Sunday, April 30, 2006

Still Not Working!

Well I have been trying all day to get my photos uploaded so that I could share them with everyone, but photobucket is still not working!

I am getting so frustrated! :( GRRRRRR!

Well, since I don't have that to share, I guess I will actually have to write .... ewwww, how old fashioned? lol ... j/k! :)

Well last night did not turn out to be one of my best days!

Well as you all know I had to work a double, which is fine, I mean I am the one that makes the schedules.

Well Mark and I had an argument, I had too many STUPID customers, there were too many KIDS in the mall without adult supervision and were acting nuts because of it, I got sick and was throwing up and nothing was helping me feel better, i cried because of Mark and I arguing so much this week, he didn't tell me yesterday was his last day in our mall until yesterday when i asked him because I found out elsewhere in the morning, Monday he starts at his temporary store in Harrisburg, Lisa and I had to go to the 2 stores storage shed off the highway and it was dark and scary as all get out!

I think that sums up what all happened last night in my life!

Oh wait ......

I got a thank you card from Tammy for her baby shower and it had baby Talan's picture in it!

I wish I had a scanner so that way I could at least show you his picture!

He was 5 lbs. 8 ozs. 17.75 inches!

And they did find out that he had pneumonia, but Tammy told Lisa that he keeps getting better and is doing fine!

I can not wait to see him and hold him!

Anyhoo, back to Mark .... we had a stupid argument about a few things.

he called me when he got off work, (I got done at my store before him and didn't walk over and say bye because I was so mad .... Lisa and I had even gone to the storage shed before he even called) and he said that we needed to talk and asked if I was by myself and I said yeah, I was getting ready togo in my house.

So I sat on my front porch and talked to him  because I didn't want to wake my dad up because he was sleeping on the living room floor (Lisa waits for me to go in the door before she pulls away so she sat in her car yelling at me to go in the house)

well he started crying and I felt really bad!

he told me some things that made me feel like a horrible person because of the way I have acting lately.

I mean I did not know that this information, therefore I guess I should not be mad at myself!

But he explained himself to me last night and now I know what I know, meaning I have to be more (a lot) more understanding with him!

I cried to Lisa since she was still there, then he called back so I told her to call me when she got home so I could talk to her, but she didn't!

So Mark and I talked for a while, I told him that I was really sorry and that I didn't know what to say, and I felt like even if I did that it might be the wrong things to say so I was therefore speechless!

We both kept apologizing to one another!

I told him to call me after his football game today ... I didn't give him the chance

I woke up at 9:05 am ... his game ends at 9 .... I texted him and asked him how his game was ....

His team won .... 27 to 7 .... I am so happy for him!

He said that he was feeling a little better than last night but he didn't get any good sleep!

I have not talked to him since then!

He said last night that maybe we could do something today, but it looks like we won't because I have to go to Latoya's house soon ....

I have to show her the picture of Tammy's baby and Latoya's daughter wants to see me!

So, I guess that is all I have for now!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Uneventful Day In The Life Of Me!

Well I wanted to write an entry about a few things, but unfortunately I can't!

I wanted to share Amanda's challenge and I can't ....

I wanted to show pictures of me (I felt pretty today, so I took some pictures)....

I wanted to share pictures of our new cat .... that I don't even remember if I told you all about, my parents got a new cat about a week or two ago, and it is my shadow! :)

But photobucket is being retarded and will not upload my pictures! GRRRRR!

So I have nothing really to even write about now!

I am extremely upset with photbucket right now!


The only thing I have to write to update you all on really is that Mark and my best friend Lisa got into an argument and I was kinda in the middle of it!

I cried Thursday on the way home form work with Lisa telling her how upset I was that this had to happen!

I mean i know it was nothing big, but it had to do with me and I felt like it was all my fault that they had gotten into this argument!

I told them both that they need to talk to each other and work it all out!

So it will probably happen tomorrow ... so we'll see!

I hope it goes okay!


I have a lot of time off this week as I took some personal time (I don't have much longer to use it)!

So I only work 2 days this week, but still get paid for 5 .... whoooooooo hooooooooo! :)

It will be a pretty easy week too!

I had off Sunday, worked 8 hours Monday and Tuesday, had off Wednesday, worked 8 hours Thursday, had off today, work open to close tomorrow, have off Sunday, work 4 hours Monday, then have off Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday! :)

What an easy week, and darn it I deserve it!

So I probably will not write an entry tomorrow as I will be exhausted, but I will try on Sunday to have a picture entry! :)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

One last thing I promise!

I forgot that part of my entry last night was some of the most exciting news that I have received in a long time!



I am so excited that it is not even funny!

Lisa, Dontae, and I were at the dollar store and Lisa had said something about us not calling Tammy in  a while! (this was Monday night around 7:30pm)

So I called her right then and there and no one answered the phone!

At first I thought well maybe they went out to dinner or something!

I got home and was laying in bed watching t.v. and thought "I KNOW TAMMY HAD THAT BABY!"

I wanted to call the hospitals but I was so exhausted that I just fell right asleep, and woke up when Latoya had called me to talk about the store and some other things!

I went back to sleep and woke up from Lisa calling me around 9:40am and she said, "Wake that ass of yours up right now!"

"I am half awake anyways. What's up?"

"Guess freakin' what?"

"What?"  (As the thought ... tammy had her baby, tammy had her baby, tammy had her baby, tammy had her baby, tammy had her baby, tammy had her baby, kept brewing in my mind)



Then I told her how once I got home and was thinking that I had this feeling that she had the baby!

So we went to go see her and the baby!

She had a pretty easy delivery .... she pushed twice and he was out!

But right before we got there the doctor had come and told her that Talan (that's his name .... Talan Maurice) was having trouble breathing!

There were a few visits from nurses and doctors while we were there updating her and giving her more detail about it!

There are a lot of things they said it might be!

The main one that everyone thinks it is (that is friends, doctors, nurses, co-workers, etc.) is that he is still so young ... he was born at 36 weeks!

