Sunday, July 30, 2006

Where To Start?

Well I have been down on and off the past days ....

Like wednesday I was fine ALL day ... then around 9pm I ran to my room and just started crying ...


I kind of took it out on Mark, texted him and told himI was sorry, but that just made him even more mad at me!

I am sick of being depressed ....

I just want to smile and laugh daily .....


ok I need to change what I am typing before I start crying and getting depressed MORE than I already am!


I got Letoya Luckett's new cd before work yesterday ...

yea yea yea, I know ...

NO ONE knows who she is ...

Okay let me start by saying,

she was from the ORIGINAL Destiny's Child group ....

Her most recent song is Torn ...

Watch the video here!

She has an amazing voice ...

whether Mark agrees with me or not ...

he says that her video sucks and he does not like her ...

OH WELL Cuz I do!


So of course I bought her cd, I needed to show my support, and when i bought the cd I got a free t-shirt! :)

I always pick the right cds to buy ...

the last cd I bought was LL Cool J and I got a free poster!


Anyways I really have nothing else to say!

My life has been JUST THAT boring!

(Hot and boring may I add)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


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Is what is on my screen above the box where I am writing this! WEIRD?

My computer has been acting REALLY REALLY funny the past 2 days!

I have got to find out what is going on .... I hope I do not have a virus! :(

I have been getting POP-UPS like crazy ... when i am not even on ANY websites ....

I leave to go to my room to watch tv and come back maybe a 1/2 hour later and I have almost 40 pop-ups ...

I don't know what to do!

I can't get anything done on the computer because of it! :(

Any suggestions? Please HELP!


on another note ....

Does anyone know how to get pictures from your cell phone onto your computer ...

i tried e-mailing them to myself but it will not send!

I have 2 pictures of mark on there I want to share with all of you ....

and I have 2 pictures of my friend Sarah that was here visiting last week!

Anyone that can help me with my picture problem or pop-up problem, I'd really appreciate it!



Do You Know Me?

So do you think you know me?


Well let's test those skills of yours ....

take my little test ...


Let the testing begin! :)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Feeling Better Finally!

Well I am felling better today!

I slept almost 12 hours last night because I was so exhausted from this week!

It was one thing after another .....

first I got sick Wednesday night, woke up still sick Thursday and my assistant called and wanted to call off and I told her I was there working sick too and unfortunately she needed to come in because no one else was able to cover her shift ....

I told her I would stay later for her and her had to be in by 5:30, she was to come in at 1:30 and I was to leave at 1:30 ...

So I ended up working 51.75 hours, and that's 10 days straight with no day off (not until tomorrow), one of those shifts was a open to close, inventory for Lisa & Tammy's store was also thrown in there ...

I am so exhausted it's not even funny!

My check will be screaming how much it loves me though! :)

And that is why I tried not to complain while working this week!

I mean I was sick near the end of the week yet still came to work!

Thursday my friend drove 5 and 1/2 hours to visit me .....

it should have only taken her 3 and 1/2 hours, but something got messed up!

Well she got here around 9:00pm Thursday night, Lisa, the kids, and I met her at starlite diner and had dinner ....

I told them after eating that night that I felt like I was going to throw up ....

Lisa was like, "Not again!"

Well I tried my best to keep it down ...

Lisa and the kids went home, Sarah ad I went to Mark's house so she could meet him and go over to his friend's house with him!

Well while Mark was getting dressed while we waited outside, I threw up ....

made Sarah PROMISE not to tell Mark I threw up ... first of all it was embarrassing and second he would start about how I needed to go to the doctors because my stomach always hurts, and I just wanted to have a good time and NO LECTURES!

So we went to his friends house, stayed until 12:30am ... went back to starlite diner so we could all talk ....

we didn't eat either! LOL!

We stayed there until 2:30am ....

went back to Mark's house for about an hour then Sarah and I came home ....

I made her spend the night because I did not want her driving home in the dark and possibly getting lost!

We didn't go to sleep until almost 5am and I got up at 7:45am ....

I left her sleep until 8:10am ...

then we left the house to go find directions because my Internet was down ....

She ended up making it home in about 3 hours yesterday!

