Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday .... No Really .... Good Friday!

Hello everyone!

I know I am such a bad person ... no entry yesterday ... I really didn't have anything to write so I didn't write anything!

Well see that title .... yeah .... it's good Friday .... 2 ways for me! :)

First of all .... it's the holiday good Friday .......

second of all ..... my store had a good Friday ................


Well my assistant manager had a $475.00 sale today .... I had one earlier this week .... she deserves to have a good sale .... we're just hoping that it don't get returned! (cross your fingers everyone, please)

As a matter of fact my assistant just called and we ended the day at 291% to plan!

We are sitting in the number one spot for the month in the region ... When I called in my 4:30 numbers (at 4:15pm) we were at like 183% .... then Angela called me at about 4:45pm to say congrats on such a great day so far, I told her we had even better numbers in now .... that right after I called in numbers up to when she called tonia and I were helping customers one after another! :)

So by then within that 1/2 hour we were at 235% .... Angela was so excited that she made me give her my numbers all over again before she called them into her boss!

I told her I was not letting anyone catch up to me this month ... my girls and I want that number one spot and we will end the month there ..... we're looking at a really good bonus too ....

if we end the month up 35% or more I get a bonus of $256!

SWEET! I am so excited and we are working hard for it too! We all deserve it!

Mine will ALL go towards my apartment! :)

I have to tell you what Angela said though when i told her we were at 235% ....

we have this inside joke at work .... since we are in the middle of the mall, we obviously draw A LOT of attention from everyone in the mall .... so we have this joke thatif our cleavage and other areas (mainly cleavage) are REVEALING then we will have good sales .....

So when i told her our numbers Angela's response was, "Theresa, can I ask you a question?"


"Are you wearing any clothes at all today?"

"Oh man .... No sorry ...... (the both of us laughed hard) okay so I'm kidding I did but barely!"

But what made this even more funny for me was right before Angela called Mark stopped by and had said something about my cleavage being a little TOO revealing ... I told him, "Well it IS good Friday and I'm trying to make sure my store makes good sales!"

he was still standing there when Angela called so when I left work, Lisa had called Angela so i told her before she hung I had to tell her something ... I told that right before she called that Mark had even made a comment on my clothes .... she thought it was really funny then!

It was a had to be there moment!

Really ....... it was funny!

I really don't have anything else to write ... I just thought I would share my amazing day with you!

have a great rest of Friday evening and have a great Saturday .... as I will probably not get a chance to write tomorrow!


therealslimemmy said...

lol sounds like a fun place to work...i used to sell jewlery (that is what you sell right?) lol

eml625 said...

AWESEOME !! And If you got 'em flaunt 'em.


tristannmbr2 said...

CONGRATULATIONS on having an awesome day Friday!!  That is funny about the cleavage story!  lol  A little cleavage never hurt anyone!!  Wink wink!  Also it looks like it helped in two areas for you.  Your job and your guy!  lol  He was a little jealous huh?  lmao!  A little jealousy is a good thing, as long as it is a little!  Hugs, Vicky