Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Okay I'm not quite sure why I have to have the friends that treat me like crap and I never do anything about it, oh that answers my question .... because I obviously let them, so it's my fault. Anyways, I have to vent about this situation that I have not written anything about it yet in here.

There's this girl named Elizabeth, I met her from work, she works at the store acrossed from my stand. She works at 5~7~9! We became really close friends, in fact I said she was my best friend. We went every where together, we pretty much had the same work schedule, so we were always hanging out before, during, and after work. What I mean by during, is not that I meant that I didn't do my job, just that we would take breaks together, run our errands together so on and so forth. We always went out to eat together, shopping, and even spent our days off together. (EWWWW, this makes me sound gay, but just a little side note: I don't like girls, I AM A GIRL! I just tend to spend alot of time with my friends because I don't have a boyfriend, because I emotionally would not be able to handle it.) I didn't pay close attention to who she really was. I missed all the signals of how things would truly turn out if I kept talking to her. Now comes the horrible part ........ I called her on a sunday, about 3 or 4 weeks ago, I was practically bawling about something (I don't remember what, but I have a good idea), well she was TOTALLY ignoring me, she was talking to her fiance about marinating a steak for him, was not listening to a darn word I said, as I sat there pouring my heart out to her and needing her to listening. Was she? Hell no, not even close to it. A couple weeks before this is when our friendship had starting getting rocky. She would start ignoring me, and interupting me when this other girl (in which by the way, I HATE!), I don't care that they were friends, I'm not that type of person to say, "your either friends with me or them .... and by the way it's me, you just can't talk to them anymore as long as your my friend." I don't do that sh!t, it's for the middle school kids, not us grown a** adults. Well anyways, I'm going to give this other girl a nickname (which half the people in the mall actually do call her, and if you met her you would understand why), I'm going to call her "boobie girl!"(side note: she ALWAYS has her tits hanging out of her shirt, which by the way is very inappropriate to be doing when you work in the mall, or almost anywhere) Well, whenever "boobie girl" comes around, Elizabeth would cut me off, ignore me, walk away, or whatever to turn to "boobie girl"!

I always felt like "Roll out the red carpet, Her comes "BOOOOOOOOOOBIE GIRL"! (sorry I had to do that for laughs, even though it didn't work)

Back to the story, well naturally I got SICK off it. I hated that if it wasn't "boobie girl" then, it was her dogs or fiance if she was home. There were numerous times that I just wanted to hang up on her and not say anything. Well the day finally came, where I couldn't take her shit anymore. It was the day I was practically bawling about something 3-4 weeks ago. When she starting talking to her fiance about making him a steak, I couldn't take it anymore, that was it. I hung the phone up on her.

(Another side note: if she was a TRUE friend she would've called me back.)

Did she call back? What do you think? NO! I sat there, really crying now. I was flaming pissed off. I couldn't (but should've) believe she did that to me. I mean really who does that to their "friend". Maybe that's just it .... maybe I never was her friend. WHATEVER! I DON"T CARE ANYMORE!

