Wednesday, October 12, 2005


(given to me by Linda)


Okay Is anyone else having trouble adding comments to my journal?

If so e-mail me and let me know that way I can try to figure out what is wrong with my stupid journal!

Maybe it's because I have too many pictures?

I have no idea .... so figuring this out ... could take a lifetime ... if it is my journal!


Thank you Shells for letting me know!

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perkysgrl said...

Nope, not having problems at all...


derasta said...

Seems ok right?

linnpooh said...

I'm not having trouble leaving comments, but I know AOL is going through journal growing pains, so there will probably be more non working journal days ahead for all of us!! I never get alearts at all anymore that people leave comments...only once in a while one will trickle in. I just check my comments sections every few days. Hopefully they will fix the problems!

Pooh Hugs,