Sunday, June 12, 2005

Ewwwwwwww! Sunday's!

Yesterday was a horrible day, everything major happend. I got up at like 9:00 am because Meggan called and woke me up so I talked to her, while I was on the phone with her my sister called and my phone hung up on her....Yeah! Because we were just arguing a tiny bit anyways. So she called back and I rejected the call and kept talking to Meggan. Then I got ready for work and my sister came over to see my mom and we ended up getting into a HUGE argument. My sister started to cry then she left, when she was walking out the door she said that she gave up and doesn't care if we ever talk again.  (Here's a little mental note for you Becky ..... I HOPE WE DON"T ..... BECAUSE I HATE YOU JUST AS MUCH AS I HATE 3/4 OF OUR FAMILY)  Lisa picked me up around 12:30-12:45pm then we went to Laurie's house for her daughters baby shower. Then me and Lisa left because we had to be at work by 1:30 pm. I dropped a bracelet tray, opened a cabinet and everything fell out, picked a box of sale bags up and all the bags fell out, dropped party animals flowers, got something on my shirt, took to long on my break, took too long closing, and I had to train.  All of this upon all the smart ass customers at work too. Meggan did come to see me at the mall and she asked me for a hug and I almost cried. While I was gone at Gordon's some stupid rude ass customer came along and I had to deal with her when I got back ..... I was only gone for 5 fucking minutes, it's not like it was a half hour. STOP being so damn moody, wait 5 minutes, you're not going to die, have some damn patience.

My day today is like it normally is on sundays ....... SHITTY!  If I have to work then it's shitty for the following reasons: 1. We NEVER make goal 2. I never know how I'm going to get home, because whoever is supossed to pick me up never shows up and I bet it's  just  a coincidence, or is it? 3. Today is was extra shitty because I had to train, and I hate training ..... nothing against you Jamie because you're cool as shit. Anyways if I have off it's shitty because if I have off everybody else is working, which means that I have nothing to do, and I HATE my house, so I always have to try tofindsomething to do.

Then, my best friend texted me around 5 and asked me if I wanted to go for ice cream when she got back from her dads around 8 or 9, and I said sure. Well I had nothing to do for the next like 2-3 hours so I called my friend Kayli to see if she wanted to do somehting. So we went to her grandmothers house, I didn't think that there's was anything wrong with finding something to occupy myself with until Meggan got back. So anyways Meggan calls me at like 8:30pm and I told her where I was and she was like, "Where is that at?" I told her that it was like 2 mins. away from the mall and she said, "Well I'm not driving the whole way out there."  And I said,  "You don't have to." We were getting ready to leave anyways, because I told Kayli that I had to meet up with Meggan later to go get ice cream. So Meggan seemed really pissed off, which I don't understand why ..... I was just occupying my empty time slots with something to do with one of my friends. I don't see the big problem. So I called her when we left, like as soon as we got in the car. And she said she had somebody coming over to her house, and that she would call me when they left. I was like whatever. I didn't say that even though I felt like it. I've already been emotional about the situation with her and now something stupid like this happens. WHATEVER!

I feel like here lately I can't satisfy anybody anymore. And you know what I don't really care anymore because I can't possibly please everyone. This is who I am and if you don't like it then too damn bad, and don't talk to me anymore.

I purposely hung up on one of my friends today and accidently on the other, but they were both pissing me off so I didn't call either of them back ..... OH WELL!

I'm starting to HATE my job. I HATE almost everyone that I work with because almost all of them think that they don't have to follow rules for some reason. Rules are made for a reason so, FOLLOW THEM. I don't care how long you've worked there, how pretty (you think) you are, how much you party, or how many jobs you work. FOLLOW THE DAMN RULES. I have to follow themand so do you. If we didn't have rules what kind of business would we be running? What kind of world would we be living in? EXACTLY! So do me a HUGE favor and follow the rules. That's what they are there for, to be followed.

Well I'm going to call Meggan back and then go to bed because there's nothing else to do.

Holla at ya later! (unless something else happens)

So I call Meggan back and she didn't answer the phone, I called within 15 mins. and then I texted her and asked her if she was still awake, and she texted me back and said hold on I'm on the phone with my stepsister. I don't know what's going on here but whatever! (I'll fill in more later or tomorrow)

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