So the next day we both opened our stores, I was putting out the jewelry in the rounders, when she yelled over, 'so what happened to your phone last night?' I replied, (not wanting to deal with the situation, so I wasn't sure of what was going to come out of my mouth, until it was out), "It died on me." She states, "Oh I was starting to think you hung up on me." (uh-o, she caught me) Well by the way my phone had 3 bars (full), and 6 bars reception (as high as it gets). So then she kept talking I don't remember about what. I grapped my depoist and put my "be right back" sign up, and I started walking out the kiosk to run my depoist to my Adopt-A-Pagoda store, thinking that if I kept moving she would get the point and SHUT-UP! Man was I wrong, AGAIN! Well, I was about three stores down, and she says, "Hey, wanna run up to Gloria Jeans?" Well I replied (rudely), "I have counts and alot of other things to do today, and you know it takes me all day to do them." (another side note: it takes me like a hour or two (tops) to do the counts) She says, "You're no fun anymore." HA  HA! Time for the perfect comeback NOW Theresa! I came back with, "I know, and it's intended to be that way." GREAT JOB THERESA! Well, my back was turned, but I'm sure she was surprised for me to be acting this way towards her. Well guess what? I can only take so much then I lash back at you. So, we went all this time without talking. Not even saying hi to each other. She had been giving me dirty looks, but I would roll my eyes, turn my back to her and go back to doing my job. ( I know I shouldn't have feed into her stupidness, but oh well) So today, it was a pretty bad morning, but I wasn't going to let it affect my day. Until it happened! Then it became a HORRIBLE day! She comes walking over to the stand, it's about 11:00am, and says, "Look I'm sorry for everything I've done lately. I know I haven't been that great of a freind." (WHOA, your damn right you haven't, but it's toooooooooooooooooo late now) Well, I just stared at her. I wasn't saying I'm sorry for anything, not because I'm stubborn or that I think I don't have to apoligize, it's because if she hadn't acted the way she did, I wouldn't had to have acted the way I did. I'm not sorry for anything I did. So she kept going on about how she knows this isn't an excuse, but she's been going through alot latley (your right that's not an excuse at ALL, because if it as all like that, then how comes, she could la dee da around with "boobie girl" and Paula {her manager, they a** kiss each other, and break so many rules, it's terrible} all the damn time)? Then I told her about the whole I did hang up on her that night, and she was like I knew you did, and I told you I don't know how many times that I hate when people hang up on me, and I told her about how rude she had been to me the past couple months, and about there were about 5 or 6 other times that I wanted to hang up on her, but I didn't, because I was trying to be respectful, even if she couldn't be to me. Well, I told her I couldn't do it anymore, so I hung up. I told her that I said what I said the following day about not having fun, because my job means more to me than getting her a damn gloria jeans chiller. I told her how I felt about the whole "boobie girl" thing, and of course she didn't realize it. Well I'm a very emtional person, so this whole time I was bawling my eyes out in the middle of the mall, as people walk past. So she was like, "Don't cry! I didn't come over here to make you cry." I said, "This has nothing to do with you, I'm not crying because of you, you're not worth it, I'm crying because I'm emtional, and I have alot of other serious things going on right now, and you want to add on to them." Well, to end this whole on going story ( I know your sick of by now). I had a customer, then someone went in her store, so that took me away from that for a minute. Well our customers leave, and she comes back over and I was in the middle of counting a tray (yep, it was count day again), and she interrupted me (like always), and she asked me what time I got off of work and I said "5:30" and she must not have heard me because then she said it again, and again I said, "5:30". She them replies, "Well that's the time I get off too, so do you want to talk about it then?" I was ready to say anything just to get her away from my stand. So I said sure we could talk about it later. Well Kara, one of the part-timers from 5~7~9 (that I hadn't seen in awhile) stopped by and said hi and was asking my advice on something. Well, here comes "Queen Elizabeth," and again I started to feel like I was trash again and Kara starts talking to her and Elizabeth said, "I'm leaving early, but call me when you get off?" HA HA, she must've been practicing to be a stand up comedian with that joke! I looked at her like she had jsust said the dumbest thing ever, and said, "I'll try, but I doubt I will. I have more important things to worry about." FINALLY it was done with her for the day. She walked away and didn't say anything. Kara looked a little confused because I don't think any of the girls over there really knew what was going on between us two. Well, needless to say, I didn't call her tonight. I didn't realize what I was saying when I said that to her, and I didn't realize how mean it was until, I was telling Meggan about it, and she was like, "Oh my god! You said that to her?" I said, (confused), "Yeah!" Meggan replied, "You go girl." Then I realized what I said and how mean it was, which was a hour and a half later. I already deleted her number from my phone, even though I know it by heart. Before I deleted it, I was just going to change the name as, "The Devil's Calling!" But I just deleted it. Well the more I thought about it tonight I was going to put that in there just in case she called me. Even though I knew she wouldn't, and if she did, I would DECLINE her call. She can talk to my voicemail. Or maybe she should've called so I could've ignored her and talked to my cats. Well that was that. And I'm not writing any more because that was long enough and your probably saying, "Damn she just goes on and on, like the energizer bunny."

Good night everyone, and I hope your friends don't treat you like this.

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

What a day, what a day!

Today was a pretty useless day as always in my life. I slept into about 11:00am, which NEVER happens. I'm usually up at like 8:00am. But it felt GREAT to sleep in that late. I called Andrea when I got up. We both got ready and she came and picked me up, we went to wal-mart at the west manchester mall (which I'll explain a little something about that mall wal-mart), got a few things, saw a girl from high school that I will comment on later. I went to wal-mart to get some cameras developed in the one hour photo center, and they said their processor was broke (that pissed me off so bad). I wanted to get this film developed because it was pictures from Flordia and when I first moved back home and I went to my sisters aprtment and took pictures there of everybody. Anyways, then we walked around to chick-fil-a and had lunch and then we left. We went back to Andrea's house and watched their home video, which is mainly of Andrea's 10 month old daughter Johanna Rose Berry. SHE IS SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! Then we watched Ben Afleck's "Surviving Christmas" then we sat on the floor, talked and played with miss rose berry (that's my nickname for Johanna) for about 2 hours. Now I'm sitting here writing this.

