Wednesday, June 22, 2005

My biggest sale?

Well I was asked what my biggest sale ever was ...... honestly I don't even remember!!!! I would've had this sale once before that was almost $800.00 (at christmas time, it's was to big chains and two diamond rings ... all mens though)  but when I asked the YOUNG guy for his ID (anything over $250 we have to see photo id and fill out this checklist and attach it to the credit card slip), he said he didn't have it with him, he said it was in the car. I told him I could put it aside for him while he went and got this "ID" that was SUPPOSEDLY in his car. I doubt it was his card because the name was "Lindsey" on the card, yeah and he didn't look like no LINDSEY, if I say so myself. And he got all offensive when I asked for photo id, like they all do when it's stolen. Of course he never came back. But without that sale I think my highest sale was like almost $500.00.

That's pretty good considering the jewelry store I work for. We're not like Kays, Whitehall, Bailey Banks And Biddle, Gordons, Zales, or Reeds.

We're PIERCING PAGODA! YES that's right PIERCING PAGODA! We are owned by Zales though. And also in that company is other big jewelers such as Bailey Banks & Biddle (very high class), Gordons, and many others. Other Piercing Pagoda names are also Plumb Gold (that's me), Silver & Gold Connection, Piercing Pagoda too (there's like 2 of those), and Piercing Pagoda +! All of the piercing pagoda stores are the same ..... same merchandise (except volume wise, higher volume means bigger selection and bigger store as in displays .... obvisously), same price, SAME EVERYTHING, just different locations in the mall and different names, and sometimes they have they're own staff.

Now the store I work for has two stores in the mall and we're under a mall manager program. Which means ONE manager, TWO stores! So since I pretty much have the lower volume store I get to pretty much run the store by myself. I see my manager once every three days probably, unless she comes pretty much everyday, just shorter timespands.

But now back to Piercing pagoda and who we are .... Many of you have heard of us, we do the best piercings ever ....... That's why I started working there, because I got all my piercings done at this company when I was growing up. Now I'm an Assistant Manager there.

I was offered the Managers position at another store and declined because of the store they handed me. UGH! What were they thinking trying to give me that store ..... I can do soooooooooo much better than that! AND THEY KNOW IT! My manager even told me that, she's happy I didn't take the position. Even though that's 1/2 because she doesn't want me to leave her EVER!

Enough of that now! I LOVE MY JOB! I just hate half the people there! Okay so I wish two would quit today, right now, right this second. Then I could slowly handle getting rid of the other girl. THEN, I would be the HAPPIEST person on the WHOLE ENTIRE EARTH!

So me and Meggan had Maggie Moos Ice Cream again today after work .... After she came in to my job and was freaking out about having to close her windows at her apartment and her moms house. So Tammy said I could leave 20 minutes early (which was when Meggan came in). So we rush across town, go to her apartment close the windows, then we go to her moms house and close the windows, then Meggan made us something to eat while we were there (Teriyaki Chicken and rice), then that's when we went for ice cream. Then we went for a walk around the fairgrounds, then back to her apartment to eat more freeze pops again today. Then we watched "Dancing with the stars". YEAH FINALLY RACHEL is gone. I didn't like her and I thought she was cheating because she'd be doing crappy and the others would be doing great and the scoring was backwards of how they performed (every week). Well she got voted off tonight. Now I'm here typing this entry. But I'm going to go to bed now beacuse I'm about to go to sleep just sitting here typing .....



Oh yeah! Get off here first then go to bed. Sorry!



Have a wonderful day tomorrow as well!

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dazeychic said...

LOL at the guy who went to gte his license! People just have NO shame do they! Silly!!! We had a young guy at the flower shop that tried to give me a fakey 100 dollar bill! I just laughed at him..."This is fake man! I cant take this!"
And you know what he said to me?
"Why not? No one else knows."

Uh! I shoulda called the cops but I let him go..

Anyway Piercing sounds so much fun! You must get little girls in there all the time! Do you do wild piercings like lips and stuff too? Ekkk!

Well, Im off to visit some more journals...YOU take care and YUM! I want a freezy now! hahah! I loved those things!