Saturday, October 29, 2005

Halloween and Christmas! (Where's Thanksgiving?)

I know, I know what a mixture!

And how could I leave out Thanksgiving?

Well because there's nothing that I need to say about Thanksgiving (Not right now anyway)!

So on monday (halloween) we are dressing up at work in our costumes!

Guess what I'm going to be!

Yep you got it!

A butterfly!

I went and got my wings after work from Spirit Halloween!

Awesome store btw!

Then I went and got my skirt, nylons, shirt, eyelashes (Which I've never wore before, so be prepared for me to come back saying I have no eyes because I screwed up somehow), glitter spray for my hair, pipe cleaners, and pom poms (The pipe cleaners and pom poms are for my antenna! I'm using my headband!)

I will have to take pictures and post!

I'm so excited!

I'm defintley going to take pictures of EVERYONE working that day!

SO keep an eye out for those! I'm counting down!


Okay now for christmas!

Every "Holiday season" my manager has to go to a meeting with all the other managers in our region with our regional manager and this year they even paired up with another region so it was like 20 some store managers and 2 regional managers ..... anyways they go to get prepared for the holidays!

They tell us what new merchandise to be expecting, new "store operations" (they're just our book of rules), and a whole lot more about what to be expecting!

And my manager went to this meeting this past wednesday!

And yesterday she was telling us how the home office (the BIG people) want us to keep pens, calculators, and such in our pockets to better help our customers!

So her fiance owns his own little sports store where he makes like t-shirts, trophies and such!

Well Tammy wants him to make us red and green aprons to wear this year and that way we have pockets there that we can keep everything in!

I'm lovin' the idea and I can not wait!

Lisa and I have tons of other great ideas this year for christmas for us to do as well!

I'm also counting down to that!

(I have too many countdowns going on ... I have halloween, Dejya's b-day, my brother's b-day, my b-day, and christmas .... after they all apss at least I'll know that I can count! lol)

I think that's all I have for now!

Everyone please be safe for halloween!

Made By: Nae

Friday, October 28, 2005

Trick Or Treat Thru J-Land!


Did I scare you?


Made By: Nae


Here is my trick or treat thru j-land entry!

Click here for all the info!

Have fun and I hope you enjoyed your stay!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

I'm Not A Quitter!


I was thinking while I was making my brother some dinner tonight ....

Yeah, I was thinking about closing my journal ...

Then I thought to myself, "I'm not a quitter! Why would I stop trying? I can make it better and ONLY I can make it better! So that's exactly what I'm going to do! I am going to dedicate even MORE time to my journal life!"

I really like it here .... it makes me feel better when I write!


I also changed my mind because I've seen alot my my fellow J-Landers in some not so great moods, whether it be the blues or it being that they are sick!

That making me not want to leave!

I sent a couple of my fellow J-landers some cards (Shells, Linda, and Pam)

I just thought about how they needed some friendly smiles, so I went to work!

And doing all that made me realize even more about how I can not leave here!


So I am here to stay!

Now I just have to find ways to become more involved to make more journal more interesting!


BTW, has everyone done their votes for the awards? I hope so! I did mine! YEAH!

I can't wait to see the winners! :)

In other news, I'm still living a pretty boring life! I really haven't been doing much other than work and home! I do spend loads of time with my younger brother! And if I'm not doing any of that then I'm spendingtime with Lisa and her kids!

Dejya (Lisa's daughter) said to me on sunday, "Theresa, how comes we see you one day then we don't see you again for weeks? I don't like that! I like spending time with you!"

Mind you this girl will be 9 on Nov. 27!

And Dontae (Lisa's son) thinks he's my boyfriend .... whcich we try not to tell him different or he gets upset! And he is only 5 years old!

I love her kids sooooo much!


I don't have my own so I spoil hers!

Why not right?

So now I can't wait for Tammy to have her baby so I can spoil her baby too!

Ok enough about babies!

I'm going to head for bed now, I have to open tomorrow!

I just thought I would update!


Yes I am aware that I did not wait the week out to make my decision! But like I said I can't quit .... I'm not a quitter!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

End of the path?

