Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Hey everyone! I miss everyone ... I really do!

I just wanted to drop by and leave a quick little update!

As all of you (or at least most of you) know ..... I have been single for some time ... because I prefer it that way .... no bf = NO DRAMA! :)

Well Lisa found out that one of the guys that works at Champs shoe store likes me ... and of course she began playing match maker!

So Saturday he came up with us to eat lunch, well he only had 15 mins. left ... so he sat there with us for the rest of his break and  couldn't eat .... I don't like eating in front of guys all like that! So I nibbled on my french fries with Ranch dressing! YUM!

Anyways I was having a HORRIBLE day so I was not up to playing cutsie girl and talking to him ... so i continued to talk about my day and how Tonia (my assistant manager) were both having really bad days .... we even had a girl sit in out piercing chair for an hour and only got ONE ear pierced! Yeah!

I did feel bad that I didn't really conversate with him .... but I just couldn't!

So I said to Lisa, "I feel so stupid ... I could've at least gave him my number .... but NOOOOOOOOOOO I had to be in a bad mood and take it out on him!"

I even cracked a joke and I wasn't so sure he found it too funny ... and I hoped he didn't take it seriously!

Well all three of us (Lisa, Mark (the guy from Champs), and I) all had off Sunday so I had time to think about things!

Monday was starting off to a semi-bad day! I started my day with a $130 refund ... turned it into an exchange and then it came out to a $70 refund!

But then I went to mail off our sales audit paperwork and go get a soda and Lisa told me that he stopped by before I was up there and said, "She is so cute!"

So I knew now was my chance to be the real me! :)

And Tammy (yep .... she's still on bed rest but she stopped by the mall) said that I am a very shy person ... indeed, indeed ...... and that it would probably be better if we talked on the phone until we got to know each other ... so he told Lisa to tell me to take my phone number into his store because he couldn't leave at all ... and I was by myself all day too ... but I can put up the little "BE RIGHT BACK" sign and get something or potty or what is necessary ... so i said I would take it in when I went to get lunch!

Well I did and my hand was so shaky ... I gave good eye contact and good conversation!

So he called me last night after he got off work ... the poor thing had to work open to close ... and I didn't answer .... I don't answer phone numbers I don't know because of things that has happened in the past!

So I waited for a voice mail and then called Lisa as I was informed too .... and I called him 20 minutes later and he didn't answer the phone ... can someone say 'Phone Tag'

Well he called me while I was still on the phone with Lisa ... and we talked for about 10 mins. then i told him I would let him go because he was with his friends ... he told me to call him before I went to sleep ... i fell asleep with the tv on and woke up about 1:00am and called him and told him I couldn't stay awake any longer and I was going to bed, he said he would try to stop in to see me at work today ......

So I had to let all of you know about this ..... so it was such a long entry!


P.s. I have a surprise for all of you .....................
















I'm coming back! :)

I miss it toooooooooooooo much!


tristannmbr2 said...

Yeah!  I am glad you are coming back!!!!  Good luck with the champ guy!  :)  Hugs, Vicky

bhbner2him said...

Awe, young romance and the games we play.  Hope this Mark guy is a sweetie.  Even if he doesn't prove to be the love of your life you might get out of the house more and enjoy yourself.  -  Barbara

cdittric77 said...

Great to see you back! I hope that he is as charming down the road as he is right now!


my3gifts said...

Hoping you find a good guy in Mark! It's great to see you back!


dazeychic said...

Oh yay! Hehe, Im thrilled of course! :) And Ooooo a BOY! Dontcha just love the newness of a boy tho?? I mean its sooo fun! Just be yourself and have fun, you dont have to fall in love! ;)

But ya never know!

~Shells xoxo

linnpooh said...

YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH...Theresa is coming back!!!! I have really missed you and worried myself sill, I couldn't stand not knowing what you were going through! This has made my entrie day complete....seriously :)
Ask me if I'm surprised some guy is interested in you? You're beautiful on the inside AND out....I just hope he's worthy of you. :)

Pooh Hugs,

therealslimemmy said...

Glad to hear you are coming back :)
hope this new guy works out .

mastersblynn said...

Yeah!  I missed you! Barbara

lici0uslatin22 said...

Hey Not Fair lol.. I want more Info..........  

I am so Glad you are speaking to some one, and most of all that You updated and lets us Know....  Take care and I will be waiting for the Next Chapter....