So please pray that everything turns out well for baby Talan!

As he did get his pictures taken that morning before all this happened ... so Lisa and I did get to see his pictures and he is so adorable!

Travis resembles Donnie (the dad) like 100% .... they look like identical twins ... only it's father and son!

Well Talan is going to resemble Tammy 100%!

he has her nose and everything!

He has a full head of hair too!

I will give more updates with details later!

And please remember to pray for baby Talan!

A Poem!

I have not wrote a poem in a long time!

I used to be really good at it and would write like 1 a week!

Not anymore!

The last time I wrote a poem was about 1 1/2 - 2 years ago!

So it is not the greatest ever but hey I tried! :)


                                    Needing Space


When we first started talking
I always felt like melting!

You would say the nicest things
Now everything you say stings!

We always had something to talk about
Now there is nothing but a lot of doubt!

Space, that's what we both need
While we wait for the next lead!

We don't agree on anything
I hope this don't become a fling!


So there it is ..... I hope you all like it!


By the way .... thank you for all the comments!

I have been thinking of the exact words I am going to say to him!

I also wanted to tell you all that he left me a voice mail (well okay several) and said that I was taking this too serious and that it was just a joke!

He had this sad pitiful voice that makes me really believe him!

And he was constantly calling (he has not called since 6)

Which is one of the things I want to talk to him about!

I know he likes to joke around and so do I .... but I can never tell when he is or is not!

So maybe I did take it too seriously but I didn't know what to think of it!

I had a lot to think about anyway with the way things have been the past 3 or 4 days between us!

So him doing this today did not help those matters at all!

I want to call and talk to him so bad, but 3 reasons hold me back!

1. He is at work (he should be getting off anytime between now and 10 though)
2. I said I didn't want to talk to him and I need to show him that I'm serious!
3. I need to get all my thoughts straight before I talk to him (I would really like to talk to Lisa .... I already have Linda's opinion and those are the most important 2 .... those 2 know me like a book)

I don't know, I don't know, I don't know!

Please give me the strength God to approach this situation and do it the right way!

The Frustration Keeps building up!

Well I started to write an entry last night and it got lost!

So I now have to try to sum that up and add some stuff from today!

Well last nights entry was pretty much that Mark's store has relocated to my end of the mall and I DO NOT enjoy it at all!

He is a big pain in the butt! He does leave me alone when I have customers, so no he doesn't interfere with my work but he kept coming over and trying to talk but saw that I had customers but would walk away!

He even tried to get me to play catch with a football from his store! I told him no several times and that if he broke the glass that he could call Angela and explain to her what happened!


Now for today's drama!

Well Latoya called me last night and said that she would not be able to come to work today because she had no baby sitter!

Well we get along pretty well and I've met her kids so I told her I would watch them for her!

So I had to be at her house by 8:15am so she could leave in time for work!

So Rob (One of the associates from Mark's store) called a little after 10 and we were talking!

I asked him why he was calling me and not Mark!

I told him I guess Mark didn't want to talk to me.

Well Rob went to put Mark on the phone but I guess he wouldn't get on because then one of them hung up on me!

Mark ended up calling me back and said something smart about what I said to Rob!

I said well you got mad the other night when Rob got on the phone and kept a steady conversation going, I don't want you getting mad because he called me!

He said something about him knowing that he called and didn't understand what the big deal was. I told him it was because I was talking to him, not Rob!

Well then he called me later and said something about Rob liking me and wanted to know if I would go on a date with Rob!

I told him no, and he asked why. I told him that was a stupid question and he knew the answer to it! Well I got so frustrated with the whole situation, so I lied to him and told him Latoya was calling!

He asked if I would, and I told him that I was not answering him. He asked if I would call him back and I told him I would think about it, but most likely not!

Well they have been calling me all day and I have not accepted any of the calls!

I told Latoya, I don't know what this means!

Does this mean he does not want to talk to me anymore?

Is he trying to test me?

He said that he was asking for Rob because Rob is his friend and I'm his FREIND!

What exactly does this mean?

How am I supposed to take it?

I have no clue where this was supposed to go but I have other things on my mind anyway about him that I am not sure about so for now I think it's best if I avoid him at all cost!

He even went over to my store and told my assistant to call me to see if I would answer for her!

I had to call her back because I couldn't get to the phone in enough time!

Well Tonia said, "I have someone here that wants to talk to you and wants to know why you won't talk to him and why you are mad!"

I told her not to give him the phone and to just tell him that yes I was indeed mad and that I didn't want to talk to him and I told her to even tell him not to call me when he got off of work tonight!

I felt bad for Tonia because she was now put in the middle of it!

No I am not just mad about the date and friend thing, but for a few other things!

I will cut this entry here ..... there is more .... but this entry is long enough!

As I know most of you are bored by now!

But please do tell me what you think of the date thing .... what do you think it means?

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Living the non-exciting life!

I have nothing really to update on!

My life has been pretty non-exciting!

Nothing interesting to even write about!

Lisa has been on vacation .... she only has 2 days left! Her vacation started Tuesday and she comes back Wednesday morning!

I told her I am glad that she got some peaceful time off .... but I need her back at her store because there is just too much drama going on!

Saturday night there was a feud between Claries and Piercing Pagoda!

The assistant manager for Claries was in her store saying all kinds of mean things about our store .... like our store was dirty ..... which if it's one thing you (my readers) have hopefully learned about me is that I have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and I clean my store ALL the time!

All the girls (from both stores) make fun of me all the time about it .... especially Tammy, Lisa, & Angela!

Now I do understand that we usually have boxes sitting in the middle of the kiosk beside of center island, but keep in mind we ONLY have a kiosk, they have an inline store, with a back room to store things in! We don't have all that space!

Now mind you the assistant manager said this to a customer, in front of a whole bunch more customers that were shopping on a Saturday night ..... which is how we found out .... one of the customers told us!

But one of Lisa's sales associates went down to claires and went to compare prices and to ask the girl if she really thought that our store was dirty. So they apparently exchanged a few words and the manager ended up calling the store and talking to Heather which is the acting assistant manager (until Tammy gets back) but is in full charge while Lisa is on vacation!

