Monday, July 17, 2006

HOT! And I Mean HOT!

I feel like I am dying from this heat here in PA ...

when I left work I called to see what the temperature was and it was 101!

Yea that's hot but it feels like it is 110!

I walked out the mall doors when I got off around 3pm and I thought I was going to fall the hell over!

There is NO way I am sitting in my room today!

Too damn hot!

I hope everyone is staying inside staying cool!


therealslimemmy said...

i went out yesterday and bout died.
poor o was hot too
i've stayed inside today.
boy can i not wait for the desert heat
it averages 120 i believe when we get out there

z7snowflake said...

it was 101 here too....crap!

misscarberry said...

It's amazingly hot here as well and being that it's England, no one seems to understand what's going on! LOL
Love Sam xXx