Wednesday, July 26, 2006


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Is what is on my screen above the box where I am writing this! WEIRD?

My computer has been acting REALLY REALLY funny the past 2 days!

I have got to find out what is going on .... I hope I do not have a virus! :(

I have been getting POP-UPS like crazy ... when i am not even on ANY websites ....

I leave to go to my room to watch tv and come back maybe a 1/2 hour later and I have almost 40 pop-ups ...

I don't know what to do!

I can't get anything done on the computer because of it! :(

Any suggestions? Please HELP!


on another note ....

Does anyone know how to get pictures from your cell phone onto your computer ...

i tried e-mailing them to myself but it will not send!

I have 2 pictures of mark on there I want to share with all of you ....

and I have 2 pictures of my friend Sarah that was here visiting last week!

Anyone that can help me with my picture problem or pop-up problem, I'd really appreciate it!




therealslimemmy said...

try googling adware se personal google it if you can its free. hopefully that will help ;)

misscarberry said...

You need to get some Spyware remover, and fast! Try googling it. And if you need to send some photos to yourself, you can see if your phone make can provide a lead to upload them, or email them to a Hotmail address. AOL is quite funny about that.
Love Sam xXx

mastersblynn said...

turn off your computer and reboot!  Hope that helps!!!

dying4happiness said...

Go there, download it, run it.

Check your Microsoft Internet Settings, sometimes certain viruses can shut your pop-up blocker off, and as far as that message goes, AOL sucks monekyballs, plain and simple.


xxroxymamaxx said...

The others are right about the Adaware SE, that is the one I use and it works great to get rid of bad files.  Also, try going to settings on your aol toolbar and go to pop ups....make sure the blocker is turned on.  Hope you get it fixed! I had to buy a USB cord for my cell phone to upload the pics.  Hugs and GbU, Shelly