I was still not feeling well yesterday morning ....

and I had not eaten anything since I threw up my dinner from the night before, so I didn't have anything in my system left to throw up so I had the dry heaves!

And dry heaves hurts more than throwing up!

Well Lisa and I went for lunch in the food court, and I feel so much better since then ....

Now I am just worried ...

Mark was to call me last night when he left his friends house ....

which he told me at 9:35pm that he was soon leaving ....

NEVER called!

I text him an hour ago and asked him, "Is everything ok ..... you never called me last night like you were supposed to"

And I still have not heard anything back!

I sure hope everything is ok!


****edited: I just called Mark and he said that he never called last night because he ended up staying out and he never got my text this morning .... so everything is fine!


Oh And I just wanted to say, NO it is NO WAY possible that there may be a little one inside this tummy .... not unless it is another virgin Mary story :) And I don't think that is happening, so NO, NO baby!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Now THIS Is Why I Skip Meals

Well I know why I skip meals now .....

After work Lisa and I went to pick up her kids and then go to wal-mart ....

(I went to set up a layaway for things that I will need for my apartment)

when I came outside I told her the heat was making me feel like I was going to throw up ....

she was like, "It's not even as hot as it was earlier!"

I told her I know that, but it was still hot and this is how I get in the summer!

Well we decided to go to Taco Bell for dinner ...

I tried to eat ...

most of my food tasted funny though ...

but I tried eating ....

I said to Lisa, "I can't eat anymore or I am going to throw up!"

Lisa just looked at me and said "uh-oH!"

She could see that I was not holding it in very well ...

I sat there for about another 2 mins. looking pathetic

and ran right off to the bathroom ...

I threw everything that I had just eaten up!

I threw up so much that I was spitting up blood too!

So I cleaned up and came out with my eyes watering like crazy!

I felt SO embarrased!

I NEVER threw up in public and I just felt like everyone there heard me and was disgusted by my actions!

SO now I must go lay down and get plenty of rest, I have to work tomorrow morning! :(

I hope I feel better!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Too Damn Hot To Think!

It reached 104 degrees here in PA today ...

I don't know if that was even the highest ...

I just know that at 3:15pm I called to see what the temp was and when it said 104,

I thought damn am I happy now to be working a double,

cuz now at least I am in the a.c. at the mall all day long!

I sure hope it does not get too bad tomorrow!

I will cry for sure! :(

I hope everyone is trying to stay cool ...

tell me what are your temperatures?


Monday, July 17, 2006

HOT! And I Mean HOT!

I feel like I am dying from this heat here in PA ...

when I left work I called to see what the temperature was and it was 101!

Yea that's hot but it feels like it is 110!

I walked out the mall doors when I got off around 3pm and I thought I was going to fall the hell over!

There is NO way I am sitting in my room today!

Too damn hot!

I hope everyone is staying inside staying cool!

Survey Time!

Past - Present - Future
Name five things from your past that you have experienced or accomplished, five things you are happy with presently and five goals or dreams for your future.
Here's my answers...
1. Graduated High school
2. became great friends with Lisa and her kids!
3. Lived in Flordia for nine months 
4. Was an assistant manager at K B Toys in Flordia
5. Wonder into J-land!
1. Being a Store Manager at Piercing Pagoda
2. Making my store one of the most successful stores, I am trying to make it a higher volume too!
3. Talking to some guy, who after a lot of disagreements, have become VERY close to!
4. Have Lisa and her kids to love andsupport me daily
5. Have wonderful people as my friends from here in J-land
1. Vacation in Hawaii
2. Meet Barbara, Linda, Amanda, Nae, Emily, Kendra, Sam, Melissa, Shelly, Angela, and a few others from here in j-land
3. Get my driver's license & get a car
4. Go back to school
5. Move out of my parents house .... which btw will be in about 2 months (This gives me time to start looking and keep saving at the same time)
Answer in your own journal but be sure to leave a link here in the comments. Come on, play along! For me? Pleeease! :-)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Few Random Pictures

Here is my baby Cookie .... as soon as I lay my towels on the bed every morning, he jumps up and lays on them, then he wants kisses and MUCH love from his momma! :) Is he not the cutest little thing EVER? I could not imagine my life without my cat! He is my rock!

