Friday, March 31, 2006

The story continues on, ladies and gentleman! :)

Well where to start this entry of my 'love' story ... or as my best friend Lisa calls it her soap opera ... she no longer needs the t.v.  .... just my stories!

Well last night we talked on the phone several times ... he had to keep hanging up and calling me back .... which I was fine with ... I'm very flexible and understanding! :)

We talked for about 2 hours total .... including the hang up time though!

When he called me back the last time I was half asleep so i didn't answer the phone ... he didn't leave me a voice mail, so then I couldn't go to sleep because then I was worried that he was mad at me for not answering the phone when I just hung the phone up like 15 mins before that ....

then he texted me like 5-10 mins. later 'Answer ur Phone'

I texted him back 'I was asleep'

him 'R u serious'

Me  'Yeah! and the phone scared the hell out of me' (I didn't want to say shit because he tends to be VERY silly and I didn't want him to have any reason to start being silly when all I wanted to do was sleep ... I know that was probably mean of me to say that like so, but it's better to be honest then to lie)

him 'U want me to let u go'

and that was the end of that .... I got the last text but had NO energy whatsoever to text him back! So I left it at that!

I knew that he worked pretty much the same time as me today (him 9:30-4:00 ... me 9:30-5:30) so I figured I would apologize to him .... even though I felt AWFUL!

He came down on his break and was talking to me .... but there is another story that I have to tell you ... I'll write it after this though so I don't lose ya! :)

Then he asked if I could lend him some money because he had no cash and he got paid today but didn't have any cash ... so of course as giving as I am said, "how much do you need?"

him, "five ... oh wait I want a cheesesteak today so 10!"

so I get in my purse and started to get out the money ....

then he says, "wait I can't eat meat today!"

me, "Why?"

him, "I'm Catholic! See now don't you listen to me?" (he never remembers, or as I say, never pays attention to what I say to him .... and I always say to him, "I told you that 2 days ago when ___________, see you NEVER listen to me!" so he was happy to say it back to me)

me "Hey my family was never really religious so I can't tell anything about ANY religion!"

So he went and got food .... for those of you wondering no it didn't bother me that he did that (borrowed money) because half of us that work in the mall are like that, never have cash on our pay day because we didn't go to the bank yet ... even for those of us, like him & I, that have direct deposit .... we just choose not to pay $2.00 to get $20.00 .... so we usually borrow from a friend)

He came back with soup and a soda ... "I owe you two dollars"

me, "no you don't don't worry about it, but why didn't you get a full meal ... I was not worried about how much you spent?"

he was just being difficult ... however in a very cute way! :)~

He spent his whole break with me :)  as if nothing else in the mall really matters to him!

That makes me feel like the center of the universe ... weird I know!

Anyways, he got off at 4 and came down to my store JUST to talk to me .... and be silly!

I said to him, "You do know that I get off at 5:30 and Lisa is taking me home right? You did hear me say that right?"

him, "Yeah but can't I wait until you get off so I can walk out with you?"

(as I stood there wanting to melt) "okay!"

See just how sweet he is .... he waited an hour and a 1/2 JUST to walk me out! How friggin cute is that?

Oh, and before I forget I told him I was sorry for never textin him back last night, I fell asleep .... well he said,"yeah about that you got a point for that 'Theresa one point, Mark zero!'"

me, "ohhhhhhhhh no! you have points too ya know!"

him, "for what?"

me, "well you never pay attention to what I say ..."

him, "yes I do, I just like hearing you repeat yourself!"

me, "right ... I'm not accepting that excuse! you also have a point for lying all the time, you always saying that you don't know who Heather is or Tonia, and you know damn well who they are!"

Well he also told me to call him tonight ... and I have not yet .......... yikes .... I hope I don't  loose a point for that :) he he he

Ohhhh about the other story ... sorry this is long  .... I hope I didn't lose anyone yet!

I went to Lisa's store to give her a paper to mail to our boss and I look over to my right because I see in the corner of my eye some guy just staring at me!

the guy said, "you get more and more beautiful everyday!"
(he is in the mall all the time .... but he freaks me out, so I said thank you and left)

Then I got back down to my store and begin to finish my counts, when a guy that has been bothering me for about 2 weeks now, walks up and starts talking to me .... just a pointer of how gross this guy is the first day I met him he was talking about us having 'sex' ... his words exactly .... "Damn you live far from here, that's I dip for me if I was to come visit you, and you better have some goods for me to come see you."

for those who don't know ... dip = far away
                                             goods = good in bed

So I am grossed out by this rude guy ... well as bad as I know that lying is ... I had to, to this guy!