About the girl from high school, her name is Nicole, she lives 5 doors up from me. Her whole family is two-faced LIARS! She always made fun of people in high school about where they worked and how long they've been there. Well her butt works at WAL-MART! How she have room to make fun of anyone. She can't even keep a job, she changes jobs like every 2 months. it's been said that she steals from every job. Every job being a cashier postion. Well I guess I shouldn't be hating because at least she has  a job.

Now about the mall wal-mart. Yeah I'm sure you never heard of a wal-mart being IN a mall. Well the one that's closet to my house is a supercenter wal-mart that is attached to a mall. Before they made it a supercenter, there was a enterance to the mall. Now it doesn't. Since, they made it a supercenter it also killed the business the in the mall (naturally, I mean why wouldn't it)?  That mall is so CRAPPY now. It helps my mall (the one I work at), keep looking the best in york. YEAH! GO YORK GALLERIA MALL!

Enough of all that mumble jumble......I pretty much had the same day today as yesterday. I got off work at 5:30 pm and went to Meggan's house, after going to Target (our favorite), I bought us dinner there. Then we went back to her apartment and watched tv until about 11:30pm, then I came home and went to bed.

Well I guess that's enough of that....I'm going to bed now...NITE NITE ALL!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

WOW! What a meeting!

Well the meeting today went pretty well. Lisa, the assistant for the store at the other end of the mall, and I pretty much ran the meeting. I mean Tammy (the manager) and Angela (the regional manager), brought up topics and Lisa and I pretty much covered everything to go with that subject. Well maybe I shouldn't even say that because they talked alot too. There actually wasn't that many outburst or anything! SUPRISINGLY! It was a GREAT meeting. We got alot covered and I usually leave feeling like, "Man I should've said this or that." Not today, I feel like I covered everything that I feel I was having problems with at my store. FINALLY some relieve of stress. maybe I can get a good nights sleep for a change.

After work I went to TARGET .... Oh yeah!  I bought some everyday necessities and 3 cds (Amerie ~ Touch, Nivea ~ Complicated, & The Game ~ The Documentry)

I went with my Aunt Rae that is up visiting from Flordia, her family came up here on vacation. I don't really get to talk to her much or hardly ever see her. But enough of mumbling on about useless things.

Well I'm going to go to bed now, have a great night everyone!

Okay there's a few pointers I must tell you about jewelry....

Okay first of all the longer you want the necklace, bracelet, or anklet the MORE it's going to cost. I mean to me it makes sense because the more gold you want the more you have to pay, because it's worth more. It's just like if you want the 1/2 carat versus the 1/4 carat. You will have to pay more for the 1/2 carat than the 1/4 carat.

Next, if you want an ear piercing you do  need a photo id .... I mean that even makes sense to me. Even if you're just signing for your daughter .... why? Because somebody can say they're your daughters mom .... but they're are not, they're your daughters best friend's mom. Then you get mad because we pierced your daughters ear and didn't throughly make sure she was the mother, then you sue us. BAM! Then whoever does the piercing gets fired ...... and just a little memo, it won't be me. NO ID = NO PIERCING

Also, if you use a credit card to pay and the signature doesn't match, that means I need to see your id. Why? How do I know if the credit card you just used is not stolen. Because if your card was stolen and I would not check id, you (the owner of the card) would be pissed because we didn't check id when the signatures don't match. I mean that all makes sense to me. So for your protection DON'T get mad when I ask for id. One more side note for this topic, NO we can not accept spouses cards either, how do we know you two didn't separate?

Body jewelry ..... NO returns, exchanges, merchandise credit, or anything, once that sale is finalized and that receipt prints, it's YOURS! Why? think about it ..... if you buy a tongue ring and want to return it, how do we know if you wore it? Would you want to buy a tongue ring and have to worry about if someone else wore it. GROSS!

One of the most common sense ones yet .....  NO reciept = No return or exchange

I guess that's about all for now ..... if I think of anymore I'll let you know each time I think of it. Thanks for your understanding!

I was going to write all this in here yesterday, but I was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too tired so I just closed it out and went to bed.

It was a pretty slow day yesterday as it has been lately, because everybody is spending money on clothes, shoes, and vacations .... Not jewelry!

