we still have to do daily paperwork, serve customers, and other daily routines!

Now do you see how having a kiosk job is not as slow as almost everyone thinks we do .... there is NO time for standing around! NONE! Which I LOVE ... I hate not having anything to do! I can't sit still, I have to keep moving!

We're almost like being an in-line store (those are the stores like victoria's secret, foot locker {the best place in the world to buy your shoes}, Limited Too, Express, and so on ... get it? ... if not they're the ones with doors or gates they can put down in front of customers {they're NOT in the middle of the mall})!


Okay enough of that subject now to my last subject .. I know nobody probably even got this far because the rest was long enough! LOL!

Well as for Meggan, I decided that I am truly hurt by this whole mess ..... therefore, I decided that I want to tell her how I have felt about everything for the past 2 months and how I feel about the way she's been acting, the way I've been, and so on!

But I am a firm believer in the talking over writing but in this case I know I won't be able to follow through with it that way.

I can't call her because I'm a VERY emotional person and I will start crying before she even picks up the phone and I have too much too say that she'll have to cut me off for something, especially since when I cry I can't even breathe, when I have to deal with situations like this one. So I decided to write her a letter and drop it off at her house tomorrow ... that way I can say everything that I need to, I won't have to worry about any inconviences I may cause ... because she can read it when she feels like it, I won't get cut off, I won't have to worry about crying when I'm trying to spit everything out, and so on!

Well this entry is long enough and I have to get some sleep and get up tomorrow and write this letter to Meggan and take it to her house ... I'm sure she works open to close tomorrow ... So hopefully she won't be home when I drop it off .... I won't be able to look at her, and then tell her everything I have to say... because I'll get to emotionally worked up and things may be said that I don't mean!

Have a fabolous Thursday all!

Theresa needs some shut eye! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Oops .... maybe I should do that in bed after I finalize this entry! LOL!

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