So Heather talked some real sense into her head and they ended up solving the problem professionally!

So I hope that is the end of that feud!

ummmm let's see what else has happened .....

Oh, as most of you may know when someone I knows passes away .... I try to do all sorts of things in memory of them ..... when Alicia passed away, I did numerous things, but I collect Italian charms and I had got like 2 or 3 charms in memory of her.

Well I went to the flea market today, where I got most of my charms form and the lady had a new angel one.

So I got that one in memory of Pam!

I plan on getting "In memory of Alicia Joy Strauss" with her living dates on them .... and I want one just like that with Pam's dates on it!

I had also got an airbrush t-shirt at the fair last year with "R.I.P. Alicia Joy Strauss" with all the colors of the rainbow behind the words and an angel on the back of the shirt!

Well I had used some sort of generic fabric cleaner (I don't even remember which) and it stained my shirt!

So this year I plan to get it re-made and getting one with Pam on it and I was thinking for hers, having a cat on the front with her name, and on the back having some flowers with her living dates!

What do you guys/girls think?


I am really sorry i have not been to any journals this week .... I will try to keep up this week, although nothing exciting happened, it was still a crazy week here in my life happenings!

I really think that is everything that I have to update everyone on.

Have a great Sunday (what's left of it)!


Wednesday, April 19, 2006

A dedication to one amazing lady that I truly miss already! :(

I found out last night that one of the greatest souls to wonder on the land of journaling has passed away!

She fought a long hard fight with cancer, and she is now pain free!

As now the only people with pain now, is her family and friends!

Her family is in my thoughts and prayers!

Please pray for her son and daughter as they are both very young!

They still have full lives ahead of them and hopefully they can see that their mom was a great soul and she will be greatly missed!

I am adding this link for anyone who would like to make a donation to her family, as her children, as I said before are very young and still need financial support themselves.

Help Pamela Out!

Here is a link to her Obituary!    


And if you would like to stop by her journal and leave a comment or just read about the struggle she had ....

Just One Girl's Head Noise

I have been lurking around the Internet for a few hours now reading all the comments left in her journal and using loads of links to try to read all her tributes, but she was loved so much that I could be here for a week straight just reading her tributes, as I would love to read them all, it just seems impossible!

In due time I will complete every single one!

She has her own folder in my favorites section with links of things that deal with her!

She was such an amazing person!

She was a fighter!

She had humor like no other!

She wanted to make herself a success just by knowing that she had made a difference in someone's life, and she made a difference in more lives than anyone can ever imagine!

As Pam is no longer here living or breathing life .... she is here living through us for her!

Now Pam's soul is flying free with my dear friends the butterflies!


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Our First REAL Argument!

Well Mark & I had our first REAL argument!

Sunday night he called me and we talked for a few minutes and he had to go, he said that he would call me back in a little bit .... almost 2 hours had passed and he had not called back so I called him, he said he was on the phone still and that he would call me back.

I told him I was getting ready to go to sleep, he begged me to stay awake because he wanted to talk to me, I told him that I was ready to go to sleep about an hour before that, but he kept begging me to stay awake.

So I told him that I would stay awake for another 1/2 hour and that if he couldn't call back before then to NOT call back at ALL, because I didn't want him to wake me up!

He agreed so we hung up.

A 1/2 hour passed and he didn't call, so I went to sleep!

Well at 1:35am my phone starts vibrating on my pillow, so I looked to see who it was .... of course it was Mark!

So I answered the phone (half asleep) and he acted like it was no biggie ....

"Are you sleeping?"

"Yes Mark! I told you if you didn't call back within a 1/2 hour not to call back at all because I was going to sleep and I didn't want to be woken up!"

"Are you mad?"

"Yes, a little!"

"I'm sorry! Do you want to go to breakfast tomorrow before work?"

(This was his little way of trying to make it better, but that only made it worse, first of all because that would mean that I would have to get up even earlier to do so, and it was already a day that I have to be at work earlier than usual because of the full store count! Plus he knew that Lisa was coming for me in the morning for work and whenever she takes me to work I can not change plans because she never gets my messages and she comes for me, not knowing that I'm not there, and she ends up being late for work!)


"Why not?"

"Because first of all you know I can't change me plans when Lisa comes to get me for work, especially in the morning and I would have to get up earlier for work then and I already have to be there early and I didn't go to bed at the right time to be doing that because someone decided to call back after I told them not too!"


"NO! Do you work tomorrow morning?"


"Then I'll see you tomorrow, I gotta go, bye!"

I hung the phone up on him, I still am very shocked that he had done that!

So he called me yesterday while I was counting!

"Good morning! Are you still mad at me?"



"What? Are you serious?"

"Yes. I mean I don't understand why you're mad!"

"Let me put it this way, if I did that to you, would you be mad at me?"


"Alright then!"

"But I don't want you to be mad at me!"

"Well you should have thought about that before you ignored what I said! And you see what I am saying so don't tell me I shouldn't be mad!"

"But Theresa I don't like you being mad at me!"

"Well then you should not have done that. Why did you do it anyways!"

"I forgot you said that! Honestly!"

So we argued about that for a while! Then I told him I had to go because I was not having a good morning, I dropped trays of jewelry and I wanted to go get breakfast from ed's!

So I stopped down to see him when I took my depoist and he asked if I was still mad, and I told him that I couldn't be mad at him, so he thought I was lying earlier about being mad at him, I told him I was still a little mad but the more I talked to him I really was not that mad and then once I saw his face, I lost all anger that I had!

I told him and Lisa that he is the first guy that I could not be mad at! Every other guy i could have been mad at them for weeks about that! But him once I heard his voice and how sorry he really was I lost all my anger that I had!

Lisa said, "That's becuase you really like him, unlike the rest!"

I am just glad that we are past the whole thing! Hopefully I won't have a reason to be mad at him anytime soon!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!