Okay so as everyone can see I have not posted an entry in over a week ... I know how unlike me!

Well I have not had anything to say and I have been also thinking!

Okay so a lot of thinking!

And "End Of The Path?" is the title for a perfectly good reason!

Read it once more and think of what it could be ....

yep, I'm thinking of closing this journal!

I never have anything to say, and when I do it's L-A-M-O!

So instead of boring people with my NEGATIVE life and it's happenings,

I figured I would just end the misery for everyone!

But that's not the main reason!

I just can not seem to keep a constant flow of positive energy to keep my journal going! (Not readers but positive flow from myself)

Of course like every other I want a constant flow of readers too .....

I am grateful for the ones I have, but I kinda wish i had like 4 more readers and I'd be happy!

But I've tried branching out .... IT NEVER works for me!

I really did enjoy my stay here .....

Thanks for everything everyone has done!


This is not set in stone yet .... I'm still thinking about it!

If I can not get any good ideas for writing then I'm closing it for sure ....

I guess I'll give myself another week!




Friday, October 14, 2005

Something That Has Been Bothering Me BADLY!

 (given to me by Linda)

Okay so I have to vent about this ....

I never had to deal with anything like this before (well because Alicia was the first death I had to deal with ... as many of you already know)!

Well all of you know that I have been having a lot of trouble with her death!

At first I could not sleep for anything!

Well I'm starting to loose sleep over it again ... not as much as before but I still am!

Well to tie in with that ......

I had a weird dream about her a couple of nights ago!

I can't remember all of it, because only one part of it keeps replaying in my head!

I've pretty much lost memory of the rest of the dream ....

This is ALL I can remember ....

which btw, is enough to keep me upset for awhile .....

She never died!

She did it all as a joke ...

and when I saw her I screamed so loudly (and we were in a public place) and everyone was looking at me!

I knew she was there because everyone was meeting there to go see her ...

I think julie called and told me how Alicia did it all as a joke and I was on my cell phone with her as I was on my way there!

Alicia proceeded to tell us how she made it all work,

I said, "Well, what about your body, and your pulse, and so on?" .....

And that's the part that I forget!

So now this is the reason I'm loosing sleep, well I was loosing sleep before the dream ....

but it's caused me to loose even more sleep ...

because I keep thinking she's going to pop out of my closet or break through my window (which can be done), or something like that ...

I know I'm grown and I should know better, but I can't help but be scared to death!

I miss her is enough for me to be upset and loose sleep but this dream .....

It made it all worse!

I feel like I'm being a 2 year old that's scared of the dark or something!

I just can't help it!

I'm shaking as I type this ... and crying!

I'm trying to do this fast too because I have to walk out the door for work in 7 mins.

But I had to say something before I left for work ....

I had to get it off my chest, for it has been there for days!

I'm really am sorry for sounding like a big wuss!

Also, sorry if anything is spelled wrong I don't have the energy nor time to check everything!





Have a great day everyone!


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Theresa Is

(given to me by: Linda)


I've had this for a while (okay like 12 days) and I see everyone is doing theirs, so I figured I would finally post mine!


Theresa is NOT SAVED
Theresa is not a Christian
theresa is growing tired
theresa is our "far west texas"
Theresa is unstoppable
Theresa is undermining them already
Theresa is a monster and not a human being
Theresa is out (where did I go?)
Theresa is located on Routes 26, 193, and 194 (there's apprently a village named after me ... cool!)
Theresa is the stalker
Theresa is at the Crane mansion
Theresa is responsible
Theresa is also gifted
Theresa is the bride
Theresa is the receiver from Christ
Theresa is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (I am? Then where are the good paychecks?)
Theresa is genuinely committed
Theresa is swimming totally nude (I would NEVER!)
Theresa is still feeling great
Theresa is a coach (coach for what?)
Theresa is also a pioneer
Theresa is No. 2 in "Canadian Idol," but No. 1 in Saskatoon (Cool, so then I'll be famous)
Theresa is having a great time
Theresa is proud
Theresa is willing to put herself through hell (Yea, only if there's a good outcome)
Theresa is pleased
Theresa is 27 (No, I'm not even 21)
Theresa is very busy (Umm, not really, I live a pretty boring life)
Theresa is afraid of loving too much and being abandoned (Indeed I am)
Theresa is definitely capable
Theresa is also tough
Theresa is that Madame Butterfly (Sweet, I'm some sort of Butterfly ... No wonder why I love them so much)
Theresa is a great master
Theresa is frightened
Theresa is always being watched
Theresa is prettty coool!
theresa is so wicked!
Theresa is accountable
Theresa is an unforgettable
Theresa is excited
Theresa is beloved by so many people
Theresa is a consummate team player
Theresa is a lonely single girl (now that one is true!)
Theresa is cleaning up (TRUE! I'm trying to clean my life up and make it better)