Well I'm off to the store meeting we're having today, then I have to work after the meeting.

Have a great day everybody!

(I might write more later)

Friday, June 24, 2005


Well today was the most boring friday for me in a long ass time. I can't believe it was that boring. I had a slow day at work today .... why are you people not buying jewelry? I need to make my goals ..... after all I am the assistant manager, I of all people should have my numbers in.

The only thing that was pretty exciting for me today was that I got 3 days off for the fourth of July .... and fourth of July is a paid holiday. I also got off the weekend I requested so that I could go out of town that WHOLE weekend .... I'm going with Meggan to her dad's house ..... and there's NO RECEPTION there .... SWEET! Nobody can get ahold of me! All by myself with no DRAMA!

No Jenn (my most annoying neighbor), No work, No family, No neighbors, NOBODY .... but Meggan, her dad, and stepmom.

YEAH peace and quiet! FINALLY! A whole weekend off to myself. I get off at 5:30pm on friday,  have off saturday and sunday, then be back at work on monday at 9:30am! WHOOOO HOOOOOOO!

Hey I never ask for weekends off, hell not even one day out of the weekend. So I deserve it. I've been there for over a year and only had three request since I've been there (and that's including this fourth of july and that weekend off), so that means I only requested off one other time and that was like a month or two after I started there....Hell I didn't even request my birthday off. I worked on my birthday. I'm not this year. I'll be 21 and I'm going to have LOADS of fun!

I normally don't do the whole clubbing or partying scene shit, but damnit it's my 21st and who doesn't do that on their 21st? Seriously? I mean you would have to be like abnormal! Like I said I'm not a big drinking person, but I'm going to have fun the week I turn 21! But then I'll go back to my normal self .... no drinking, no clubbing, and NO partying! But you know once in like every 5 months or so .... I'm not going to say that I won't drink at all, just not like alot of young people my age. Where they think the only way to have fun is to drink and act stupid. Then they end up in REALLY BAD car accidents and kill some innocent person. That's just not my scene ...... I HATE getting in trouble nows it is and I already have bad luck so why would I even try soemthing like that and take my chances ...... that's it I have the perfect idea .... I WON'T! It's not only that they do but plenty other bad things like critical fights, killings, shootings, just all out CRAZINESS!

Anyways enough of that crap ..... blah blah blah ..... that's all I was doing .... damn it Theresa, shut the hell up, would you?

Okay I had to throw something silly in there before I say my goodbyes ...... I have to work a ten hour day tomorrow (great for sales)! So I' not complaining .... No way! I'm excited about that one! I LOVE working LONG days, I wish I could work doubles everyday. I LOVE WORKING! And it's not just because of the sales but I LOVE my job so naturally I love being there and I wish I could be there more often.

Have a great friday night and don't party too hard, and NO drinking and driving, it kills! Friends don't let freinds drive drunk!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Do we do body piercings? NOOOOOOO WAY!

No way do we do body piercings ...... THANK GOD! I think I would puke! I would have to be fired because I wouldn't be able to do those piercings. But piercing ears is fun ..... and yeah we do get alot of little girls. I've had a couple that screamed their heads off and I couldn't do the piercing because they won't stop, and they'll kick and scream and squirm all over the place.

..... comments on the fake $100 bill ....... I can't believe that guy said no one will know ..... WHAT WAS HE THINKING? People obvisously don't think before they talk or do things. Either that or they're that immature, and have no respect for anyone else. I just don't get people.


********My Day So Far********

Meggan texted me at 6:50 something this morning and woke me up. She was having another bad morning. Of course it has to happen on her last day at the coventry mall. She had to get up at 5:00 this moring to be there be 8:00, and of course there was an accident on thirty, and construction on the bridge. She has been having so much trouble with this traveling thing and that's why she's leaving and going back to Park City. YEAH, tomorrow is her first day back to Park City. So anyways, she's all pissed off because they gave a detour and ad no clue where she was and how to get back onto thirty because there was no signs. Hopefully she'll get to leave be 3 or 4:00pm!

Then I went back to sleep after talking to her for about an hour. Then I woke back up at 10:40am ...... and decided that it was time to get up. So then I called my friend Andrea. I got to talk to her mom as well ..... I LOVE HER MOM! Her dad was making strawberry shortcake ..... damn I want some Kehl, make some for me, I'll be up later tonight. I have to get motivated .... I need to go to Wal-Mart (I hate Wal-Mart, there's too many people there and they're all rude).

