Monday, April 10, 2006

Anybody Home?

Hello everyone!

I hate when i can not write an entry everyday ..... then I feel so far behind ... cuz you know I like to talk and give full details ... I'll try to make this entry as short as possible ... I have a lot to say!

First of all, I was so mad that yesterday morning I went to get on here and write a little entry of a 'Mark & Theresa' update and my Internet was not working! :(

I was soooooo furious!

Now for all the goodies, that I know you all want to hear (or read .... lol) ....

First of all, Mark and I went to lunch Saturday before work ... we were going to go somewhere other than the mall but he would've been late for work so we decided (together, like a REAL couple, it was so cute) that the best thing would be to eat at the mall!

So of course we ate at Ed's (Hercules Gyro)! I just got fries and a dr. pepper ... I was not really hungry ... butterflies? maybe ... I'll never tell! :)~

Of course then he had to say, "you're never hungry!"

"Hey I can't help it!" (and I was thinking ... yet somehow I'm still a big girl)

We had a good time ... or so I would like to think! :)

We both worked until closing ... I got done at my store about 9:20pm and went down to Lisa's store and helped her (she had a late customer) and then she said that she had to run to wal-mart and to walk around the corner to ask mark if he wanted to come ... I went to go over and saw that the Foot locker staff was in there and decided that I didn't want to go over there!

Lisa said to just call his cell phone .... so I did (he didn't even let the phone ring, at least not on my end) and said that he would like to come if we would wait for him!

We finished up at Lisa's store at about 9:50pm and walked over to his store and waited for him to get down ... his computer crashed and he didn't end up getting done until about 10:25pm!

Lisa & I were being like the most impatient 4 year olds EVER!

so we go to walmart .... I pick up my ring that was sent out to be sized ... I picked it up from layaway and immediately sent it out to be sized so I was so excited to have it ... I'll try to get a picture of it!

Mark asked how much i paid for it and i told him $200 (this was paid off about 1 1/2 months ago ... so no I didn't take money from my savings) and he said, "Oh I see your expensive!"

I told him that I never paid that much on a piece of jewelry before but it was my birthstone and looked nothing like a piece of jewelry that would've come from walmart ... HONEST! I told him that it was my most expensive piece of jewelry and I deserved it (not really but hey ... I deserve an apartment more)!

he wanted me to go to eat with him and I told him I didn't feel good and I was tired and I wanted to go to sleep ... that I would just ride home with Lisa and that he could call me though!

Sunday he had a football game from 8-9am and I told him I was not going this Sunday, that I wanted to sleep in and it rained and there are no bleachers so i didn't want to sit on the muddy ground (I didn't have a chair to take)!

I told him I was sorry ... but that I didn't have to go to EVERY game! I went to his last one and will try to come to the next one!

He was excited to know though that I had off Sunday ... his exact words, "Are you serious? I have off too! We can spend the whole day together!" He was so excited to be able to spend the whole day with me, that you would've have thought he was my 5 year old son! :)

It made me want to melt!

He keeps telling me the sweetest things EVER!

I've never had a guy treat me so good! (not even close)

Sunday he called me at 9:30am and I was still sleeping and he said I could call him when I woke up ... well once I hear his voice I couldn't go back to sleep!

I laid there for about 1/2 an hour and called him back .... he didn't answer ... he called while I was in the shower!

I texted him when I was done getting ready!

He said that he didn't have a whole lot of money (he is in a really bad situation right now with his living .... worse than me)

So I agreed to pay for lunch if he paid for the movie!

I really don't mind ... I know mom (Linda) that you want him to take me to a really nice place, but I also know that once I tell you his story, that you will be very understanding of what he is going through!

We went to see benchwarmers! It was really good ... although it is more of a kids comedy ... but it was still funny!

We hung out at 3 different friends houses!

I had a really good time .... he kept putting his arm around my waist and grabbing my chin and saying "you are so cute" or "You are so pretty" ... we even had our first holding hands moment ... we were at his friends house and we were sitting next to each other and we held each others hands and I immediately thought, "OMG! I can not wait to tell j-land about this! They will all be very excited or at least i hope they will be as much as I am!"

He was even happy to know that he could call me when he got home, even after I spent like 11 hours with him ... I was still not tired of his presence and was fiening for more ... but we both had to be at work early this morning! :(

We talked for a little and he went to bed and Lisa called me so we were on the phone for about an hour!

He pranked called me this morning (I'll write an entry with it tomorrow) and I really fell for it and almost started crying when his sales associate handed him the phone and he gets on "Theresa? Theresa?" Me, "Mark that was not FUCK*** funny!" ... I'll write the rest tomorrow!

But today he was really snappy towards me and I don't know why!

He asked me for a hug when Lisa & I went <SPAN class=spell id=sp-30 title="Click here to replace with: tot, toto, Otto" style="PADDING-RIGHT: 2px; BACKGROUND-POSITION: left bottom; PADDING-LEFT: 2px; BACKGROUND-IMAGE: url(; PADDING-BOTTOM: 2px; CURSOR: pointer; COLOR: black; PADDING-TOP: 2px; BACKGROUND-REPEAT: repeat-x; BACKGROUND-COLOR: yellow" _backupTitle="null"> leave and right as we were leaving he said something about girls and getting tons of numbers every day and that he throws them away because he is talking to me (leans over at Heather and says, "After I program them in my phone!")

so when he asked for a hug I told him to get a hug from one of those girls that gives him their phone number tonight at work!

"I'm just kidding Theresa ... Please .... "

"No I am serious! I'm not hugging you because you can get one of those girls to give you hugs. I don't know why you have been so snappy towards me today but I'm leaving!  Bye heather have a good night!"

"Come on Theresa ... please ... I'm just kidding ...."

"Bye Heather!"

I kept walking .... walked about 7 feet looked over my shoulder ... seen him still looking like a 2 year old about to throw a tantrum because he was not getting his way ... turned back around and kept walking!

I asked Lisa if I was wrong for doing that and she said, considering all the things that he had done to me today that he deserved it!

I told her that I was not going to answer his phone calls tonight and he called in the middle of me writing this entry and left me a voice mail (which by the way, he NEVER leaves me a voice mail ... he only did the first time he ever called me)

"I guess your busy with those other guys that are more important than me, when you're done with them give me a call!"

I AM SO MAD .... why would he say that?

but this entry id long enough ... I have one other thing to say but I write it in tomorrow's entry with the prank!

Have a good night!


eml625 said...

Guys can say some mean things...
You two are so adorable. Working at a mall sounds like so much fun. I love reading about it.


bhbner2him said...

Well dearie, if his comments and such really hurt your feelings then you were right to just walk away.  This teasing looks like an issue for you.  You need to flat out ask him why  he does it , explain your dislike of it to him.  -  Barbara

linnpooh said...

Guys are so insensitive at times and that will never change! The thing is, they don't really mean to be....they just don't think the same way we do. Have you ever read the book "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus"? If you haven't, let me know and I'll send you a really helps you understand why they do the things they do. It doesn't excuse it, but at least we know it's not personal. You are right to stand up for yourself though because communication is the key to any good relationship....if you're not happy about your treatment, tell him so! Just be careful not to nit pick....they HATE what they consider "nagging"!!! LOL! If he doesn't have the money to take you to a nice place, that is completely understandable....absolutely! You don't need money to spend time together, my main concern was that he spend time with you alone, not always where people are dropping in on you all of the time. I'm glad you are still happy and feeling good about's so nice to know you are finally getting the attention you deserve!!!!

Pooh Hugs,