Tuesday, June 28, 2005

What a day, what a day!

Today was a pretty useless day as always in my life. I slept into about 11:00am, which NEVER happens. I'm usually up at like 8:00am. But it felt GREAT to sleep in that late. I called Andrea when I got up. We both got ready and she came and picked me up, we went to wal-mart at the west manchester mall (which I'll explain a little something about that mall wal-mart), got a few things, saw a girl from high school that I will comment on later. I went to wal-mart to get some cameras developed in the one hour photo center, and they said their processor was broke (that pissed me off so bad). I wanted to get this film developed because it was pictures from Flordia and when I first moved back home and I went to my sisters aprtment and took pictures there of everybody. Anyways, then we walked around to chick-fil-a and had lunch and then we left. We went back to Andrea's house and watched their home video, which is mainly of Andrea's 10 month old daughter Johanna Rose Berry. SHE IS SOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! Then we watched Ben Afleck's "Surviving Christmas" then we sat on the floor, talked and played with miss rose berry (that's my nickname for Johanna) for about 2 hours. Now I'm sitting here writing this.

About the girl from high school, her name is Nicole, she lives 5 doors up from me. Her whole family is two-faced LIARS! She always made fun of people in high school about where they worked and how long they've been there. Well her butt works at WAL-MART! How she have room to make fun of anyone. She can't even keep a job, she changes jobs like every 2 months. it's been said that she steals from every job. Every job being a cashier postion. Well I guess I shouldn't be hating because at least she has  a job.

Now about the mall wal-mart. Yeah I'm sure you never heard of a wal-mart being IN a mall. Well the one that's closet to my house is a supercenter wal-mart that is attached to a mall. Before they made it a supercenter, there was a enterance to the mall. Now it doesn't. Since, they made it a supercenter it also killed the business the in the mall (naturally, I mean why wouldn't it)?  That mall is so CRAPPY now. It helps my mall (the one I work at), keep looking the best in york. YEAH! GO YORK GALLERIA MALL!

Enough of all that mumble jumble......I pretty much had the same day today as yesterday. I got off work at 5:30 pm and went to Meggan's house, after going to Target (our favorite), I bought us dinner there. Then we went back to her apartment and watched tv until about 11:30pm, then I came home and went to bed.

Well I guess that's enough of that....I'm going to bed now...NITE NITE ALL!

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dazeychic said...

Oh how I hate running into people I knew in high school! EEEEK! Especially the ones I hated...Luckily I moved thirty miles from my High school and hardly see anyone...but it does happen! It's like your pulled back into that moment and hate that person all over again for no reason! Haha. But your day sounds fun...i like those kind. Do what you want kinda-days.

Oh and can you believe I have never stepped one foot into a walmart!? Never ever. And I wont either, because I have a love-affair with Target and I dont cheat.