Sunday, October 9, 2005

No REAL entry here!

 By: Nae

Okay so I was going to write a decent entry

but my internet was not working this morning from all the rain

and when I signed on I had 21 e-mails and 19 of those were "new entry alerts"

so it took me a hour and a half to read journals ...

not that I'm complaing but I got home from work at 10:40 and I just read my last entry like 5 mins. ago ... so now I'm exhausted ... I sold almost $1,000 by myself tonight with no double coverage from 2:30pm - 9:00pm and it's columbus day weekend and homecoming weekend so it was hetic!

and I have to work tomorrow and it was supposed to be my day off,

so I should probably go to bed now!

Maybe I'll get to write something interesting tomorrow!

I do want to write an entry about breast cancer this week so stayed tuned for that!

Night everyone!

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linnpooh said...

I understand spending an hour and half reading journals...except make that 4 hours!! My list is so long now, that I don't even try anymore to read them all in one day because it just stresses me trying to be superwoman! :) Besides that, I'm in a WW e-mail loop and that generates about 50-75 e-mails a day, my own journal, plus just surfing which I totally don't want to give on-line life is busier that reality, how sad is that? LOLOL!
Oh well, I don't want to give any of them up because I have come to care about so many people and have made great friends. So...I just get to them when I can and when I do, I enjoy myself so much!!

Pooh Hugs,