Thursday, March 30, 2006

My little "DATE"

Good evening everyone!

Well my story continues (of Mark ..... what else would it be ... nothing else in my life is exciting right now) .......

Mark called me last night around 9pm and asked me if I was on for night and I said, "I guess."

Mark, "Well do you have a curfew?"

"Yeah, cuz every twenty-one year old has a curfew didn't ya know, it's the new cool thing to do?"

"Well I didn't know?"

"Well no I don't have a curfew!"

"oh! .... Oh wait a minute I have another call ........ (silence for about 2 mins) ...... Ok here's what I need you to do .... I need you to be ready in a 1/2 hour to 45 mins. you're going with me to my boys house!"


"I'm serious!"

"so am I!"

So about 10:15pm he came and we went to his friends house and we were there for about 2 1/2 hours  ..... I watched them play a video game called, 'God of War'

He kept asking if I was bored .... like a zillion times ... and finally said after one zillion and one, "I just wanted to get you out of the house."

(p.s. he didn't count that as our first date last night ... but Lisa did ... he he he .... that's why I titled this entry that)

I told him that it was fine and that I was not bored .... I was a tad bit but not enough to complain about it ... and it was time spent with him, which was enough for me!

I found a lot of things out about him .... he has not had such an easy life! :(

He was raised by his grandma and is VERY respectful!

He opened my door for me to get in the car .... and walked me 5 feet to my door ... and just asked for a hug .... no kisses .... such a sweet gentleman .... I never had one guy do that stuff for me!

I felt like crying, because I was in such aw!

He is so nice, sweet, caring, funny, respectful .... shall I go on?

I know I am probably boring everyone with this stuff ....

I thought you guys may enjoy it considering I have been writing here for almost a year and not talked about a guy!

Anyways ....... that is the update on Mark ....

oh and I did go to the mall today because I had to give my assistant manager her mid-year review ... so I stopped in to see him ....

I thought it was only fair since he had off Tuesday and made sure he stopped by my store and spent about a 1/2 hour there .... and spent his whole break with me yesterday .... I figured I owed him!

Plus he knew I was going to be in the mall today ... it was a well spent 45 mins .... he makes me smile so much and says the nicest things EVER!

Gosh I can not stop talking about him or get him out of my head .... the things love make you do and say, and ways love makes you feel! :)

Wait maybe I should say lust?

It is not definitely love ... it's tooooooooooooo soon for that word! :)~

The feeling of a new guy in your life ..... what it can do to ya!

have a great night everyone and good Friday morning ..... I'll try to post an entry tomorrow after work!


therealslimemmy said...

awww he sounds like such a nice guy glad to hear u are taking things slow then if he does turn into love after awhile it will be even better ;)
hope you are having a good night

tristannmbr2 said...

Well well well!  It's happening for you!  How awesome is that?  :)  I am so happy for you!  Keep us up to date (which I am sure you will!)  ;)  I am defineatly NOT bored!  Hugs, Vicky

bhbner2him said...

He sounds sweet.  Sometimes seeing a guy just hanging with his friends gives you a better idea of him.  Why such a late date?  - Barbara

mastersblynn said...

Love is a many slendid thing!  Go you! Barbara

lici0uslatin22 said...

hey I am Not Bored; actually I am enjoying this...  How great your first date... he sure sounds like a Gentleman....... I will wait for your next post,,.   Take care Mari

linnpooh said...

Heck no I'm not just feels sooooooooooooooooo wonderful to read about my girl being so happy :)  I'm glad he was a gentleman or I may have to come there and have a talk with him!!! I hope things continue to go good honey.

Pooh Hugs,