He asked for my phone number and I told him that I didn't have a phone number, he asked how I could work 'here' and not have a cell phone(although I do). I told him just because I had a job, does not mean that I needed a cellphone, he agreed and then asked for a home phone number ... I then told the truth, and told him that I don't have one. He asked how do I communicate with my friends, I told him when I needed to talk to them I found my ways ... a phone is a waste of money!

so then he asked if I would take his number and I really didn't know what to say or do, and I had to think fast not just because he was right there and I couldn't ignore him, but also because I had a customer. So I gave him a small piece of paper and a pen, he wrote it down and he gave it to me and said, "make that move and call me so we can get together"

I wanted to throw up .... how can a person be so rude and disrespectful to a female .... shoot to anyone?

This guy thought that whatever he was doing was cute and that I was falling for it! Yuck!

Well I called Lisa immediately at the other store and told her I was going home sick and I was calling Tonia in to cover my shift ... she asked why and I told her about what happened ... I told her before about this guy, I told her he was in today and just had to come say some more nasty stuff to me! BLEH! Well, of course, her response was, "Why didn't you tell him to go to Champs and ask Mark for your number?" I said because I didn't want Mark to think I needed him to 'pretend' to be my boyfriend to scare this guy off .... well she was mad and said that Mark would not have cared and would have been happy to get rid of this freak ... as I was not sure!

Well when Mark walked up the first time to my store today (when he was on his break before he asked for the money) I was talking to Kat (one of the mall housekeeping ladies that stopped by ... she was not working) and I was telling her about the two guys and Mark caught on very quick!

Mark said, "So wait a minute you were hit on today?"

me, "yep!"

Mark, "by how many guys?"

Me, "so far, 2 disgusting guys!"

I told him I threw the one's number away as soon as he walked away!

Mark said that I should've sent the guy down to his store and told the guy that he was my boyfriend and to ask him for my number and he would've taken care of him .... so he gets mad that these 2 guys were saying stuff to me!

He later said that he could see that if we were to start going together that he would have to always chasing off guys, that he didn't like the fact that since I'm in the middle of the mall that loads of guys say and do shit to me (and the other girls, but their men are to take care of their girls)!

He asked how often I get hit on. I told him not that much but today it just happened back to back!

But I guess I shall leave this entry at what it is now ... I probably lost half of you by now! SORRY!

Nite nite .... stay tuned for more on Mark and I ... as the mall employees are even beginning to pick up what's going on and minding our business and asking if we are going out! Sheesh there is no privacy anymore!

Thursday, March 30, 2006

My little "DATE"

Good evening everyone!

Well my story continues (of Mark ..... what else would it be ... nothing else in my life is exciting right now) .......

Mark called me last night around 9pm and asked me if I was on for night and I said, "I guess."

Mark, "Well do you have a curfew?"

"Yeah, cuz every twenty-one year old has a curfew didn't ya know, it's the new cool thing to do?"

"Well I didn't know?"

"Well no I don't have a curfew!"

"oh! .... Oh wait a minute I have another call ........ (silence for about 2 mins) ...... Ok here's what I need you to do .... I need you to be ready in a 1/2 hour to 45 mins. you're going with me to my boys house!"


"I'm serious!"

"so am I!"

So about 10:15pm he came and we went to his friends house and we were there for about 2 1/2 hours  ..... I watched them play a video game called, 'God of War'

He kept asking if I was bored .... like a zillion times ... and finally said after one zillion and one, "I just wanted to get you out of the house."

(p.s. he didn't count that as our first date last night ... but Lisa did ... he he he .... that's why I titled this entry that)

I told him that it was fine and that I was not bored .... I was a tad bit but not enough to complain about it ... and it was time spent with him, which was enough for me!

I found a lot of things out about him .... he has not had such an easy life! :(

He was raised by his grandma and is VERY respectful!

He opened my door for me to get in the car .... and walked me 5 feet to my door ... and just asked for a hug .... no kisses .... such a sweet gentleman .... I never had one guy do that stuff for me!

I felt like crying, because I was in such aw!

He is so nice, sweet, caring, funny, respectful .... shall I go on?

I know I am probably boring everyone with this stuff ....

I thought you guys may enjoy it considering I have been writing here for almost a year and not talked about a guy!

Anyways ....... that is the update on Mark ....

oh and I did go to the mall today because I had to give my assistant manager her mid-year review ... so I stopped in to see him ....

I thought it was only fair since he had off Tuesday and made sure he stopped by my store and spent about a 1/2 hour there .... and spent his whole break with me yesterday .... I figured I owed him!

Plus he knew I was going to be in the mall today ... it was a well spent 45 mins .... he makes me smile so much and says the nicest things EVER!

Gosh I can not stop talking about him or get him out of my head .... the things love make you do and say, and ways love makes you feel! :)

Wait maybe I should say lust?

