Thursday, October 30, 2008


One of the robbers was caught last night during a high speed car chase!!!

He refuses to turn his partner in though!!!

I have mixed emotions!
I am happy yet scared!

What if the other guy comes and looks for me now?!?!?

I don't know what to think!

I get my company provided counseling this saturday from 3-4pm!

I am happy to be able to have this provided for me!
I really think I need it!!!
I really need to get to bed, but I wanted to update everyone!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

My crappy days lately

Ok so some of you have mypsace and facebook and saw that I had a staus update thursday that concerned some of you!!!

I just wanted to let you all know what it was about!!

It really is a long story and to be completely honest I have been trying to sit down and write this entry for the past 2 days now!!! LOL!

Now you see how crazy my life is!

Anyhoo ..... I will just make it a long story SHORT!

I was robbed at gunpoint at pagoda last Monday!


I want to tell you all the story, really I do!

But I seriously am taking time away from sleeping to be here telling you this!

And that is because I love all of you and I want you all to know what is going on with me and my sometimes absences!!!

I will tell you that I will NEVER forget their faces and the way I felt that day, it will FOREVER be in the back of my mind! I will never forget how it happened or anything!

It is the SCARIEST thing I have EVER had to deal with!!!

So Thursday I had to go to the police station to point the one out of a photo lineup!

And I did just that and now I guess they just have to find the sucker.

Then they can find the second guy!!!

I just want them locked up FOR A VERY LONG TIME!!!!!!!!

I want to tell you more of what is going on in my crazy life but I really need sleep.

Next week I work 7 days (as usual) and 5 out of those seven days I work open to close (meaning 12 hour days)!!!!!!!


Anyhoo ...

thanks everyone for your concern and love and support!!!!

Until next time....

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Anyone there???

I don't know if anyone even reads from me anymore!!!

Sorry for those who did manage to follow me!

My life has gotten really really crazy!

For those who don't know ...

I work 2 jobs ...

raise my 15 year old brother!

I barely have time to breathe!!!!

This was really just a short entry to break in my new journal!!!

I will be trying to blog more on the days I do have time to breathe, lol!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

A memory I'll never forget!

Well today was an odd day for me!

As any of you that have been reading my journal for the 2+ years I have been here today marked a very tragic day for me today!

Today marked a 2 year anniversary that still lurks in my mind and haunts me daily!

2 years ago today my friend Alicia Joy Strauss had passed away!

I miss that woman more than I can really express lately!

I wish she were here to help me with a few situations I am going through.

I know that sounds greedy, and she is helping me more than I probably care to admit!

She was a great friend and sometimes I had been so ungrateful to that!

I had not realized just how good she was to me!

Oh yea I knew she was a good person and a great friend, but I didn't realize how much more she meant to me then I cared to admit until everyday after her life was taken I grew to love her more and more even though she was already gone!

I still talk to her often and tell her how much I love her and miss her!

I was a good friend to her but I definitely could have been a whole lot better too!

I had a LOT of regrets when she passed and I still hold some of those regrets!

I could've been a better friend and maybe she would still be here ...

although I know when it is your time to go God will take you no matter what!

But it is so hard for me to say goodbye sometimes!

I am so sorry Alicia, I love you and miss you so incredibly much!


However, some of you know I had a date today as well ...

It was great!

A real gentleman!

Something I am not quite used to!

I can't really think of any reasons to not like him ...

however today was one of those days where you think about what is right and wrong and what feels like should and should not be!

And I just don't feel like I am ready to pursue any type of relationship right now!

I have WAY too much going on right now in my life!

I mean look I can't even keep up with journals anymore ... SORRY!

I had to delete alerts from all of you for the past week now ... the alerts were just adding up more and more and there was no way I could read them all!

I might be turning my alerts off for a while ... I have some things I need to get focused on and take care of!

I need to start acting more like an adult sometimes!

I promise I will try to get everything figured out soon and be back to reading your alerts soon!

Please forgive me!


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Bi&*%! Fit Day!

I am having the biggest b*t*h fit EVER (I think)

I can't stand where my life stands sometimes ...

I have been through a lot!

No one has ANY idea half the things I have been through!

I try my hardest to be such a strong person!

I have NEVER had my life handed to me on a silver platter!

Then there are times that I just think I am not strong enough ....

that I am just one big baby!

I love my job .. yet I hate it!

I know that I am the ONLY person that can change my life ... but sometimes I get so depressed and don't know how to handle what has been dealt to me!

I just want to sit and scream and cry!

I just want a change!

I want a car!

For crying out loud I am not asking for much!

Yet NO ONE understands!

NO ONE knows what it is like in this life of mine!


Yes some people have had some of the same experiences but not ALL of them TOGETHER!

How do you think it feels to be told from your mother how worthless you are and that she is going to kill herself because you decided after 15+ years to get back in contact with your dad and for her to tell you, you destroyed the family and her life?

How do you think it feels to want to be close to your mom but can't?

Can't because she treats you like crap and don't care what happens to you and does not want you to be in her life!

Can't because she does not treat you like her own blood daughter!

My life has so many issues ...

What to do ... what to do!!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Random pictures!!!

So I thought I would share some of my most recent pics ...

Chilling on the bed!! Lookin cute, as always lol!!



My true beauty!!!



Just relaxing!!! I love to just chill sometimes!



Cookie and I chilling!!



Daddy and I


My cousin Rick and I


Jade .... not related to me ... then it is some of my cousins (my moms side) Quinn, Holly, Rick, Dylan (the little guy in the front), Brandon!

Quinn and Holly are sisters! Jade is their cosuin from their dad's side .... I am related to them by their moms side!

Brandon, Rick, & Dylan are brothers!!


My cousin Jeanette (her brothers are Rick, Dylan & Brandon)

Dylan in the front, then in the back it is ... Aunt Eileen, her son Randy, Rick, Quade & his brother Clayton (Quade & Clayton are the brothers of Quinn & Holly)


Grandma Morris (my mom's mom)


Rick, Bambi (Eileen's daughter), Randy (the pin cushion lol)


Grandpa Miller (my dad's dad)


Grandma Miller (my dad's mom)



Me at my grandparents farm!!! It has been such a long time since I have been here!


Me just being silly!


Me just realxing


Well I hope you enjoyed the pics!!

And as always thanks for reading .. have a great weekend!!

ordering pizza in the future

clicky HERE  .... this is so funny!!!


I hope you enjoyed it!!

Thanks Lisa for sharing, that was great!