Wednesday, April 26, 2006

One last thing I promise!

I forgot that part of my entry last night was some of the most exciting news that I have received in a long time!



I am so excited that it is not even funny!

Lisa, Dontae, and I were at the dollar store and Lisa had said something about us not calling Tammy in  a while! (this was Monday night around 7:30pm)

So I called her right then and there and no one answered the phone!

At first I thought well maybe they went out to dinner or something!

I got home and was laying in bed watching t.v. and thought "I KNOW TAMMY HAD THAT BABY!"

I wanted to call the hospitals but I was so exhausted that I just fell right asleep, and woke up when Latoya had called me to talk about the store and some other things!

I went back to sleep and woke up from Lisa calling me around 9:40am and she said, "Wake that ass of yours up right now!"

"I am half awake anyways. What's up?"

"Guess freakin' what?"

"What?"  (As the thought ... tammy had her baby, tammy had her baby, tammy had her baby, tammy had her baby, tammy had her baby, tammy had her baby, kept brewing in my mind)



Then I told her how once I got home and was thinking that I had this feeling that she had the baby!

So we went to go see her and the baby!

She had a pretty easy delivery .... she pushed twice and he was out!

But right before we got there the doctor had come and told her that Talan (that's his name .... Talan Maurice) was having trouble breathing!

There were a few visits from nurses and doctors while we were there updating her and giving her more detail about it!

There are a lot of things they said it might be!

The main one that everyone thinks it is (that is friends, doctors, nurses, co-workers, etc.) is that he is still so young ... he was born at 36 weeks!

So please pray that everything turns out well for baby Talan!

As he did get his pictures taken that morning before all this happened ... so Lisa and I did get to see his pictures and he is so adorable!

Travis resembles Donnie (the dad) like 100% .... they look like identical twins ... only it's father and son!

Well Talan is going to resemble Tammy 100%!

he has her nose and everything!

He has a full head of hair too!

I will give more updates with details later!

And please remember to pray for baby Talan!


therealslimemmy said...

cannot wait to see pictures
i hope baby talan is ok!
take care

bhbner2him said...

Congrads to the new mommy!   Will keep baby Talan in my prayers.   (And you too!)  -  Barbara

linnpooh said...

Congratulations to Tammy! I'll pray for baby Mandy was born at 34.5 weeks and had to be on a vent for Hylane Membrane which is a breathing issue as their little lungs are the last thing to fully develop. They can do such wonderful things for them now though, Mandy had to stay in NICU for 6 weeks but with all the medical advancement in the 23 years since she was born....I bet that would be much less now. Keep hope high!

Pooh Hugs,