Here is another picture of my baby sleeping on my towels!


This is from last month ... as you can see .... Dontae was asked to take a test to move up a belt .... Lisa and I were SO nervous that day ..... but look on to see if he passed or not!

Here Dontae is getting ready to take a hit on a piece of board to see if he can break it with his fist! Let's see what happens!

Here is a picture of one of the Karate Instructors ..... not his, but from the same school .... he is showing off his board that he broke with his hand ..... NO PRACTICE AT ALL ON THIS AND he broke it on his FIRST TRY! He was so happy, as was Lisa and I!

Just another picture of Dontae and his board! :) My strong little man!

Here is Dontae getting his new belt level .... he is now a high white belt .... they test to move up every 3 months!

Here is Snowball, the other night I went to go upstairs and at the top of the steps I find this .... snowball laying inside the basket as it was turned onto it's side!

Here is another picture of him sleeping in the basket!

Here is Mr. Pee Pee laying his head nicely on a cat toy like it is a pillow meant just for him! If you look closely at his eye on the left you can see it is sore, some of the cats keep fighting him like something ridiculous lately!

Here is a picture of a rose that was given to me .... I toke the picture the day after I got it .... we had a Rose show at the mall and the one little girl from the mall (Her parents own a nail salon by my store) gave this to me ... she gave Tonia, my assistant, and all the girls at 5~7~9 a rose! She is such a cute little girl .... right now she is at Houston, Texas on vacation!

Friday, July 14, 2006


I don't remember if I told you all this yet ...

but last week I came home and was all depressed again about my break out problems ...

turned on the t.v. and


There was a proactiv commercial on ....

I broke down ...

I couldn't take it anymore ...

and I have heard AMAZING stories about Proactiv ...

so i called and ordered it!

WELL, as my day seemed to be at it's peak of happiness!

It reached an all time high!

I walk in the door, look to my left, do I have any mail?


I got my bank statement



It's heaven on earth for me today!

My day has just been WONDERFUL!

I feel great about my friendships that I have repaired!

I had an AMAZING transaction at work today!

I left all giddy from that!

Get home to find hopefully what will be my solution for my break out problems sitting here waiting for me!


God really really Loves me today!

(not that he never does, he just showed his love in over drive today)

What an amazing life high I am on right now! :)

I must go wash my face now with my new stuff ...

I shall keep you all updated on how it helps!

Sunday, July 9, 2006


Here are a few pictures of my baby Smokey before he started getting sick and hiding from everybody all the time!
Smokey (The all gray cat in the back) and Cuddles cuddling up! They were like BEST FREINDS!
Smokey all tuckered out after we played for a while!
Smokey LOVED to curl up underneath my arms and purr and got to sleep like so for HOURS!
See! I told ya! :)
Here he is wearing one of my necklaces ... he just wanted to play with it and he got mad when I put it around his neck!

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Happy Fourth Of July!


What a great day of history today is!

It stands for this wonderful thing that we call freedom ...

something we all take for granted every now and then!

But we also are aware of how this became for us and the people that made it possible and keep it possible for us!

What a great country we live in and I am VERY happy to say (okay, okay to type not say)!


Don't forget to thank our soldiers!

Stop over to my girl Emily's journal .... her husband of two years (7/3) is one of those fine soldiers that fight for us!

Thank you everyone for the beautiful e-mails, tributes in your journals, comments in my journal, etc. all in favor of this amazing holiday ....

I really appreciate it! :)

Monday, July 3, 2006

A Beautiful Tribute!

My girl over at Confessions Of An Angel Waitress ...... barbara ...

This lady is such an amazing person ...

she is always so caring and giving ....

she made a beautiful video for the fourth of July ... and I just HAD to share it with all of you! :)

What kind of person would I be if I did not?

HORRIBLE I tell ya, just horrible!

I hope all of you enjoy it as much as I did!

Barbara's Tribute Video


And one more thing ...

you you don't not already read her journal, you need to NOW!

She is a great person ... and don't forget about her activity journal too ..... which can be found HERE!

Tell her I sent ya! :)

*edited: For the video that she has made ... the link I provided will not work for some reason that way .... but this is how I got it up .... copy and apste this into your address bar :