I hope all of you get to spend loads of quality time with your families!

As I will be avioding mine today!

Mark called me at eleven something last night and asked me to go to baltimore with him today for easter dinner at his grandmas house (he was raised by her)!

I told him I couldn't, and now I think he is mad at me!

First of all I didn't want to go because I think it's a little too soon for me to meet his grandma .... especially at a holiday meal!

I mean I know it's not christmas or anything, but I still feel weird!

We have not even been talking for a month yet!

Second of all I need to do some cleaning!

and lastly, I need a day off where I don't do anything .... because since I've been talking to him I'm constantly doing stuff .... which is good, that way I'm not home near my family, but I just need a day to clean and relax and not worry about anything!

So I chose today as that day!

I really feel as if I needed that!

But on the other hand I think he is mad at me because I told him I wasn't coming!

He kept trying all night to get me to come and I told him I was really sorry but I couldn't!

I asked him if he was mad and he said no, but I do feel bad!

Am I wrong for not going?

Do you think I made a good judgement call?

I'm lost here and need your advice .... whether it will make me feel good or bad, I just need to know the truth!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday .... No Really .... Good Friday!

Hello everyone!

I know I am such a bad person ... no entry yesterday ... I really didn't have anything to write so I didn't write anything!

Well see that title .... yeah .... it's good Friday .... 2 ways for me! :)

First of all .... it's the holiday good Friday .......

second of all ..... my store had a good Friday ................


Well my assistant manager had a $475.00 sale today .... I had one earlier this week .... she deserves to have a good sale .... we're just hoping that it don't get returned! (cross your fingers everyone, please)

As a matter of fact my assistant just called and we ended the day at 291% to plan!

We are sitting in the number one spot for the month in the region ... When I called in my 4:30 numbers (at 4:15pm) we were at like 183% .... then Angela called me at about 4:45pm to say congrats on such a great day so far, I told her we had even better numbers in now .... that right after I called in numbers up to when she called tonia and I were helping customers one after another! :)

So by then within that 1/2 hour we were at 235% .... Angela was so excited that she made me give her my numbers all over again before she called them into her boss!

I told her I was not letting anyone catch up to me this month ... my girls and I want that number one spot and we will end the month there ..... we're looking at a really good bonus too ....

if we end the month up 35% or more I get a bonus of $256!

SWEET! I am so excited and we are working hard for it too! We all deserve it!

Mine will ALL go towards my apartment! :)

I have to tell you what Angela said though when i told her we were at 235% ....

we have this inside joke at work .... since we are in the middle of the mall, we obviously draw A LOT of attention from everyone in the mall .... so we have this joke thatif our cleavage and other areas (mainly cleavage) are REVEALING then we will have good sales .....

So when i told her our numbers Angela's response was, "Theresa, can I ask you a question?"


"Are you wearing any clothes at all today?"

"Oh man .... No sorry ...... (the both of us laughed hard) okay so I'm kidding I did but barely!"

But what made this even more funny for me was right before Angela called Mark stopped by and had said something about my cleavage being a little TOO revealing ... I told him, "Well it IS good Friday and I'm trying to make sure my store makes good sales!"

he was still standing there when Angela called so when I left work, Lisa had called Angela so i told her before she hung I had to tell her something ... I told that right before she called that Mark had even made a comment on my clothes .... she thought it was really funny then!

It was a had to be there moment!

Really ....... it was funny!

I really don't have anything else to write ... I just thought I would share my amazing day with you!

have a great rest of Friday evening and have a great Saturday .... as I will probably not get a chance to write tomorrow!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Breakfast with my baby!

I really don't have a whole to update you up on!

Mark and I have been working like opposite schedules this whole week ... I miss spending time with him! :( 

I kniw, I know ... we just started talking and I'm hooked on him like a 2-year-old hooked on a blanket!

How pathetic am I?

I can't help it though, he is just so sweet!

His store will be moving acrossed from mine for his store to get a remodel!

His store will be moving down there in 2 weeks ... his store will be there for 6 weeks!

I am still not sure how this will go!

He might bug me more ... he might just stay in his store and mind his business ... I don't know ... although most of us think that he will probably be a little pest ... i don't want him to get distracted from his work though!

But then again he is thinking of leaving ... he got offered to be a general manager at $14.00 an hour!

So he may be leaving Champs soon .... he'll not only be leaving there but the mall all together ....

What will I do then ...

No more break visits

No more stopping by before or after work! :(

This makes me sad to think about!

I know I'll see him other times, but it will be so much different!

As I said before he has worked at Champs longer than I have been at Piercing Pagoda, so he has been there all this time and now that we are talking he is leaving ......


What to do?

Well anyways ...

He told me to call him when i got to work this morning that way he knew I got there okay ... I told him I would probably call a little after 10 because as soon as i got there I had to set up the store and then get on a conference call for a 1/2 hour!

Well I called him at 10:15am and I woke my baby up!

He sounded so sleepy, I asked him if he was sleeping and he said yeah, I tol dhim to go back to sleep and that I would talk to him later!

He got so upset!

"NOOOOOOOOOO! I want to talk to you!"

"Yea, but I don't want to disturb you while you are sleeping ... please just let me call you later?"

"NOOOOOOOOOOO! I want to talk to you!"

"You sound like a little kid that is not getting the candy that he wants."

"Nuh uh!"

"Yeah you do! Can I please call you later ... that way you can get more sleep?"

"NO! I don't have to be at work until 2 ... I have plenty of time to get more sleep! I want to talk to you, I'm fine!"

So we talked for a little then i told him that I had to go ... I mean I was at work ... I don't like talking on the phone with personal issues.

He is so sweet and cute! :)

My mind is dedicated to him 90% of the way! :)

Tomorrow Lisa, Dejya, Mark, & I are going to breakfast at Cracker Barrel after we drop Dontae off at school!

I am so excited and probably not be able to sleep tonight!

We'll see ... I'll let you know how it goes tomorrow! :)

Have a good night!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

My Parents Found Out!