There is much much more ... this was only five pages ... and I'm starting to get tired ... and i can't remember what I already added!


(given to me by Linda)


Okay Is anyone else having trouble adding comments to my journal?

If so e-mail me and let me know that way I can try to figure out what is wrong with my stupid journal!

Maybe it's because I have too many pictures?

I have no idea .... so figuring this out ... could take a lifetime ... if it is my journal!


Thank you Shells for letting me know!

Tag by: Nae

Journal reading!

(given to me by: Linda)

I got so behind on journal reading thanks to my internet being down since monday evening!

It just started working again like 2 hours ago ....

in all that time it's been working, I've been catching up on the about 15 journal entries I had to read!

And apprently my journal must be getting boring anyway because I don't receive ANY comments anymore ... or maybe you people are just lurking around and not saying anything!

So I have to think of ways to spice up my journal writing because obviously it's not doing so good right now!


 Tag by: Nae

Sunday, October 9, 2005

Still exhausted!

 Made by Nae


So I went to work today for Tammy, so she could have a day off .... her and the baby need rest more than I do!

I was not going to stop switching my schedule all the time for other people, but I can never say no, and I NEVER said no to Tammy and now that she's pregnant I KNOW I will not be able to say no!

I can't ... how could I say no?


She's having a baby!

Which I can't wait!

Another baby is on the way!


I can't wait to go baby shopping!

And my one friend is trying to get one of those things that the doctor has to perform but I can't remember what it's called ....... DARN IT!

Anyways, he and her husband have been trying forever to have a baby and they can't so, they have been trying all kinds of stuff!

Well she said that she has another doctor's appointment next week ... and she e-mailed me and said, "I hope we can soon go baby shopping!"

I told her I can't wait either, yea I'll get to shop for my manager but I also want to shop for nickey!

So cross your fingers that it'll work this time!

I can't wait unitl baby shower time too!




Okay so anyways!

I hope everyone is supporting breast cancer somehow this month ... whether it be  a rubber wristband ( I have 3), or it be a ribbon, a shirt, a sweater, something, and anything (do show th support obviously) will do!

Leave in comments what each of you are doing .... I'mexcited to hear ... maybe you are doing something I didn't think of and I might be interested!

I'll post this week sometime all the stuff I'm going to buy to supportbreast cancer ...  I already bought some stuff but I intend to buy much much more!

I mean after all it is pink!

What a pretty color and it goes to a GREAT cause!

So show some support ... even if you are a guy ... help support!

I seen there are two guys helping raise I think it's $10 million dollars!

So just because you are a guy don't think you don't have to support ....

plus guys can get breast cancer too ... not as common as women but men can get it!

Stay aware and Show your support!


Tag by: Miz

No REAL entry here!

 By: Nae

Okay so I was going to write a decent entry

but my internet was not working this morning from all the rain

and when I signed on I had 21 e-mails and 19 of those were "new entry alerts"

so it took me a hour and a half to read journals ...

not that I'm complaing but I got home from work at 10:40 and I just read my last entry like 5 mins. ago ... so now I'm exhausted ... I sold almost $1,000 by myself tonight with no double coverage from 2:30pm - 9:00pm and it's columbus day weekend and homecoming weekend so it was hetic!

and I have to work tomorrow and it was supposed to be my day off,

so I should probably go to bed now!

Maybe I'll get to write something interesting tomorrow!

