Saturday, June 18, 2005

Another bad day in the life of Theresa!

Well my day yesterday was the worst day ever in my whole entire life. I woke up with my neck and back hurting...and after being up so long I got a headache. I went to work the person that closed the store at the other end of the mall left a piece of jewelry laying out on the contertop all night long and I saw it when I came in, so I left a note for Lisa when she came in about it. I had a HUGE argument with cingular. I had an an argument with the manager at Gordons, because I lost points because of him on my L.P. Audit, because he refuses to fill out the Adopt-A-Pagoda sheet. Just because he doesn't want to run his store properly doesn't mean I don't want to. He may let his staff basically do whatever they want, where my staff does everything by the book. My mall manager (the one that looks over both stores, not the actual mall manager, just our company's mall manager) is on vacation. One of the sales associate keeps lashing out at my and I'm going to have a tlak with her sometime this week, because she is not going to treat me like that anymore, I won't have it. i don't treat her that way so I don't expect her to treat me like that. I forgot to enter my counts into the P.O.S. yesterday. So I just entered them today. I did GREAT in sales yesterday, I had a $259.99 layaway pickup, and good sales all day long. I ended up at $752.82 with personal sales yesterday. I only need $300.00 to catch up for the month, and I need almost 30 piercings for the month. I really would love to make my goal this month all around not just dollars, but both. MORE COMMISSION BABY!

As for today, it was a pretty decent day. Jamie did her first piercing today and she did fantastic. SHE DIDN'T EVEN SHAKE AT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so proud of her, I praised her all night long. I really hope that she works out well, unlike the past couple bad apples we've been receiving. I made my goal again today, piercings and dollar amount (at least at store 489 I did, I'm not sure about store 218). Neither store 218 nor 489 made plan tonight. With father's day being tomorrow, I hope our store is busy and blows out the numbers. We're only negative $40.00 as a total. Hopefully we can make that up again this week.

I'm hopeful because I'm hoping two particualr girls will end up leaving, and I what I mean by that is I hope they quit. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! HELP!!! GET RID OF THEM!!!!!! They only make our store look horrible.

Well I guess that pretty much sums that up. I'll write in here tomorrow. THANKFULLY I finally have a sunday off. YEAH!


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dazeychic said...

Aww Im sorry you had such bad, icky, gross days!!! But wow! You work with jewlery!? Thats fab!!! Looking at sparkly things all day...I'd get fired straight away cuz Id want to try everything on!! haha

I'll keep my fingers crossed that this week goes better!! Happy Sunday Off!!