Alright I better go get ready for my day ahead .... Have a great one everybody!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

My biggest sale?

Well I was asked what my biggest sale ever was ...... honestly I don't even remember!!!! I would've had this sale once before that was almost $800.00 (at christmas time, it's was to big chains and two diamond rings ... all mens though)  but when I asked the YOUNG guy for his ID (anything over $250 we have to see photo id and fill out this checklist and attach it to the credit card slip), he said he didn't have it with him, he said it was in the car. I told him I could put it aside for him while he went and got this "ID" that was SUPPOSEDLY in his car. I doubt it was his card because the name was "Lindsey" on the card, yeah and he didn't look like no LINDSEY, if I say so myself. And he got all offensive when I asked for photo id, like they all do when it's stolen. Of course he never came back. But without that sale I think my highest sale was like almost $500.00.

That's pretty good considering the jewelry store I work for. We're not like Kays, Whitehall, Bailey Banks And Biddle, Gordons, Zales, or Reeds.

We're PIERCING PAGODA! YES that's right PIERCING PAGODA! We are owned by Zales though. And also in that company is other big jewelers such as Bailey Banks & Biddle (very high class), Gordons, and many others. Other Piercing Pagoda names are also Plumb Gold (that's me), Silver & Gold Connection, Piercing Pagoda too (there's like 2 of those), and Piercing Pagoda +! All of the piercing pagoda stores are the same ..... same merchandise (except volume wise, higher volume means bigger selection and bigger store as in displays .... obvisously), same price, SAME EVERYTHING, just different locations in the mall and different names, and sometimes they have they're own staff.

Now the store I work for has two stores in the mall and we're under a mall manager program. Which means ONE manager, TWO stores! So since I pretty much have the lower volume store I get to pretty much run the store by myself. I see my manager once every three days probably, unless she comes pretty much everyday, just shorter timespands.

But now back to Piercing pagoda and who we are .... Many of you have heard of us, we do the best piercings ever ....... That's why I started working there, because I got all my piercings done at this company when I was growing up. Now I'm an Assistant Manager there.

I was offered the Managers position at another store and declined because of the store they handed me. UGH! What were they thinking trying to give me that store ..... I can do soooooooooo much better than that! AND THEY KNOW IT! My manager even told me that, she's happy I didn't take the position. Even though that's 1/2 because she doesn't want me to leave her EVER!

Enough of that now! I LOVE MY JOB! I just hate half the people there! Okay so I wish two would quit today, right now, right this second. Then I could slowly handle getting rid of the other girl. THEN, I would be the HAPPIEST person on the WHOLE ENTIRE EARTH!

So me and Meggan had Maggie Moos Ice Cream again today after work .... After she came in to my job and was freaking out about having to close her windows at her apartment and her moms house. So Tammy said I could leave 20 minutes early (which was when Meggan came in). So we rush across town, go to her apartment close the windows, then we go to her moms house and close the windows, then Meggan made us something to eat while we were there (Teriyaki Chicken and rice), then that's when we went for ice cream. Then we went for a walk around the fairgrounds, then back to her apartment to eat more freeze pops again today. Then we watched "Dancing with the stars". YEAH FINALLY RACHEL is gone. I didn't like her and I thought she was cheating because she'd be doing crappy and the others would be doing great and the scoring was backwards of how they performed (every week). Well she got voted off tonight. Now I'm here typing this entry. But I'm going to go to bed now beacuse I'm about to go to sleep just sitting here typing .....



Oh yeah! Get off here first then go to bed. Sorry!



Have a wonderful day tomorrow as well!

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Good Tuesday Morning All!

My day yesterday? Well I got to work and realized not only did I have counts to do ....... but I had a FULL store count to do. The only thing we don't count in our full store count is precious stones (not including diamonds), stainless steel, and gold rings. We have to count gold chains (which contains the following, necklaces, bracelets,  anklets), diamonds, anything gold priced $149.99 and over, gold charms, gold earrings, sterling silver, piercing earrings, and body jewelry. But it doesn't take me long to do the count. I also remembered to enter the counts into the P.O.S. ....... YEAH!

I deserve a brownie for that. So who's treating?  Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Friendly's! I LOVE FRIENDLY'S! I could eat there right now....... we step back into reality.

