Friday, October 7, 2005

Boring Vacation!



Well Not much has really been going on in my life lately!

Maybe it's because I had off 5 days this week ...

That's right I took vacation time ...

I needed it!

I had sunday as my regular day off, and monday-wednesday were vacation and tursday was my regular day off!

I was lucky to get my days off in a row with my vacation!

And let me just say ... nope, I didn't do anything but sit here at the computer and read journals, and find tags (thanks to Nae), and played the sims 2!

Yeah, I know what a vacation, but I needed that, just to be lazy week!

I was frustrated, stressed, and tired!

And the holidays are right around the corner and it will be hetic then!

I'm hoping in a way that we won't be staffed so i'll get Overtime!

I know it won't happen, but a girl can wish can she not?

I love the holidays too!

I love being back to back with customers!

I do HATE the rude impatient customers!

Especailly the ones that come at the last minute and say, "Is this all you have left?" Uh YEAH! It's not my fault you waited to the last minute! Then they're like, "Well I know you had these butterfly earrings, with cz's and they're really small and I think they were $19.99! You had them the last time I checked back in October!"

YEAH! Just think about that sentence ..... "BACK IN OCTOBER!"

It's now the week before christmas ...

yes we get shipments every week (either wednesday or thursday .. and holidays it's usually every friday) but that doesn't mean it's going to be there ...

what if someone else was watching them and we sold 2 pairs to them because they loved them so much .. then you're screwed.

Yes at christmas time we usually get doubles of everything!

We usually carry 1 of everything ... unless it's a really popular item like a necklace that we can sell up to 4 a day ... then of course we get more than 1 ... it just depends on it's popularity!

So a little memo as we prepare for christmas ...

"If they is a sell and they have layaway ... put the layaway to it's advantage ... now yes some places do charge layaway fees ... but in that case make absolutley sure that you want it ... because when you put something on layaway, you get the sale price of it that day!"

At least at my store you do!

For those of you that are not sure if you have one in your area ... leave it in comments and I can look in our listing of stores at work!

Or go here!

I love my job ...

can you tell!

Yes it has it's moments! And even more moments!

But in the end I do love it!

I don't want anyone to think I was complaining about christmas either ...

because like I said that's my favorite time ...

I love being busy

I have been counting down to the holidays too!

Since like July!

He he :)

Okay now I'm just getting silly and s-t-u-p-i-d

and I'm beginning to forget how to type so if I spell anything else wrong ...  sorry I'm to lazy to fix it!

So anyways .... what else is going on?

Did I already tell ya my manager told us sunday after the meeting that she is pregnant!


I'm so excited! I can't wait!

I think I'm more excited then she is!

uhhh, let's see anthing else?

Nope I think that's it!

Now watch once I post, I'll think of something!


Oh oh ... wait I did remember something else!

Stephany is quitting ....

everyone is like "You of all people should be happy because you hate her!"

I said to Elizabeth (the assistant at 5-7-9) that I knew everyone was going to say that ... I do HATE but I would NEVER wish for anyone to quit ... not unless it was really BAD!

I will admit it was bad before .. remember when I was hoping Michelle would quit?

That was a bad situation ... and EVERYONE wanted her to quit!

I was not the only one!

Anyways, that's it for me tonight!

Have a great weekend!


linnpooh said...

I'm glad you love your sure makes it easier to go every day! Besides, I'm sure you are a ray of sunlight to the customers who shop with you....if your store was by me, you'd be my favorite clerk. :)

Have a wonderful weekend and make some happy memories.

Pooh Hugs,
Linda da Pooh...

derasta said...

I used to play the sims years ago but I got burn out with it and could never play it again..we bought sims2, the kids wanted it and they like it and play it sometimes...I love all the interesting add on's for the game.