I do want to write an entry about breast cancer this week so stayed tuned for that!

Night everyone!

Tag by: Nae

Friday, October 7, 2005

Boring Vacation!



Well Not much has really been going on in my life lately!

Maybe it's because I had off 5 days this week ...

That's right I took vacation time ...

I needed it!

I had sunday as my regular day off, and monday-wednesday were vacation and tursday was my regular day off!

I was lucky to get my days off in a row with my vacation!

And let me just say ... nope, I didn't do anything but sit here at the computer and read journals, and find tags (thanks to Nae), and played the sims 2!

Yeah, I know what a vacation, but I needed that, just to be lazy week!

I was frustrated, stressed, and tired!

And the holidays are right around the corner and it will be hetic then!

I'm hoping in a way that we won't be staffed so i'll get Overtime!

I know it won't happen, but a girl can wish can she not?

I love the holidays too!

I love being back to back with customers!

I do HATE the rude impatient customers!

Especailly the ones that come at the last minute and say, "Is this all you have left?" Uh YEAH! It's not my fault you waited to the last minute! Then they're like, "Well I know you had these butterfly earrings, with cz's and they're really small and I think they were $19.99! You had them the last time I checked back in October!"

YEAH! Just think about that sentence ..... "BACK IN OCTOBER!"

It's now the week before christmas ...

yes we get shipments every week (either wednesday or thursday .. and holidays it's usually every friday) but that doesn't mean it's going to be there ...

what if someone else was watching them and we sold 2 pairs to them because they loved them so much .. then you're screwed.

Yes at christmas time we usually get doubles of everything!

We usually carry 1 of everything ... unless it's a really popular item like a necklace that we can sell up to 4 a day ... then of course we get more than 1 ... it just depends on it's popularity!

So a little memo as we prepare for christmas ...

"If they is a sell and they have layaway ... put the layaway to it's advantage ... now yes some places do charge layaway fees ... but in that case make absolutley sure that you want it ... because when you put something on layaway, you get the sale price of it that day!"

At least at my store you do!

For those of you that are not sure if you have one in your area ... leave it in comments and I can look in our listing of stores at work!

Or go here!

I love my job ...

can you tell!

Yes it has it's moments! And even more moments!

But in the end I do love it!

I don't want anyone to think I was complaining about christmas either ...

because like I said that's my favorite time ...

I love being busy

I have been counting down to the holidays too!

Since like July!

He he :)

Okay now I'm just getting silly and s-t-u-p-i-d

and I'm beginning to forget how to type so if I spell anything else wrong ...  sorry I'm to lazy to fix it!

So anyways .... what else is going on?

Did I already tell ya my manager told us sunday after the meeting that she is pregnant!


I'm so excited! I can't wait!

I think I'm more excited then she is!

uhhh, let's see anthing else?

Nope I think that's it!

Now watch once I post, I'll think of something!


Oh oh ... wait I did remember something else!

Stephany is quitting ....

everyone is like "You of all people should be happy because you hate her!"

I said to Elizabeth (the assistant at 5-7-9) that I knew everyone was going to say that ... I do HATE but I would NEVER wish for anyone to quit ... not unless it was really BAD!

I will admit it was bad before .. remember when I was hoping Michelle would quit?

That was a bad situation ... and EVERYONE wanted her to quit!

I was not the only one!

Anyways, that's it for me tonight!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Pimpin' out my girl Nae!

I had to post one more entry for the day!

(Not that I posted 5 already ... but hey)

I found this journal and let me just tell you ... she is awesome ... not that none of you guys are not!

I got some beautiful tags from her! WHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!

So now for my thank you I am posting a few picks I got from her and who knows maybe you'll find something you like!



.... this is my new slogan!

And for the last one ... I don't like Britney but I loved this!

(What a perfect ending)!



Wrong Response!

I thought I would share this funny trick question with you:

A man is sitting on his front stoop staring morosely at the ground when his neighbor strolls over. The neighbor tries to start a conversation several times, but the older man barely responds. Finally, the neighbor asks what the problem is.

"Well," the man says, "I ran afoul of one of those questions women ask. Now I'm in the doghouse."