My day yesterday was good. After work I went to Starlite Diner (yep, Meggan and I did it again) and what do you think we went for? Grilled cheese with french fries. I know it's the easiest meal to make at home but nobody can make a better grilled cheese or better fries than Starlite Diner. Then of course we got sundaes.....and nope we didn't get our usual there. She got the oreo cookie and I got the wild strawberry. I couldn't even finish the rest of mine so Meggan ate some of it then she decided that she didn't want anymore either. We were so hyper it wasn't even funny so this one ederly lady thought we were seriously fighting a couple different times. It was a CLASSIC. After that we went for a walk around the fairgrounds. We have not done that in a looooooooonnnnnnnnnnnggggg time. Then we went back to her house and ate popcorn and freezepops, and watched tv.

Today? Nothing has really happened s far today. I got a great nights sleep so I woke up at 8:30 and then I texted Meggan "good morning" just because I knew she was on her way to work. She has shakedown today......boring. She has to work all day. Then has an audit tomorrow. Work all day Thursday. THEN IT HAPPENS! Friday she starts back at PARK CITY!  YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Meggan will be back to hernormal hyper self. Nobody can wait. Park City is excited to have her back.

I have to train Jamie one last time. Thursday she is all be herself for the first time. I know she'll do well.

I guess that's about it. Have a great day all........

Monday, June 20, 2005

A Sunday off ...... is this a joke?

My day yesterday was pretty good considering all I did was play a game on the computer and watch t.v. Then when Meggan got home from work I went over to her house and we ate FREZZE POPS ...... YEAH! I love those things. Then we had Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough ice cream, Ummmmmmmmm my favorite flavor. We watched the simpsons, family guy, and american dad. That was it for yesterday.


So far this morning it seems as if it will be a great day. It's nice outside, which means hot in the mall though, but that's okay.....I'll make it good. I have counts to do. *Don't forget to enter them today* My mall manager is back from vacation, well she really wasn't on vacation she was using vacation time for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. So we'll get to tlak today hopefully about the weekend....even though she pretty much already knows everything because me and her kept in contact. We even went shopping Friday after I got off. Well I got to run out the door for work. I'll write more after work.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Another bad day in the life of Theresa!

Well my day yesterday was the worst day ever in my whole entire life. I woke up with my neck and back hurting...and after being up so long I got a headache. I went to work the person that closed the store at the other end of the mall left a piece of jewelry laying out on the contertop all night long and I saw it when I came in, so I left a note for Lisa when she came in about it. I had a HUGE argument with cingular. I had an an argument with the manager at Gordons, because I lost points because of him on my L.P. Audit, because he refuses to fill out the Adopt-A-Pagoda sheet. Just because he doesn't want to run his store properly doesn't mean I don't want to. He may let his staff basically do whatever they want, where my staff does everything by the book. My mall manager (the one that looks over both stores, not the actual mall manager, just our company's mall manager) is on vacation. One of the sales associate keeps lashing out at my and I'm going to have a tlak with her sometime this week, because she is not going to treat me like that anymore, I won't have it. i don't treat her that way so I don't expect her to treat me like that. I forgot to enter my counts into the P.O.S. yesterday. So I just entered them today. I did GREAT in sales yesterday, I had a $259.99 layaway pickup, and good sales all day long. I ended up at $752.82 with personal sales yesterday. I only need $300.00 to catch up for the month, and I need almost 30 piercings for the month. I really would love to make my goal this month all around not just dollars, but both. MORE COMMISSION BABY!

As for today, it was a pretty decent day. Jamie did her first piercing today and she did fantastic. SHE DIDN'T EVEN SHAKE AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so proud of her, I praised her all night long. I really hope that she works out well, unlike the past couple bad apples we've been receiving. I made my goal again today, piercings and dollar amount (at least at store 489 I did, I'm not sure about store 218). Neither store 218 nor 489 made plan tonight. With father's day being tomorrow, I hope our store is busy and blows out the numbers. We're only negative $40.00 as a total. Hopefully we can make that up again this week.

I'm hopeful because I'm hoping two particualr girls will end up leaving, and I what I mean by that is I hope they quit. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!! GET RID OF THEM!!!!!! They only make our store look horrible.

Well I guess that pretty much sums that up. I'll write in here tomorrow. THANKFULLY I finally have a sunday off. YEAH!


Thursday, June 16, 2005

A day off after 14 days of working straight.....

Good Thursday Morning!

Well I had a great nights sleep and woke up early for it being my day off. I got up at 5 minutes until 8:00am. I texted my best friend Meggan when I got up and she's having a bad day ...... so she called me and vented. I wish she could find happiness and make the right decision. I know she wants her own store but I don't think this is the one for her. I think she should go back to being a AM for Park City. And wait for a better store to open up. I wish her the best of luck in this decision.

