Monday, April 3, 2006

Part 6

I have a better entry tonight from last night .... YAY! :)~

Well we texted each other back and forth last night for about 2 hours and we got a lot of good talking in there that was needed to show who we really are.

It really helped us get to know each other on a whole other level!

I told him that if I didn't care then i never would have went to his game at 8 in the morning (as I was grouchy and tired) and it was only an hour long ....

I told him that I would never say anything to make him upset, as I know sports is a huge part of who he is ... as he is going back to college next year for it ... he does a lot that evolves around sports and if I ddn't like that about him then I would not pretend and talk to him!

I may HATE sports but that doesn't mean that I can't support him and go to his games ....

I told him even though he lost, I thought he played well and that he will win many other games!

He was very happy to hear me say all of that, and even said I was perfect ...

I told him that I wasn't, as no one is perfect, but I was glad to hear that he was not mad anymore and that I made him feel better ... although i really do believe that he was lying about crying ... Lisa even thinks so!

He even called me last night because he texted me and I didn't answer him so a 1/2 hour later he called but I was sleeping ... which i was sleeping when he texted me back but I knew we had to talk so I would wake up everytime he texted me, and I would answer his questiona nd go back to sleep until he said something else ...

I told him he has got to stop calling me when i'm sleeping ... I was so tired last night that I threw my phone in frustration ..... not because it was him though .... just because I was so tired!

But things are definitely looking good again ....

I'm waiting for him to clal me tonight .....

I prank called him right after I left work tonight too ... it was funny ... at first he didn't know it was me ... until I started the second part, and then he said, "Shut up Theresa!"

I bursted out laughing and told him that I couldn't help it ... he asked why Lisa and I didn't stop in and say bye before we left and we told him it was because we were running late, but we prank called both of our assistants and thought we should add him to the mix!

It got a good laugh out of him!

I have pictures to share .... saturday I went to an easter egg hunt with Lisa and the kids, sunday we went to Tammy's baby shower, and today I took pictures of Dontae at Karate tonight!

It is storming really bad here so I'll try to post tomorrow before work!


Have a great night all!


therealslimemmy said...

cannot wait to see the pictures
glad you two are good again :)
hopefully you will get some sleep tonight

mastersblynn said...

I am just glad you are happy!  Good luck! Barbara

lici0uslatin22 said...

While reading the 5th part i got a little nervous...  But glad you both cleared it out, about him crying..  Hmm Tricky there, maybe he said it as a Joke but I doubt if a mam cry's for pitty things lol...  well Take care and I will wait for the next Post.. Mari..