Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Part 7

WOW! What a day today!

First I wake up from Lisa's 5 year old son calling me asking me if I wanted to go to wal-mart with them ... I know I had to go because Lisa wanted me to take him while she went and bought Dejya's Easter presents and took them out to the car and hid them!

So I get up and we go to wal-mart .... which ends up being a 2 hour trip .... I was so frazzled trying my hardest to keep Dontae's attention while she is on the other side of the store shopping .... then i thought, "Da** it, I should've brought my purse then that way I could have taken him up to the arcade and palyed games!"

Well when i finally met up with Lisa in layaway (she already took Dejya's presnts out to the car) to pick up Dontae's summer clothers layaway, I told her about the arcade and Donate heard me, so i told him if he listened the rest of the time we were at wal-mart I would let him play 2 games at the arcade! (Spoiled brat)  :)

Then I had to come home and get ready for work and leave with the next hour .... too much hurrying for me ... I like to take my time!

So I get to the store and Paula (The manager from 5-7-9, the teenage clothing store right acrossed from my stand ... SL** ... whoops, I didn't mean to say that out loud .... please forgive me) was saying all kinds of stuff on how I had a skirt on and that I must have a hot date (meaning Mark, cuz her nosy behind knows about him) and I kept telling her no I didn't!

Tonia says, "Well your MALE FRIEND was here and asked where you were and i told him that you would be here in ten minutes, then he said he would be here in ten minutes too and left."

Me, "Like he didn't know my schedule, I told him that last night, sheesh men, they never listen."

So as I'm counting my drawer .... he comes my fine a** hunnie!

Well he visited for about 10 mins .... I don't even remember what we talked about ... other than Paula's nosy behind coming over and asking Mark what he was doing down at our end of the mall ... and of course again he replys (this was not the first time he said this to her within the past week), "I'm down here flirting again!"

Paula, "Because you have nothing better to do right?"

Mark, "Right!" (and something about him being able to help it)

I have to throw this in there too .... Lisa told me that he went down there looking for me and said, "Where's my woman?"

Lisa, "So that's what your calling her these days?" (and something about us not even kissing yet .... she's waiting for this more than anything else to happen in life ... besides winning the lottery)!

After work he went over to Target with us (with 5 mins. until they closed) and ran in to fnd something for Dontae! (Even though he was on the phone most of the time) Then we sat in the parking lot and talked for about 10 mins. then we left ... I have to call him later ... but it won't be a long conversation though because I have to get up early tomorrow for work!

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, I missed a part of my night last night ...................

not too long after I posted my entry, Mark called and asked me to go with him to get something to eat ... even though I was not hungry .... he said he just wanted company .... so i tagged along and drank a glass of water .... I know how boring ... but my stomach hurt and I hate eating RIGHT before I lay down .... I was in my pajamas when he called ... thank god they were only sweats and a t-shirt last night ... so all I had to do was throw on a bra, shoes & socks, & a sweater!

It was fun I guess we talked and Lisa called and we tlaked to her for about 20 mins. as she was urging me to go in for the first kiss ............ and I told her NO .... I like taking things slow ... and NOT being pushed.

But I guess that's all I have to report ..........

other than I had a great sales day today and I will try my hardest to post pictures tomorrow after work ... if not then I have off thursday and I will do so then!

Have a great night and wednesday morning!


mastersblynn said...

Pictures!  We want pictures! Barbara

linnpooh said...

You are too adorable for words :)

Can't wait to see the pics.

Pooh Hugs,

therealslimemmy said...

man i so have to read this and miss the days or crushes and flirting.  enjoy it and make everything perfect because it may be your last before you marry him or something some day, lol ya never know.
take care

salonrose123 said...

Keep enjoying yourself! Love your journal, come and see me sometime.  http://journals.aol.co.uk/salonrose123/thisgirlslife/

lici0uslatin22 said...

Whoopie.....  Sounds like some one is falling in Love....  Lol...
How Nice...  

I want Pic.. {{{{SCREAMING}}}} Pics!!!!!!!!

take care Mari..