Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Journal reading!

(given to me by: Linda)

I got so behind on journal reading thanks to my internet being down since monday evening!

It just started working again like 2 hours ago ....

in all that time it's been working, I've been catching up on the about 15 journal entries I had to read!

And apprently my journal must be getting boring anyway because I don't receive ANY comments anymore ... or maybe you people are just lurking around and not saying anything!

So I have to think of ways to spice up my journal writing because obviously it's not doing so good right now!


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1 comment:

linnpooh said...

I told you last night, but I'll use this chance to tell you're journal isn't boring! :) You're a delightful young girl and I look forward to reading every word you write!

Pooh Hugs,