"What kind of question?" the neighbor asks.

"My wife asked me if I would still love her when she was old, fat and ugly."

"That's easy," says the neighbor. "You just say, 'Of course I will'".

"Yeah," says the other man, "that's what I meant to say. But what came out was, 'Of course I do.'"



P.s. I tried posting a tag made by Nae, but it will not insert, or it could very well just be me :) ... this is the kind of stuff I'm not good at ... is it obvious? See Why my journal has no pictures or any style? I can't figure out how to add the good stuff! :(

P.s.s. I'm getting a little sick of AOL eating entries and having to retype them all the time!

 ........... Yeah! Thank you Nae for helping me! I finally figured it out!

Tuesday, October 4, 2005

65 days to go!

I have 65 days to go until it's my birthday ....

oh and not just ANY birthday ......

YEP .....

It's going to be my 21st!

No, I won't be going out ....

unless the girls drag me out ... literally ...

I have been arguing with them all for months about how I do not want to go out!

I do not want to be like the average 21 year old, going out just to drink and be stupid!

So to avoid any problems (which may even include, not being able to control myself) ... I'm not going out!

All I want for my birthday is a surprise birthday party .... because I've never had a birthday party!

And since I love surprises, I told everyone, all I want is a surprise birthday party ... I even told them what to decorate it with ...

That's right .... pooh, butterflies, and or tinkerbell!

Nothing else is exceptable!

I know that it will not happen, so I'm trying not to get my hopes up ... really I'm not!

I usually don't get anything for my birthday because my parents always said it was to close to christmas!

So I never really got any gifts until I was in high school and my freinds got me stuff ... but there was really only about 3 of them that did it 1 year!

Now last year almost everyone from work got me something ... in fact they were the ONLY people to get me anything

(well my grandma took me to a dinner she had to go to, and my sister got me some stuff ... which was the same week that we got in a huge fight and she kicked me out to be with some piece of trash guy that was cheating on her in front of her face, and all she had to say was, "Yeah I know! But I don't care! Because he comes home {which was to our apartment, that he didn't even live at but was there all the time} and sleeps with me every night! ... but he ended up leaving her anyway after some bad things happened)

I tried to give my sister the stuff she gave me back, but when she packed up all my stuff she hid all the presents in my stuff!

Yes this birthday will be very hard for me because of what happened the week of my birthday last year!

Because when my sister kicked me out my dad happened to call me (or maybe I called him ... can't remember) and I was on the phone with him and he begged me to move back home.

"I prefer you move back here because then you can finally get your life straightened out and stop trying to be roomates with stupid people like your aunts and your sister! I hope that you learned a lesson from this! Did you?"

Yeah I did ... and that's why i'm still here!

Because I WILL NOT have another roomate!

They're always bad news ... especailly when it's my family!

My family likes to suck money from one another!

They're all greedy like that!

But back to the point of why it'll be hard this year!

Not only because of my sister kicking me out!

BUT right before the phone call with my dad  I went up to Julie and Alicia's apartment to talk to them ...

They wanted me to move in with them ....

I was going to because I knew if I was around them ALL the time (because of living with them) I could get them off the drugs ..... (I really believe I could have)

I got them to stop before ... then I wasn't around for awhile .. and they started again ...

So Alicia told Julie how much she wanted me to move in and Juile said ok ....

Well I really really really wanted to move in because of the drug problem, and to be close to my 2 friends again ...

Instead I moved here and that was the last time I seen Alicia ...... (wipes away tears)

I really blame myself for letting them 2 get the way they did!

I did stop over a few times and no one answered the door!

But I didn't stop by enough!

Julie said it was because they were always on drugs and didn't want to answer the door!

The next time I seen Julie was at Alicia's viewing!











Sunday, October 2, 2005

I'm SO pissed off about all this J-Land Spam!

Well it seems as if spam as reached all levels of the interent now!

I have received so many spam comments in my journal that I'm SUPER pissed off!

Why do people have to bother us for UNWANTED things?

Did I ask for you to try to hook me up with someone on the internet?


Keep that for the record!