Friday, June 24, 2005


Well today was the most boring friday for me in a long ass time. I can't believe it was that boring. I had a slow day at work today .... why are you people not buying jewelry? I need to make my goals ..... after all I am the assistant manager, I of all people should have my numbers in.

The only thing that was pretty exciting for me today was that I got 3 days off for the fourth of July .... and fourth of July is a paid holiday. I also got off the weekend I requested so that I could go out of town that WHOLE weekend .... I'm going with Meggan to her dad's house ..... and there's NO RECEPTION there .... SWEET! Nobody can get ahold of me! All by myself with no DRAMA!

No Jenn (my most annoying neighbor), No work, No family, No neighbors, NOBODY .... but Meggan, her dad, and stepmom.

YEAH peace and quiet! FINALLY! A whole weekend off to myself. I get off at 5:30pm on friday,  have off saturday and sunday, then be back at work on monday at 9:30am! WHOOOO HOOOOOOO!

Hey I never ask for weekends off, hell not even one day out of the weekend. So I deserve it. I've been there for over a year and only had three request since I've been there (and that's including this fourth of july and that weekend off), so that means I only requested off one other time and that was like a month or two after I started there....Hell I didn't even request my birthday off. I worked on my birthday. I'm not this year. I'll be 21 and I'm going to have LOADS of fun!

I normally don't do the whole clubbing or partying scene shit, but damnit it's my 21st and who doesn't do that on their 21st? Seriously? I mean you would have to be like abnormal! Like I said I'm not a big drinking person, but I'm going to have fun the week I turn 21! But then I'll go back to my normal self .... no drinking, no clubbing, and NO partying! But you know once in like every 5 months or so .... I'm not going to say that I won't drink at all, just not like alot of young people my age. Where they think the only way to have fun is to drink and act stupid. Then they end up in REALLY BAD car accidents and kill some innocent person. That's just not my scene ...... I HATE getting in trouble nows it is and I already have bad luck so why would I even try soemthing like that and take my chances ...... that's it I have the perfect idea .... I WON'T! It's not only that they do but plenty other bad things like critical fights, killings, shootings, just all out CRAZINESS!

Anyways enough of that crap ..... blah blah blah ..... that's all I was doing .... damn it Theresa, shut the hell up, would you?

Okay I had to throw something silly in there before I say my goodbyes ...... I have to work a ten hour day tomorrow (great for sales)! So I' not complaining .... No way! I'm excited about that one! I LOVE working LONG days, I wish I could work doubles everyday. I LOVE WORKING! And it's not just because of the sales but I LOVE my job so naturally I love being there and I wish I could be there more often.

Have a great friday night and don't party too hard, and NO drinking and driving, it kills! Friends don't let freinds drive drunk!

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