I tried teaching my parents dog how to play fetch this morning. Tabby just wasn't getting it. Chocolate already knows how to do it, he just didn't want to this morning, so that's why I tried to teach Tabby. It was just a difficult task, considering Tabby is a very active dog, all she wanted to do was run around the yard in a circle.

I have absolutely nothing to do today ..... how boring! I need to find something to do today ..... other than sit around my house with my stupid mother.

Well I guess I'm going to go find something to do ..... maybe I'll write more later.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! Maggie Moos Ice Cream!

Well Tuesday didn't have anything too major happen. Andrea and I (and Johanna of course), went to the market for lunch then I went to work. I had to train Jamie ...... She's has like the best personality, besides Meggan. Meggan has the top (#1) personality. It was a great day in sales, at least for me. That about rounds it up for tuesday.

As for today ...... it was FANTASTIC. I only worked 5 hours. When I got off of work Meggan and I went for Maggie Moos Ice Cream, then we went back to her apartment to pack. *she's moving in a month and a half* I don't want her to go, but I also can't hold her back from her dreams and being a better person. Plus, this is a natural part of life ..... friends moving away. I mean I did it twice ..... both of them being out of state (1,100 miles away to be exact). Then we went to the car dealership to see Deaven and Davin. Then we went over to test drive her 2006 eclipse AGAIN ..... only this time in the black. Then we went to visit Janice at the west man., then we went to TARGET (hair stuff, dinner, dessert, and a few other things), then we went to her mom's house, then back to Meggan's apartment for dinner and to chill for a little while. I just got home about 20 minutes ago (which makes it about 11:15pm that I got home). I have OFF tomorrow, FINALLY, after 14 days straight. Meggan has to pull a double. :*( Well the only really bad thing about today was that my sales sucked and some ugly jamacian guy got smart with me because I was off the clock and not helping him. WHATEVER!

But that pretty much sums it up!

Have a good night everybody!

Monday, June 13, 2005

Monday? Already? Shopping again? OH NO!

Well good morning everyone! I hope that it will be a fantastic day today. I finally got to talk to Meggan last night, she called me back at 11:54pm and she was like falling asleep so we didn't talk very long. She said she wanted to go for something to eat but she ended up on the phone and by the time we actually got to talk it was tooo late. Enough with yesterday, it's behind us now.....

I have to do all these counts at work today. I don't have to train though. I have to trrain tomorrow. I have alot of cleaning up to do around the store today, since everyone else has been slacking.

Well I don't really have much more to say for now so I'll try to write more later tonight.


Good evening all! Well I had a REALLY good day today. I picked up my layaway from K-mart, got 3 pair of pants and 2 shirts from Lane Bryant, got a few pair of shoes from the hair depot, and got even more clothes at K-mart while I was still there ...... clothes ....... Ummmmmmmmm I love clothes!  I even bought Meggan a shirt that I thought she would LOVE!


DAMN IT! Why can't I stop shopping ...... especailly when it comes to buying for others.

I had a decent day at work today. I didn't have any sales though .... well I had two or three that totaled to like $50.00 ..... WOW! How depressing ..... if any of you would like to help my out come to my store and spend $700.00 so I can get back on point for the month. I would greatly appreciate it. :-P

Well I don't have anything else to say.

Holla at ya later!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Ewwwwwwww! Sunday's!

Yesterday was a horrible day, everything major happend. I got up at like 9:00 am because Meggan called and woke me up so I talked to her, while I was on the phone with her my sister called and my phone hung up on her....Yeah! Because we were just arguing a tiny bit anyways. So she called back and I rejected the call and kept talking to Meggan. Then I got ready for work and my sister came over to see my mom and we ended up getting into a HUGE argument. My sister started to cry then she left, when she was walking out the door she said that she gave up and doesn't care if we ever talk again.  (Here's a little mental note for you Becky ..... I HOPE WE DON"T ..... BECAUSE I HATE YOU JUST AS MUCH AS I HATE 3/4 OF OUR FAMILY)  Lisa picked me up around 12:30-12:45pm then we went to Laurie's house for her daughters baby shower. Then me and Lisa left because we had to be at work by 1:30 pm. I dropped a bracelet tray, opened a cabinet and everything fell out, picked a box of sale bags up and all the bags fell out, dropped party animals flowers, got something on my shirt, took to long on my break, took too long closing, and I had to train.  All of this upon all the smart ass customers at work too. Meggan did come to see me at the mall and she asked me for a hug and I almost cried. While I was gone at Gordon's some stupid rude ass customer came along and I had to deal with her when I got back ..... I was only gone for 5 fucking minutes, it's not like it was a half hour. STOP being so damn moody, wait 5 minutes, you're not going to die, have some damn patience.