Yesterday when I got home from running around with Lisa I came home and went to room to relax and watch some t.v. (since the Internet was down on my computer)!

My dad came home and kept yelling up my steps asking my all kinds of stupid questions .... which is what he always does when he has a BIG question to ask!

So finally he asked me to come downstairs to his room ... and showed me pictures of his new tow truck (which he knew I didn't really care about) .... that was his way of getting me there to ask me something else!

So we were talking and all of a sudden he says, "hey ... never mind. i won't ask that question because it's none of my business."

Me, "what? obviously you need to know something ... and I think I know what it is ... which I am surprised that it took you this long to ask, if it's what I think it is!"

"This black guy that drives a white car ... who is he? Are you two seeing each other, are you fu**ing, just hanging out, just friends or what?"

"I knew it! I am so surprised it took someone this long to ask me about him! No we are not sleeping together ... we are just friends .... and if he was my boyfriend?"

"I don't care! What you do with your life is up to you. You are a grown adult and I can not tell you what to do and who to see!"

"Well if we were to start dating you guys (meaning my parents) can't really say or judge me for it (because of him being black) because look at Becky (my older sister) she dates black guys that deals drugs and are in jail for 5-10 years ... she dates the gangsters ... Mark is nothing like that ... he treats me good and that's all that matters to me! He has worked at that mall longer than I have, so that shows he can keep a job! He opens doors for me and says the nicest things ever to me! He treats me like a girl should be treated!"

"And I'm glad you are happy ... I can't say that you can't see him! You know that I don't care!"

"I knew you wouldn't care, it's mom that I KNOW is going to have a problem! Not that my love life is any of her business! She doesn't wantto have any part in my life unless it's something that she wants to criticize me on and I'm personally sick of it!"

While my dad & I were talking my brother had come over (I know it's because he wanted to know what was going on with Mark & I!

Eventually my dad did tell him to go to bed because we were talking ... but my brother found it funny that I was talking to a guy and I admitted it to them! This being weird for my family and I (even friends) because I have been single the majority of my life ... most girls my age have been in and out of relationships like crazy and slept with about 5 times as many guys as I have ... I choose to keep my numbers low ... at least enough to count on one hand!

I'm not saying that any girl that slept with more guys than me is a slut ... it's just my personal preference .... I didn't (and still don't) want to be called a slut!

Plus I had some bad experiences when i was younger with things that I saw and happened around me that I was just kind of like, "WOW! Being in a relationship with a guy will never be that big of a deal to me EVER!"

And it has always been that way for me!

But I will admit .... I love being cuddled and I love knowing that there is someone that cares about me besides my female friends ... because I never had a family that really cared about me while I was growing up!

I am no longer the third wheel with my friends ... I finally have a guy to talk about like them too ... just not kids like most of my friends can talk about as well!

I love talking to Mark because he makes me feel good inside and out! He makes me feel so important! I just love knowing that when i get off of work I have someone to call and that when he gets off of work that I will be getting a phone call!

I also feel so important because of everyone here in J-land! With all of you .... I'd be lost! REALLY I WOULD!

These are all the reasons on why I have not been stressed out in a LONG time! I don't even really have bad days ... and if something is bothering me I usually can now just smile at everyone and pretends if nothing is wrong with me .... because then Mark pops into my mind ... or talks to me and I feel like I am back on top of the world!

I finally have been getting my life together ... I have tons of money saved up, I am such a happier person, i smile at everything, I have a guy interested in me and wants to do so much for me, My parents and I just ignore each other (which is what I've wanted for a long time), I don't even really want to go shopping anymore, I can find something I absolutely love and i don't want to buy it! How incredible is that? That is like my hugest accomplishment!

I just have a god grasp on my future and it feels good to finally feel like I am doing something right!

I know that I will not be living here much longer and I feel great about it!

I'm not even really that scared of being by myself!

I am such a happy person right now ... I feel like nothing can bring me down right now!

Prank and my parents!

Okay so as I promised I am here to bear the prank call!

I answered the phone as usual with our little speech that we MUST give!

"Hello Theresa, this is (I can't remember what he said his name was) from home office in the loss prevention office! We have been monitoring your inventory and we have discovered that you are missing about $900 in bracelets!"

"Are you serious?"

"Yes ma'am we are!"

"Okay well are they gold are silver?"


"Well that's weird because my regional has been telling me that my counts are fine! Are you sure?"

"Yes ma'am we are sure!"

"well can you tell me how many?"

"it's looks like it's about 20 pieces!"

"well how many am I supposed to have all together because I just did the count this morning and I got 190!"

"You are to have 215-220!"

"Well we did have this problem with our sterling silver bracelets ..... (I continued to explain this problem as Mark gets on the phone)

"Theresa? Theresa?"

"Mark! That's not FUCK*** funny! I was really scared that it was true!"

"Are you mad?"

"No but damn it you scared me!"

We continued to go back and forth at each other for about another 5 mins. and then I told him I had to go!

I told him that he would get a prank too .... I wasn't going to tell him when, or what it was about ... I did tell him it may not even be over the phone!

He told Lisa & I that we are not creative enough ... but just wait until it happens he'll see!

I wanted to tell you about my parents but I must leave for work now ... I'll try to write it tonight when i get home from work!

Monday, April 10, 2006

Anybody Home?

Hello everyone!

I hate when i can not write an entry everyday ..... then I feel so far behind ... cuz you know I like to talk and give full details ... I'll try to make this entry as short as possible ... I have a lot to say!

First of all, I was so mad that yesterday morning I went to get on here and write a little entry of a 'Mark & Theresa' update and my Internet was not working! :(

I was soooooo furious!

Now for all the goodies, that I know you all want to hear (or read .... lol) ....

First of all, Mark and I went to lunch Saturday before work ... we were going to go somewhere other than the mall but he would've been late for work so we decided (together, like a REAL couple, it was so cute) that the best thing would be to eat at the mall!

