Sunday, June 26, 2005

Okay there's a few pointers I must tell you about jewelry....

Okay first of all the longer you want the necklace, bracelet, or anklet the MORE it's going to cost. I mean to me it makes sense because the more gold you want the more you have to pay, because it's worth more. It's just like if you want the 1/2 carat versus the 1/4 carat. You will have to pay more for the 1/2 carat than the 1/4 carat.

Next, if you want an ear piercing you do  need a photo id .... I mean that even makes sense to me. Even if you're just signing for your daughter .... why? Because somebody can say they're your daughters mom .... but they're are not, they're your daughters best friend's mom. Then you get mad because we pierced your daughters ear and didn't throughly make sure she was the mother, then you sue us. BAM! Then whoever does the piercing gets fired ...... and just a little memo, it won't be me. NO ID = NO PIERCING

Also, if you use a credit card to pay and the signature doesn't match, that means I need to see your id. Why? How do I know if the credit card you just used is not stolen. Because if your card was stolen and I would not check id, you (the owner of the card) would be pissed because we didn't check id when the signatures don't match. I mean that all makes sense to me. So for your protection DON'T get mad when I ask for id. One more side note for this topic, NO we can not accept spouses cards either, how do we know you two didn't separate?

Body jewelry ..... NO returns, exchanges, merchandise credit, or anything, once that sale is finalized and that receipt prints, it's YOURS! Why? think about it ..... if you buy a tongue ring and want to return it, how do we know if you wore it? Would you want to buy a tongue ring and have to worry about if someone else wore it. GROSS!

One of the most common sense ones yet .....  NO reciept = No return or exchange

I guess that's about all for now ..... if I think of anymore I'll let you know each time I think of it. Thanks for your understanding!

I was going to write all this in here yesterday, but I was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too tired so I just closed it out and went to bed.

It was a pretty slow day yesterday as it has been lately, because everybody is spending money on clothes, shoes, and vacations .... Not jewelry!

Well I'm off to the store meeting we're having today, then I have to work after the meeting.

Have a great day everybody!

(I might write more later)

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