My day today is like it normally is on sundays ....... SHITTY!  If I have to work then it's shitty for the following reasons: 1. We NEVER make goal 2. I never know how I'm going to get home, because whoever is supossed to pick me up never shows up and I bet it's  just  a coincidence, or is it? 3. Today is was extra shitty because I had to train, and I hate training ..... nothing against you Jamie because you're cool as shit. Anyways if I have off it's shitty because if I have off everybody else is working, which means that I have nothing to do, and I HATE my house, so I always have to try tofindsomething to do.

Then, my best friend texted me around 5 and asked me if I wanted to go for ice cream when she got back from her dads around 8 or 9, and I said sure. Well I had nothing to do for the next like 2-3 hours so I called my friend Kayli to see if she wanted to do somehting. So we went to her grandmothers house, I didn't think that there's was anything wrong with finding something to occupy myself with until Meggan got back. So anyways Meggan calls me at like 8:30pm and I told her where I was and she was like, "Where is that at?" I told her that it was like 2 mins. away from the mall and she said, "Well I'm not driving the whole way out there."  And I said,  "You don't have to." We were getting ready to leave anyways, because I told Kayli that I had to meet up with Meggan later to go get ice cream. So Meggan seemed really pissed off, which I don't understand why ..... I was just occupying my empty time slots with something to do with one of my friends. I don't see the big problem. So I called her when we left, like as soon as we got in the car. And she said she had somebody coming over to her house, and that she would call me when they left. I was like whatever. I didn't say that even though I felt like it. I've already been emotional about the situation with her and now something stupid like this happens. WHATEVER!

I feel like here lately I can't satisfy anybody anymore. And you know what I don't really care anymore because I can't possibly please everyone. This is who I am and if you don't like it then too damn bad, and don't talk to me anymore.

I purposely hung up on one of my friends today and accidently on the other, but they were both pissing me off so I didn't call either of them back ..... OH WELL!

I'm starting to HATE my job. I HATE almost everyone that I work with because almost all of them think that they don't have to follow rules for some reason. Rules are made for a reason so, FOLLOW THEM. I don't care how long you've worked there, how pretty (you think) you are, how much you party, or how many jobs you work. FOLLOW THE DAMN RULES. I have to follow themand so do you. If we didn't have rules what kind of business would we be running? What kind of world would we be living in? EXACTLY! So do me a HUGE favor and follow the rules. That's what they are there for, to be followed.

Well I'm going to call Meggan back and then go to bed because there's nothing else to do.

Holla at ya later! (unless something else happens)

So I call Meggan back and she didn't answer the phone, I called within 15 mins. and then I texted her and asked her if she was still awake, and she texted me back and said hold on I'm on the phone with my stepsister. I don't know what's going on here but whatever! (I'll fill in more later or tomorrow)

Friday, June 10, 2005

Training? Your first day? What?

Today was a decent day today...not the greatest but I never has those days anymore anyways.

Well first manager never told me I was training anyone first thing this morning. So when the new girl shows up and says that she's to be working there and be trained today, and she says, "Am I to be at this store or the other one?" And I said, "I have no idea where your supposed to be because I didn't even know that anyone new was starting today. Let me call my manager and find out what's going on." Just as I go to call my manager the phone rings....I knew it would be my manager.....WELL it was indeed my manager. She said, "I'm so sorry, all that talking we did yesterday and I forgot to mention that you were going to be training today..... blah blah blah....." So I had to train this girl which seems like she's going to really work out.....she is always asking questions and wanting to do things hands-on.....anyways enough about the new girl.

Then today was the first day that my BEST friend started at her new store as the manager...which is 2 hours away..... :((  I'm going to miss her because even though she still lives by my house, she's never going to have time to hang out and when she does have time she's going to want to rest not hang out. I know it's the best for her, and I'm not trying to be selfish but I feel like I'm always losing my best friends because of moving. I still wish her the best of luck in all that she does but I get (wipes a tear away) very emotional (another tear) about this when I think or talk about it.

Another thing was it was HOT ........ and I get really moody when I'm hot. So that explains my moodiness. But I guess that was pretty much the extent of my day.

Holla at ya later!