So of course we ate at Ed's (Hercules Gyro)! I just got fries and a dr. pepper ... I was not really hungry ... butterflies? maybe ... I'll never tell! :)~

Of course then he had to say, "you're never hungry!"

"Hey I can't help it!" (and I was thinking ... yet somehow I'm still a big girl)

We had a good time ... or so I would like to think! :)

We both worked until closing ... I got done at my store about 9:20pm and went down to Lisa's store and helped her (she had a late customer) and then she said that she had to run to wal-mart and to walk around the corner to ask mark if he wanted to come ... I went to go over and saw that the Foot locker staff was in there and decided that I didn't want to go over there!

Lisa said to just call his cell phone .... so I did (he didn't even let the phone ring, at least not on my end) and said that he would like to come if we would wait for him!

We finished up at Lisa's store at about 9:50pm and walked over to his store and waited for him to get down ... his computer crashed and he didn't end up getting done until about 10:25pm!

Lisa & I were being like the most impatient 4 year olds EVER!

so we go to walmart .... I pick up my ring that was sent out to be sized ... I picked it up from layaway and immediately sent it out to be sized so I was so excited to have it ... I'll try to get a picture of it!

Mark asked how much i paid for it and i told him $200 (this was paid off about 1 1/2 months ago ... so no I didn't take money from my savings) and he said, "Oh I see your expensive!"

I told him that I never paid that much on a piece of jewelry before but it was my birthstone and looked nothing like a piece of jewelry that would've come from walmart ... HONEST! I told him that it was my most expensive piece of jewelry and I deserved it (not really but hey ... I deserve an apartment more)!

he wanted me to go to eat with him and I told him I didn't feel good and I was tired and I wanted to go to sleep ... that I would just ride home with Lisa and that he could call me though!

Sunday he had a football game from 8-9am and I told him I was not going this Sunday, that I wanted to sleep in and it rained and there are no bleachers so i didn't want to sit on the muddy ground (I didn't have a chair to take)!

I told him I was sorry ... but that I didn't have to go to EVERY game! I went to his last one and will try to come to the next one!

He was excited to know though that I had off Sunday ... his exact words, "Are you serious? I have off too! We can spend the whole day together!" He was so excited to be able to spend the whole day with me, that you would've have thought he was my 5 year old son! :)

It made me want to melt!

He keeps telling me the sweetest things EVER!

I've never had a guy treat me so good! (not even close)

Sunday he called me at 9:30am and I was still sleeping and he said I could call him when I woke up ... well once I hear his voice I couldn't go back to sleep!

I laid there for about 1/2 an hour and called him back .... he didn't answer ... he called while I was in the shower!

I texted him when I was done getting ready!

He said that he didn't have a whole lot of money (he is in a really bad situation right now with his living .... worse than me)

So I agreed to pay for lunch if he paid for the movie!

I really don't mind ... I know mom (Linda) that you want him to take me to a really nice place, but I also know that once I tell you his story, that you will be very understanding of what he is going through!

We went to see benchwarmers! It was really good ... although it is more of a kids comedy ... but it was still funny!

We hung out at 3 different friends houses!

I had a really good time .... he kept putting his arm around my waist and grabbing my chin and saying "you are so cute" or "You are so pretty" ... we even had our first holding hands moment ... we were at his friends house and we were sitting next to each other and we held each others hands and I immediately thought, "OMG! I can not wait to tell j-land about this! They will all be very excited or at least i hope they will be as much as I am!"

He was even happy to know that he could call me when he got home, even after I spent like 11 hours with him ... I was still not tired of his presence and was fiening for more ... but we both had to be at work early this morning! :(

We talked for a little and he went to bed and Lisa called me so we were on the phone for about an hour!

He pranked called me this morning (I'll write an entry with it tomorrow) and I really fell for it and almost started crying when his sales associate handed him the phone and he gets on "Theresa? Theresa?" Me, "Mark that was not FUCK*** funny!" ... I'll write the rest tomorrow!

But today he was really snappy towards me and I don't know why!

He asked me for a hug when Lisa & I went <SPAN class=spell id=sp-30 title="Click here to replace with: tot, toto, Otto" style="PADDING-RIGHT: 2px; BACKGROUND-POSITION: left bottom; PADDING-LEFT: 2px; BACKGROUND-IMAGE: url(; PADDING-BOTTOM: 2px; CURSOR: pointer; COLOR: black; PADDING-TOP: 2px; BACKGROUND-REPEAT: repeat-x; BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow" _backupTitle="null"> leave and right as we were leaving he said something about girls and getting tons of numbers every day and that he throws them away because he is talking to me (leans over at Heather and says, "After I program them in my phone!")

so when he asked for a hug I told him to get a hug from one of those girls that gives him their phone number tonight at work!

"I'm just kidding Theresa ... Please .... "

"No I am serious! I'm not hugging you because you can get one of those girls to give you hugs. I don't know why you have been so snappy towards me today but I'm leaving!  Bye heather have a good night!"

"Come on Theresa ... please ... I'm just kidding ...."

"Bye Heather!"

I kept walking .... walked about 7 feet looked over my shoulder ... seen him still looking like a 2 year old about to throw a tantrum because he was not getting his way ... turned back around and kept walking!

I asked Lisa if I was wrong for doing that and she said, considering all the things that he had done to me today that he deserved it!

I told her that I was not going to answer his phone calls tonight and he called in the middle of me writing this entry and left me a voice mail (which by the way, he NEVER leaves me a voice mail ... he only did the first time he ever called me)

"I guess your busy with those other guys that are more important than me, when you're done with them give me a call!"

I AM SO MAD .... why would he say that?

but this entry id long enough ... I have one other thing to say but I write it in tomorrow's entry with the prank!

Have a good night!

Saturday, April 8, 2006

Quick Update

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to leave a little update!

I really have a lot of little things to write ... I don't have time to write them all ... I'll try tomorrow ... I have off (And no I'm not going to Mark's football game ... I'm too tired)!

Mark is actually on the way to my house because we are going to go to lunch before we go to work! :)

But he wants to eat at the mall in the food court .... which i am so sick of eating there!

