Thursday, June 23, 2005

Do we do body piercings? NOOOOOOO WAY!

No way do we do body piercings ...... THANK GOD! I think I would puke! I would have to be fired because I wouldn't be able to do those piercings. But piercing ears is fun ..... and yeah we do get alot of little girls. I've had a couple that screamed their heads off and I couldn't do the piercing because they won't stop, and they'll kick and scream and squirm all over the place.

..... comments on the fake $100 bill ....... I can't believe that guy said no one will know ..... WHAT WAS HE THINKING? People obvisously don't think before they talk or do things. Either that or they're that immature, and have no respect for anyone else. I just don't get people.


********My Day So Far********

Meggan texted me at 6:50 something this morning and woke me up. She was having another bad morning. Of course it has to happen on her last day at the coventry mall. She had to get up at 5:00 this moring to be there be 8:00, and of course there was an accident on thirty, and construction on the bridge. She has been having so much trouble with this traveling thing and that's why she's leaving and going back to Park City. YEAH, tomorrow is her first day back to Park City. So anyways, she's all pissed off because they gave a detour and ad no clue where she was and how to get back onto thirty because there was no signs. Hopefully she'll get to leave be 3 or 4:00pm!

Then I went back to sleep after talking to her for about an hour. Then I woke back up at 10:40am ...... and decided that it was time to get up. So then I called my friend Andrea. I got to talk to her mom as well ..... I LOVE HER MOM! Her dad was making strawberry shortcake ..... damn I want some Kehl, make some for me, I'll be up later tonight. I have to get motivated .... I need to go to Wal-Mart (I hate Wal-Mart, there's too many people there and they're all rude).

Alright I better go get ready for my day ahead .... Have a great one everybody!

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