It is not definitely love ... it's tooooooooooooo soon for that word! :)~

The feeling of a new guy in your life ..... what it can do to ya!

have a great night everyone and good Friday morning ..... I'll try to post an entry tomorrow after work!

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


First of all let me say that my sister has been visiting alot lately .....

as most of you know, me and my sister do not get along at ALL!

We can not stand each other!

She acts very ghetto and I can't stand it ... among other things but I won't get into that here ... some may not appreciate it!


But to the main and important part of this e-mail is the comments I received from yesterdays entry .....

I am so happy that all of you are happy that I am coming back ....

I missed everyone waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much .....

Unfortunately I'm still living at home, but I'm hoping not much longer!

We'll see!

But all the excitement from all of you about Mark too ........


I really was not expecting that ....

another secret ....

I have to hide it from my parents ... my brother and neighbor found out about him tonight and begged them not to tell my parents!

He is black and my mom is a very racist person and can not stand mixed relationships .... but a race is just a color to me and he does not act like a ghetto black person and that makes me so happy! :)

But he came and spent his WHOLE lunch break with me today, and brought me home from work .... and we might do something later tonight! :)

Who knows .............. but he is sooooooooooooooo sweet .....

I've never met such a sweet guy ........... it's the complete opposite of my life ... so it feels weird!

Lisa MUST be informed after every event .... she will not have it any other way!

She was so excited to hear all the stuff about today and that we might do something tonight .........

One thing that does worry me is that we have sooooooooooooooooooooo many differences .....

but even if I can keep him as a friend I'd be happy!

He is so nice .... and definitely sexy! :)~

Anyways ....

I know everyone is saying, "Sheesh, you would think this girl was 12!"

I know I know!

But what can I say  ..... this is me! :)

The one and only  ME!

well i guess that's all for now ..... I'll try to get to everyone's journal between tonight and tomorrow!


hey can everyone leave their journal link with their comments and then I can update my sidebar ... thanks I appreciate it!

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Hey everyone! I miss everyone ... I really do!

I just wanted to drop by and leave a quick little update!

As all of you (or at least most of you) know ..... I have been single for some time ... because I prefer it that way .... no bf = NO DRAMA! :)

Well Lisa found out that one of the guys that works at Champs shoe store likes me ... and of course she began playing match maker!

So Saturday he came up with us to eat lunch, well he only had 15 mins. left ... so he sat there with us for the rest of his break and  couldn't eat .... I don't like eating in front of guys all like that! So I nibbled on my french fries with Ranch dressing! YUM!

Anyways I was having a HORRIBLE day so I was not up to playing cutsie girl and talking to him ... so i continued to talk about my day and how Tonia (my assistant manager) were both having really bad days .... we even had a girl sit in out piercing chair for an hour and only got ONE ear pierced! Yeah!

I did feel bad that I didn't really conversate with him .... but I just couldn't!

So I said to Lisa, "I feel so stupid ... I could've at least gave him my number .... but NOOOOOOOOOOO I had to be in a bad mood and take it out on him!"

I even cracked a joke and I wasn't so sure he found it too funny ... and I hoped he didn't take it seriously!

Well all three of us (Lisa, Mark (the guy from Champs), and I) all had off Sunday so I had time to think about things!

Monday was starting off to a semi-bad day! I started my day with a $130 refund ... turned it into an exchange and then it came out to a $70 refund!

But then I went to mail off our sales audit paperwork and go get a soda and Lisa told me that he stopped by before I was up there and said, "She is so cute!"

So I knew now was my chance to be the real me! :)

And Tammy (yep .... she's still on bed rest but she stopped by the mall) said that I am a very shy person ... indeed, indeed ...... and that it would probably be better if we talked on the phone until we got to know each other ... so he told Lisa to tell me to take my phone number into his store because he couldn't leave at all ... and I was by myself all day too ... but I can put up the little "BE RIGHT BACK" sign and get something or potty or what is necessary ... so i said I would take it in when I went to get lunch!

Well I did and my hand was so shaky ... I gave good eye contact and good conversation!

So he called me last night after he got off work ... the poor thing had to work open to close ... and I didn't answer .... I don't answer phone numbers I don't know because of things that has happened in the past!

So I waited for a voice mail and then called Lisa as I was informed too .... and I called him 20 minutes later and he didn't answer the phone ... can someone say 'Phone Tag'

Well he called me while I was still on the phone with Lisa ... and we talked for about 10 mins. then i told him I would let him go because he was with his friends ... he told me to call him before I went to sleep ... i fell asleep with the tv on and woke up about 1:00am and called him and told him I couldn't stay awake any longer and I was going to bed, he said he would try to stop in to see me at work today ......

So I had to let all of you know about this ..... so it was such a long entry!


P.s. I have a surprise for all of you .....................
















I'm coming back! :)

I miss it toooooooooooooo much!