But hey, we'll get to spend some time together and that's all that matters!

Even though the other down to eating at the mall is that, the mall employees that work in the food court are going to be all in our business! BLEH!

I so could pass on that!

But I just wanted to leave a little something for you to feed on today (like your my little goldfish)! :)

Well I must go!

Have a great saturday everyone!

Friday, April 7, 2006

Just a short update of last night

Well I just wanted to write a little something before I went to work this morning ........

Last night I went with Lisa to get the kids' Easter pictures taken (Which are so cute) and then to watch Dontae at his Karate test .... he doesn't get graded or anything, they just want to see what all they've learned so far!

Then about half way through Dontae's test Mark came and picked me up and we went to his friends house (which his name is also Mark, weird huh?) We were there until about 1:45am .... I was tired as all get out! (I mean I was there for like 5 hours, watching THEM play 'Kingdom Hearts' & then watch this t.v. show called 'Ultimate Fighter 3' ..... sheesh the comprimises that I do for him.

But last night while we were hanging out .... he was uh, how should I say it? ...... ummmm .... well let's just say there was body contact (NO not sex or the kiss shessh you guys) ....

I have to run out the door though .... hopefully I can write more tonight!

Thursday, April 6, 2006


I come bearing good news!

That's right .... I finally got some pictures!

Tons of them too! :)

I'll start with pictures of the kids at the Easter egg hunt on saturday!

Dejya showing her goods afterwards!


Is she not the cutest little thing ever?

Donate making sure this year that he is getting something!

"Hey, no you can't have any!" Is that not what it looks like she is saying?


Dejya picking up some goods!

The bunny getting out the Limo!

Dontae going for some goods!

"I gotta hurry! I gotta get some good stuff!"

"Wait! I think I'll go over here .... I think I see something good!"

The bunny again!

The kids with the bunny!

Another picture of the kids with the bunny!


Now for Tammy's baby shower!


That's some of the stuff I got her .... I got her loads of stuff! :)

Is Tammy not pretty! Even while pregnant! (I think pregnant people are cute)

I still can not believe Tammy left me take this picture!

Or this one! I can't wait until the little guy comes! :)


There's the crew from work that you always hear about (Left to right: Lisa (my best friend & the acting manager at the store at the other end of the mall just until Tammy comes back from maternity leave) Tammy (The manager for the store at the other end of the mall, she used to be my manager too, until she stepped down, she was the manager of both stores, but now she is on bed rest until after she has the baby) & last but not least Angela (my boss, the regional manager, she is also engaged to the guy that owns one of the food places in the mall {hercules Gyro}, and her fiance also plays on the same football team as Mark 'Hercules Gyro')

Oh one little secret too ... if you can see the picture on top of the thingy magigy (he he ... can you tell I'm silly today, and I can't think of what it's called) behind them ... that's a picture of Tammy's son, Travis (the soon to be big brother)!


Now for a few pictures of Dontae at karate classes!

This is the only picture that you can remotely see him!

I know this picture for some reason is not coming out good on the computer ... it looks fine on my camera ... but Donate is the one in the back ... you see it's the little boy (literally little) then the boy in the wife beater tank ... then another boy ... that's Donate!


I guess that's it for now!

I do have more pictures of the kids though .... maybe later this week I'll post those ... i know there are a lot here now!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did taking them and being there at the events! :)

Now you are one step closer to knowing the people that are such an important part of my life ....

now to get a picture of Mark and I for you ......... I know you want it ... I had a few request! :)

Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Bad News!

Well I tried to get these pictures uploaded and I'm having some troubles, so I have off tomorrow and that will be my main priority (after laundry & bathroom is cleaned)!

I promise! :)

I don't really have anything to write about Mark either ....

We talked on the phone for about 3 hours total last night (until a little after 2 in the morning)

He always says the nicest things to me and I just want to melt like chocolate in the sun on a 100 degree day!

He is the sweetest guy I ever met!

He was supposed to meet Tammy & I for lunch today, but he would not have made it in time so he didn't come!

I did tell him last night that I want him to be able to say whatever to me, like if he can say something to Heather & Lisa, I want him to be able to say it to me ....

although he says it's for the following reasons that he don't .... 1. he's shy (Very true) 2. he is trying to impress me not them 3. he is not comfortable doing so because of number 4 ... 4. he wants to be with me not them ........

how cute is he?

I keep telling him that I think he is very hot and he does not believe and he know is demanding names of people that work in the mall that thinks he's hot .... because he is trying to boost his self-confidence .... I told him no one else should matter but my opinion!

But that is it for my short entry here tonight!

Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Part 7

WOW! What a day today!

First I wake up from Lisa's 5 year old son calling me asking me if I wanted to go to wal-mart with them ... I know I had to go because Lisa wanted me to take him while she went and bought Dejya's Easter presents and took them out to the car and hid them!

So I get up and we go to wal-mart .... which ends up being a 2 hour trip .... I was so frazzled trying my hardest to keep Dontae's attention while she is on the other side of the store shopping .... then i thought, "Da** it, I should've brought my purse then that way I could have taken him up to the arcade and palyed games!"

Well when i finally met up with Lisa in layaway (she already took Dejya's presnts out to the car) to pick up Dontae's summer clothers layaway, I told her about the arcade and Donate heard me, so i told him if he listened the rest of the time we were at wal-mart I would let him play 2 games at the arcade! (Spoiled brat)  :)

Then I had to come home and get ready for work and leave with the next hour .... too much hurrying for me ... I like to take my time!

So I get to the store and Paula (The manager from 5-7-9, the teenage clothing store right acrossed from my stand ... SL** ... whoops, I didn't mean to say that out loud .... please forgive me) was saying all kinds of stuff on how I had a skirt on and that I must have a hot date (meaning Mark, cuz her nosy behind knows about him) and I kept telling her no I didn't!

Tonia says, "Well your MALE FRIEND was here and asked where you were and i told him that you would be here in ten minutes, then he said he would be here in ten minutes too and left."

