Sunday, October 2, 2005

I'm SO pissed off about all this J-Land Spam!

Well it seems as if spam as reached all levels of the interent now!

I have received so many spam comments in my journal that I'm SUPER pissed off!

Why do people have to bother us for UNWANTED things?

Did I ask for you to try to hook me up with someone on the internet?


Keep that for the record!


linnpooh said...

I know what you mean, I got all the porn spam, too! They need a life...kinda sad actually, that they're wasting their life like that.  I deleted & blocked them then pasted the entry in a TOS mail to AOL, not sure if it will help or not.  

Did you get the pics? I'm not really sure what your e-mail address is, I guess...I used your screen name, is that it?

Have a GREAT Monday.

Pooh Hugs,

perkysgrl said...

Aint it grand???




scottjoleneethan said...

Sure is annoying, isn't it?? Are you guys still getting that spam? Hopefully AOL can take care of it.

mizgraphix said...

OMFG ... i sooo know what you mean here..
I had somone post links to some porn site
in EVERY SINGLE ENTRY .. of my Journal
the SN was KreamedKorn .. i think
then this person told me that it was a
hacker on their AOL account ... Ummm,
yea right ! Long story short IT SUCKED !