Monday, July 17, 2006

Survey Time!

Past - Present - Future
Name five things from your past that you have experienced or accomplished, five things you are happy with presently and five goals or dreams for your future.
Here's my answers...
1. Graduated High school
2. became great friends with Lisa and her kids!
3. Lived in Flordia for nine months 
4. Was an assistant manager at K B Toys in Flordia
5. Wonder into J-land!
1. Being a Store Manager at Piercing Pagoda
2. Making my store one of the most successful stores, I am trying to make it a higher volume too!
3. Talking to some guy, who after a lot of disagreements, have become VERY close to!
4. Have Lisa and her kids to love andsupport me daily
5. Have wonderful people as my friends from here in J-land
1. Vacation in Hawaii
2. Meet Barbara, Linda, Amanda, Nae, Emily, Kendra, Sam, Melissa, Shelly, Angela, and a few others from here in j-land
3. Get my driver's license & get a car
4. Go back to school
5. Move out of my parents house .... which btw will be in about 2 months (This gives me time to start looking and keep saving at the same time)
Answer in your own journal but be sure to leave a link here in the comments. Come on, play along! For me? Pleeease! :-)


therealslimemmy said...

ok i played just for you :)

mastersblynn said...

I would LOVE to meet you tooo!

misscarberry said...

Awwww, I'd like to meet you too :) Talking of driving, I book my lessons today! Scary!
Love Sam xXx

xxroxymamaxx said...

Ok...the future part sounds just like my daughter. lol  And I am soooo not looking forward to her moving out.  I'm just gonna cry although it's not even for a couple more years. : )  And I wish all of J-Land could have one big party somewhere!   Hugs to you, Shelly