Me, "Like he didn't know my schedule, I told him that last night, sheesh men, they never listen."

So as I'm counting my drawer .... he comes my fine a** hunnie!

Well he visited for about 10 mins .... I don't even remember what we talked about ... other than Paula's nosy behind coming over and asking Mark what he was doing down at our end of the mall ... and of course again he replys (this was not the first time he said this to her within the past week), "I'm down here flirting again!"

Paula, "Because you have nothing better to do right?"

Mark, "Right!" (and something about him being able to help it)

I have to throw this in there too .... Lisa told me that he went down there looking for me and said, "Where's my woman?"

Lisa, "So that's what your calling her these days?" (and something about us not even kissing yet .... she's waiting for this more than anything else to happen in life ... besides winning the lottery)!

After work he went over to Target with us (with 5 mins. until they closed) and ran in to fnd something for Dontae! (Even though he was on the phone most of the time) Then we sat in the parking lot and talked for about 10 mins. then we left ... I have to call him later ... but it won't be a long conversation though because I have to get up early tomorrow for work!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, I missed a part of my night last night ...................

not too long after I posted my entry, Mark called and asked me to go with him to get something to eat ... even though I was not hungry .... he said he just wanted company .... so i tagged along and drank a glass of water .... I know how boring ... but my stomach hurt and I hate eating RIGHT before I lay down .... I was in my pajamas when he called ... thank god they were only sweats and a t-shirt last night ... so all I had to do was throw on a bra, shoes & socks, & a sweater!

It was fun I guess we talked and Lisa called and we tlaked to her for about 20 mins. as she was urging me to go in for the first kiss ............ and I told her NO .... I like taking things slow ... and NOT being pushed.

But I guess that's all I have to report ..........

other than I had a great sales day today and I will try my hardest to post pictures tomorrow after work ... if not then I have off thursday and I will do so then!

Have a great night and wednesday morning!

Monday, April 3, 2006

Part 6

I have a better entry tonight from last night .... YAY! :)~

Well we texted each other back and forth last night for about 2 hours and we got a lot of good talking in there that was needed to show who we really are.

It really helped us get to know each other on a whole other level!

I told him that if I didn't care then i never would have went to his game at 8 in the morning (as I was grouchy and tired) and it was only an hour long ....

I told him that I would never say anything to make him upset, as I know sports is a huge part of who he is ... as he is going back to college next year for it ... he does a lot that evolves around sports and if I ddn't like that about him then I would not pretend and talk to him!

I may HATE sports but that doesn't mean that I can't support him and go to his games ....

I told him even though he lost, I thought he played well and that he will win many other games!

He was very happy to hear me say all of that, and even said I was perfect ...

I told him that I wasn't, as no one is perfect, but I was glad to hear that he was not mad anymore and that I made him feel better ... although i really do believe that he was lying about crying ... Lisa even thinks so!

He even called me last night because he texted me and I didn't answer him so a 1/2 hour later he called but I was sleeping ... which i was sleeping when he texted me back but I knew we had to talk so I would wake up everytime he texted me, and I would answer his questiona nd go back to sleep until he said something else ...

I told him he has got to stop calling me when i'm sleeping ... I was so tired last night that I threw my phone in frustration ..... not because it was him though .... just because I was so tired!

But things are definitely looking good again ....

I'm waiting for him to clal me tonight .....

I prank called him right after I left work tonight too ... it was funny ... at first he didn't know it was me ... until I started the second part, and then he said, "Shut up Theresa!"

I bursted out laughing and told him that I couldn't help it ... he asked why Lisa and I didn't stop in and say bye before we left and we told him it was because we were running late, but we prank called both of our assistants and thought we should add him to the mix!

It got a good laugh out of him!

I have pictures to share .... saturday I went to an easter egg hunt with Lisa and the kids, sunday we went to Tammy's baby shower, and today I took pictures of Dontae at Karate tonight!

It is storming really bad here so I'll try to post tomorrow before work!


Have a great night all!

Sunday, April 2, 2006

Part 5

Okay, as you see my mood is not too good ...

wanna know why?

Of course you do! :)

Well yesterday Mark stopped by on his break for about 10 mins. then left, I saw him leave the mall last night and saw another girl get into the car, he saw me and said hi, drove over to Lisa & I and asked us what we were doing, we told him we were wrapping our gifts for Tammy's baby shower that was today, and we told him that we had to make a run to wal-mart after we got the kids, well he tols me to call him later and I said ok and he said, 'I'm serious' I told him I was too and he left!

My theroy is that the girl was too butch for him and she worked with him and just needed a ride home! That didn't bother me because then the more I thought about it I figured that he wanted her to know that he was talking to me by telling me to call me in front of her!

So I went to game this morning .... by the way at 8am, in which i had to get up for at 7am .... and went to sit on the cold ground while it was freezing out and watch his game ....

now for why i'm mad ....

Lisa invited him to come see Ice Age 2 with us becuase he said that he wanted to see it and he told Lisa that he had to go to work at 4, then told Angela and I at the game that he had to be there at 2 but was going in at 3 ..... which I figured his manager changed the time due to the busyness on saturday ....

so I texted him right when we were going into the movies and he told me that he never went to work ....

therefore he could've come to the movies with us .... since he did want to see the movie .... but instead he decides to now be mad at me ....

he said that I made him cry because I said 'poor baby' to him about losing the game ... in which I meant in a 'I'm sorry' way and he took it as a 'boo hoo, get over it' way.

I told him that I did not mean it in a mean way because if I didn't care about his game that I would not have come .... and I could've slept in ... especailly since I didn't get off until late and had to run to wal-mart and didn't get to sleep until 2 (which was once I changed the clock) and he calls at 3 and thought it was funny to see if I was awake .... and the game was only an hour long!

So now I'm in a bad mood and ready for bed .... I don't even feel like calling him to see what the heck his problem is ... but I know I should!

I think him & I have too many differences .... even for us to be friends!

So as you see this entry was not one of the good updates as you all have been waiting for!